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Into Haven [1/?]

Title: Into Haven
Author: stripesco04_nur
R [some chapters might be NC-17 rated, while others might be considered PG-13. But the entirety of the story is R if not M rated…]
Pairing/Characters: Luigi Largo/Paviche
Summary: A/U! With Luigi’s ill-tempered rage rising, Rotti sends his son to his own asylum to be treated under the guise of insanity. While there Luigi becomes romantically engaged with his own roommate; a young boy named Paviche…
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the Repo characters, only the doctors/nurses’ names.
A/N: Long description… See Author’s Notes before reading Chapter 1 to understand this story better.

So this is a big story for me! Personally, I never (ever) finish chaptered stories – which is way most of my stories are always stand-alones [S/A] with the occasional sequel posted weeks later. However, the idea for this story never left me and I constantly begin to plan out many different ideas, and finally being brave enough to bring the notion to life. That being said there are a  few things I want to mention before YOU begin reading…

First off: The asylum where Luigi is sent to is a hospital corresponding as a poor house as well. I believe there’s a word for that, but I can’t remember it right now… Anyway, this asylum/poor-house is like a grindhouse – in which when the poorest of souls cannot handle themselves or others, they are hauled off to be killed and their organs re-transplanted for GENECO’s usage.  

Second: The notion of Paviche and Luigi falling in love with each other… Mind you this is an Alter-Universe [A/U], so I wrote Luigi and Pavi as being half-brothers, but Pavi has been hidden away from his true family. So the two don’t realize that their brothers or what they’re doing is considered incest – but we know!  

Warnings: I’ll post warnings before ever chapter, but just so you understand the concept of this story these are the current warnings you need to be careful:

·         Slash [male/male]
Underage romance/relationship
Statutory rape

And in this story Luigi is age 20, while Pavi is age 15. Enjoy & please review!

"We just need your signature here, Mr. Largo." A somewhat young woman with blonde hair said, while presenting a clipboard to the seething client.

"Why?" Luigi Largo snapped, glaring at the clipboard and skimming through the notes that were written about him. "Shouldn't my father be the one to sign me in?" Luigi clenched his teeth together as he saw the words MANIAC, HOMICIDAL, and UNCONTROABLE RAGE written down on the lines for symptoms.

"Since he is the one demanding that I get treatment here," He muttered disapprovingly.

"It’s protocol, Mr. Largo," The nervous woman began. She trembled a bit as Luigi lifted his head to study her. "Anyone over the age limit of eighteen has to sign for themselves, and since you are... well..."

Her voice drifted away, and Luigi glared a bit at her while reaching for the pen that occupied the clipboard. He left his signature upon the dotted lines, and let out an involuntarily heavy sigh as the woman removed the clipboard and walked away. She pressed an intercom on a nearby wall, and called for assistances to come help their new patient get "settled".

Two enormous bulky-like men crashed through the door and grabbed a hold of the new patient. Luigi shouted out foul curses as the men's grips tightened and they began to strip him. Knives fell from their hidden areas on him, and Luigi snarled as they were taken away and he found himself dressed in somewhat faded grey sweat-pants and a long-sleeve shirt.

"What the hell I'm a wearing?" The agitated man barked as the bulky men backed away from him. A short man, middle-age and wearing a pair of golden-rimmed glasses that kept sliding down his face, appeared before the Largo.
He smiled politely and said in a somewhat nasal voice, "It's just simple protocol Mr. Largo. Now if you'll follow me, we'll show you to your room, and maybe give you a little tour on the way."

Luigi glared at the man, but the two men pushed at him and he had no knives to release his rage so he sheepishly followed.

"My name is Dr. Ison," The nasal man said, shaking Luigi's hand and causing the Largo to curse the fact that they had taken his gloves as well.
Nasty germs! He thought as Dr. Ison pointed out many different rooms they passed as they went from one set of hallways into another.

Many patients were drifting around, and Luigi frowned at them.

Well at least this means more harvest for GeneCO. He thought, knowing fully well that this asylum - that his father had created - not only housed the mental, but also the most poor as well. And underneath all that interior mostly everyone living under this roof would eventually succumb to a Night Surgeon's scalpel, and their organs would be sterilized and reorganized back to the consumer nation.

"And this is the rec room," Ison continued, pointing to a very open room where couches were spread about. A jumbo widescreen jutted out of the wall, a bar-cage surrounding it, and a few fuse-ball/Ping-Pong tables were set up.

"Coming up next: New organ ideas, and what is Rotti Largo really thinking with regards to the future..."

Luigi half-blinked as a commercial began to play and Ison gently tugged his arm.

"This way Mr. Largo, your room is just down at the end."

They stopped at the last door at the end of the hallway. A holo-vid picture of some old guy, probably a surgeon Luigi noted, flashed against the wall, and Dr. Ison turned the doorknob.
The door swung open and Luigi blinked at the faded blue wall paint. A small framed picture of a vase of flowers adjourned the wall, and Luigi blinked again as he saw that the room was already occupied.

A young boy, lanky limbs, and somewhat longish messy black hair gazed shyly at the two. He advert his eyes and returned to the book that was in his lap.

"I thought I was getting a room to myself!" Luigi snarled.

"We apologize Mr. Largo, but you won't have to worry about getting annoyed with this patient." Dr. Ison walked into the room, and grabbed a hold of the boy's chin tilting it upward so the boy could look at Luigi.

"He's nothing more than a mute. Isn't that right, Paviche?"

The doctor gripped the boy's chin harder and tilted it up and down so it looked like he was nodding. Shoving his chin away, Ison rose and stood in front of Luigi.

"You'll be meeting with me occasionally, but your prior meetings for treatment with Dr. Pinnip are every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday," Dr. Ison recited, he left the two but not before mumbling, "You're not caged in Mr. Largo. You are free to move around on this floor so long as you don't break any rules."

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