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Into Haven [2/?]

Chapter 2 of Into Haven! Story (c) stripesco04_nur

Luigi glared as the door swung close before taking a look around the room. Two beds lined up on either side of the room, one was empty with bed-sheets folded in a pile on the corner of the mattress. A big four-drawer dresser stood between the twin beds, and a few knick-knacks and books littered on top of it.

Heading towards the only empty bed, Luigi grunted as he began to make the bed. Once the cover was situated just right, to his own liking and the pillow was fluffed a bit, Luigi turned his attention to his roommate.

The boy didn't meet his gaze, and gingerly turned the page in the book he was so keen on reading.

"So," Luigi began, sitting on his bed and trying to break the silence within the room, "You're name's Paviche?"
The boy glanced over at the Largo before looking back at his book. Luigi fumed bitterly, no one ignored him but without his knives there was no way to get his point across.

"Any last name?" He ventured out loud. The boy looked up once more from his book and shrugged his shoulders at Luigi before returning back to the novel.

Luigi's fingers curled into two tight fists as he growled out an "Oh." before falling silent and looking around the room once more. After about two minutes he yelled angrily while rising to his feet, "Goddammit, this is so boring!"
Paviche shivered at the sharp tone from his new roommate, but otherwise ignored him.

Luigi huffed at the silent reaction from Paviche, and walked to the door. He stormed out of the too quiet room towards the rec room, perhaps there might be something worth watching on the caged jumbo television set.

He grunted as he slid down upon the worn-out, faded black leather couch. It squeaked a bit as his weight settled and the Largo glanced up at the TV.

A boring soap-opera was playing and Luigi huffed as the woman dramatically threw herself into the man's arms, desperate tears coursing down her cheeks.

"Fuckin' cunt!" He muttered disapprovingly, his hands twitching against the gashed holes upon the leather couch.

A blaring-like noise startled the fidgeting man, and an intercom voice ranged out, "All patients must return to their rooms...”

Luigi rolled his eyes and remained seated where he was. He would return to his room when he felt good and ready.

The same bulky men from before roamed up and down the halls, making sure that the patients weren't out and about. They started a bit at seeing the new patient sitting lazily upon the couch, his eyes half closed as he watched the people move around on the screen.

"Our new friend's gonna learn hard," One of the men whispered to the other.

"Have to be careful though," The other whispered back. "He is Luigi Largo after all."

The other man laughed at his comrade's apprehensiveness. "The man is no threat when his knives have been disarmed," He chuckled lightly.
His partner turned to him. "No," He began, "But he is Rotti Largo's son, and if any harm comes to his son..."

"That's funny, because I heard a rumor saying that it was Rotti Largo that demanded that his son be placed in here," The other said, staring at the new patient before stalking up to him, his eyes blazing. "Besides, I love to give that guy exactly what he deserves."

Rough hands grabbed him, and Luigi was baffled as he was half dragged from the couch and shoved into his own room. The door slammed close, but didn't stop the Largo from punching the wooden door until his knuckles bled.

"Goddamn motherfuckers! I'll kill you both when I get the chance!" He roared.

Gritting his teeth and turning around Luigi caught sight of his roommate's almost scared face. Paviche trembled a bit, but didn't say anything and curled underneath his covers.
Luigi sighed a bit and made his way over to the other bed, collapsing on it and begging for sleep to come.

A buff-looking nurse burst through the room, startling both occupants. She glanced at the two and said, "Just a nightly check, Mr.," She glanced at her clipboard. Her eyes widened as she stared at Luigi. "Largo..."

Luigi glared angrily at the woman. She flipped their light switch off while saying, "Lights out, boys."

The room was bathed in semi-darkness, but light from the city poured in through the tiny rectangle-shaped window. Sighing in frustration, Luigi lay down and was instantly asleep... All the rage slowly diminishing from his face as his eyelids twitched a bit in his sleep.

Across the room, Paviche lay on his back still awake. He gazed at the cracked ceiling and uttered one word when he heard the soft snoring coming from his new roommate; "Madre..."

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