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Into Haven [3/?]

Chapter 3 of Into Haven. Story (c) stripesco04_nur

"So, Mr. Largo," An attractive brunette female began to say as her eyes, hidden behind thin frames, roamed up and down Luigi's transcript. "How are you today?"

Luigi scowled at the woman, who seemed unfazed at the sneering she was receiving. "Just peachy," He muttered. The woman gave a scoff and lowered her glasses to study the man seated across from her.
Luigi fidgeted underneath the stare. He never felt like this unless it was his own father who was staring him down, but this woman made him feel slightly uneasy.

"What?" He managed to croak out, cursing himself as his voice cracked a bit. "Why are you just staring at me?" His volume went up a bit and he was somewhat surprised that the woman hadn't flinched.

"I'm just observing you, Mr. Largo. Seeing if you'll actually tell me the truth of how you're feeling."

Luigi bit back a startled gasp. No one saw past his facade, no one, except perhaps for his father...

"Now listen here, Miss-"

"Doctor," The brunette interrupted him. "Doctor Pinnip."

Luigi stopped and stared, his eyes widened. He had thought that Dr. Pinnip would be a male doctor, and had thought this gorgeous being was only a nurse.

"You're my shrink?" He managed to ask out loud.

Dr. Pinnip sighed and said in a soothing voice, "This is a safe place, Mr. Largo. I won't repeat what happens here to anyone else, not even to myself."

Luigi gazed at the brunette and said in a somewhat dejected voice, "Okay. I feel pissed off at every little thing in this damn asylum! If they hadn't taken my knives, so many people would be dead right now."

Dr. Pinnip hummed, and threw out some more questions concerning why Luigi felt the need to release so much blood from others to make his-self feel better. Luigi merely shrugged his shoulders as the door to the room opened.

"Oh, Paviche, you're early," Dr. Pinnip stated as she glanced at her wristwatch. Luigi swirled around to gaze at his roommate who lingered in the doorway.

He teetered a bit, and shuffled his foot a bit with his head down. Luigi felt a pang of hurt and hint of needtoprotect at seeing his roommate stand so submissive in the doorway.

Needtoprotect? Luigi thought. What the fuck! He ran a hand over his face, rubbing at his eyes. Dr. Pinnip noticed and addressed Luigi carefully, "Well, I think we discovered enough for today, Mr. Largo."

"That's it?" Luigi asked a little baffled.

"For today, yes. Come in Paviche," The brunette answered.

Luigi stood and left the room, "accidentally" bumping into his roommate. Paviche stared at him incuriously, while Luigi stared back - almost daring the mute boy to challenge him.
Paviche ended up dropping his gaze as he walked further in the room and swung the door close...


"Luigi Largo!"

Luigi grumbled as he sat halfway up on his bed to observe the buff-looking nurse again. She stood in their room holding a thin plastic tray with two plastic cups on it.

"These are yours Mr. Largo," She said handing one cup to Luigi. "And these are yours Mr. 'I-no-speak-nothing'." She giggled as Paviche didn't say anything and took the other cup off the tray.

Luigi glared angrily at the nurse as she left, before staring at the three green pills in the cup. "Pillole stupido," He cursed in Italian while forcing himself to dry-swallow the pills.

"Lo so, sono stupidi."

Luigi spun around, staring at his roommate. Paviche had crumpled his cup and stared up at his bewildered roommate. "Did you just speak?" Luigi asked astounded.

Paviche merely shrugged his shoulders, and Luigi asked in Italian, "In grado di parlare?"

"Sono sempre stato in grado di parlare," Paviche said. He looked down at the smashed cup in his hand before whispering, "Solo che non la lingua che vogliono sentire."

swore he felt his bottom jaw fall open as he stared at his roommate in shock before clearing his throat and asking, "Chi ti ha insegnato italiano?"

"Mia madre," Paviche glanced downwards and Luigi felt that same emotion of wanting to comfort and protect this boy. He shook his head as Paviche asked him in Italian, "Chi ti ha insegnato?"

"Mio padre," Luigi answered, sitting on his bed and staring at the boy across from him. "Sai, penso che sto andando chiamarti Pavi," He said after a few moments of silence.

Paviche lifted his head and stared at his roommate.

"Yeah, Pavi's a good name for you," Luigi said, almost finding himself smile as he saw Paviche grin widely at his new shorten name...

Please leave anything! Chapter 4


I used Google Translate for the Italian dialect - I apologize in advance if it's wrong!

Italian translations:

Pillole stupido = Stupid pills
Lo so, sono stupidi = I know, they're stupid
In grado di parlare? = Can you speak?
Sono sempre stato in grado di parlare; Solo che non la lingua che vogliono sentire = I've always been able to speak. Just not in the langauge that they want to hear.
Chi ti ha insegnato italiano? = Who taught you Italian?
Mia madre = My mother
Chi ti ha insegnato? = Who taught you?
Mio padre = My father
Sai, penso che sto andando chiamarti = You know, I think I'm going to call you