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Into Haven [4/?]

Into Haven chapter 4 (c) stripesco04_nur

Luigi shifted a bit in the uncomfortable red chair he was forced to sit on while waiting for Doctor Ison to address him. Rubbing the left side of his neck, Luigi scoffed out loud as he heard the nasal man scurry around his office.

Luigi hated these meetings with Dr. Ison. The man always seemed to make him wait five minutes before beginning the session that bored Luigi to death - at least with the beautiful Dr. Pinnip; she never made him wait and seemed content when the Largo would refuse to talk.

A newspaper lay upon a small table that stood between the two chairs - Dr. Ison always seemed to be offering snacks and cups of tea; never coffee though, which dissatisfied Luigi greatly.

The headline of a certain story caught the Largo's attention and he picked the paper up, reading it as the annoying coughing fits of Dr. Ison could be heard...


Luigi bit his bottom lip, his hands clenching into fists as his eyes skimmed the beginning of the article.

Now we're all aware of the eldest Largo heir, Mr. Luigi, as having fits of rage and even dipping into that hint of homicidal maniac that scares more people than a Repo-man. But according to some close speculation, Luigi Largo has been admitted to his own father's asylum ward. Perhaps, even Rotti has realized what a danger his own son is - and perhaps, we'll finally be able to understand why Luigi acts out the way he does. Insanity is a fo-

Luigi crumpled the paper and threw it back on the table as Dr. Ison finally made his way over to the agitated man. "Ah, Mr. Largo!" His nasal-like voice quipped. "How are you today?"

Dr. Ison's hand extended, but Luigi never shook it. He glared angrily at the doctor who took the moment to wipe his glasses a bit before answering the doctor's question, "Fuckin' angry and insane today, Doc."

Dr. Ison stared perplexed by the outburst but for the most part ignored it, and instead offered the Largo a cup of fine tea. Luigi stared incuriously at the man's offering before slapping the cup of tea to the ground. It smashed upon impact and began to stain the fine rug and Luigi jumped to his feet.

Pacing wildly while Dr. Ison observed him; Luigi turned towards the door and fled but not before making sure to slam it on his way out. He heard something shattered as the door rattled on its hinges - probably a picture frame of something, but that didn't stop the Largo from stomping away...


Paviche stood in the hallway. He had been observing some of the asylum's doctors' portraits on the wall while waiting for his roommate's session with Dr. Ison to be over.

He didn't know why he decided to wait for Luigi, but a longing inside himself ached to be able to speak the beautiful native language his mother had taught him since the day of his birth, nearly fifteen years ago.

Dr. Ison's door swung open and Paviche flinched as he saw his roommate muttering and walking down the other end of the hallway. The door smashed close and Paviche flinched again. He moved forward, wanting to go after his roommate; his mouth was just about to form Luigi's name when the same door opened for the second time and Dr. Ison blinked at him.

Paviche felt his body grow tense, and his heart began thumping like mad within his body.

"Well, hello there Paviche," Dr. Ison said, reaching forward to grasp the mute boy's chin. Paviche shook his head, trying to throw the doctor's grip off, but Dr. Ison merely gave a sickening nasal-like laugh before forcing the boy into his office.

"You're early..."


Luigi paced up the deserted hallway, his fingers balled into tight fists and his bottom lip cracked and began to bleed from biting it so hard. That was the least of his worries, and the Largo mumbled underneath his breath, "When I get out... That journalist is gonna fuckin' pay!"

Luigi finally stopped his pacing and stared up at the wall. A poster of himself, proclaiming GENECO's advisement plan about donating their organs, surprised him.

With an angry cry, Luigi pulled at the poster; tearing it down and shredding it to pieces with his own bare hands before the rage left and his hands - a little bit cut from the poster - dropped the remaining pieces to the floor, and he headed back down to Dr. Ison's office.

He didn't know why he headed back to that nasal man's office, but Luigi soon found himself outside of Dr. Ison's office. Rolling his eyes, Luigi turned the knob and walked inside.

There was a muffle-like sound, and Luigi cocked his head. No one was in the red chairs, but a little further away from the chairs two figures lay horizontal on the floor.

Luigi felt sicken that he walked into something this disgusting and was about to leave when he noticed the whimpering from the other occupant that Dr. Ison had pinned to the ground.


Luigi's mouth opened wide. He didn't expect his roommate to have an affair with one of the faculty here, but... That's when Luigi saw the desperate tears coursing down the side of his roommate's face, and Paviche weakly shaking his head from side to side as Dr. Ison gripped his throat and held him still.

A tongue licked up the boy's throat, and Luigi saw a hand heading for the waistband of the grey sweats that all the patients wore. A bubbly pit of rage overtook the Largo, and Luigi snarled before moving forward and clasping the back of Dr. Ison.

The doctor struggled in panic and Luigi tossed him carelessly away from Paviche, who stared up his roommate with a sense of fear and awe...

"This isn't what it looks like, Mr. Largo," Ison began, while Luigi stared even more angrily at him. "Paviche and I have... a... um..."

Luigi brought his fist back and cracked it against the man's face. Blood instantly poured from the broken nose, and Luigi felt like himself as he brought both his fists again and again across the man's face, before pressing his fingers to the junction of his neck. He felt Dr. Ison heave and gasp while fighting off the Largo's hands. A smaller pair of hands touched his upper bicep, and Luigi let go of the doctor as Paviche motioned for them to leave.

"Fuckin' swine!" Luigi spat at the man, before following Paviche back to their room.


As their door swung shut, concealing them away from all, Luigi began punching the wall. His knuckles soon began to bleed and Paviche managed to still his fuming roommate while he attempted to heal his bloody knuckles.

With steady determination Paviche bent his head down and using his own bed-sheet, cleaned the blood from the knuckles. Luigi watched him, and when he finished Luigi brought his right hand down upon Paviche’s cheek.

Paviche tensed, but Luigi merely began to gently stroke the boy's cheek. "Stai bene?" He whispered, but Paviche ignored his question and moved to leave.

Luigi gripped his roommate's slim arm, pulling him back so they both were staring at each other... Paviche's eyes were downcast and sullen, and Luigi spoke, more quietly than usual, "Lo ha fatto a te prima, non è vero

Paviche remained silent, and Luigi urge the boy to answer him. "Pavi..."

"," The boy muttered. Luigi felt his rage begin to arise once more, but he quelled it by staring into the face of his roommate.

Tangling his hands against the curls of black hair, Luigi tilted his roommate's head a bit. Their gazes met and held, before soft lips pressed against one another’s.

The kiss wasn't deep or long, but enough for both. Luigi pulled back and rested his forehead against Paviche's. Softly he mumbled, "Non avrei dovuto farlo, Pavi."

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Italian translations:

Stai bene = Are you okay?

Lo ha fatto a te prima, non è vero = He's done this to you before, hasn't he?

Si = Yes

Non avrei dovuto farlo = He shouldn't have done that