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Into Haven [5/?]

Into Haven chapter 5 (c) stripesco04_nur


It was hours later when Luigi and his roommate received any interaction from the staff on hand. The buff nurse poked her head through the adjacent door and peered almost hungrily at Paviche, who lay curled up and sleeping on his bed.

Luigi glared as the nurse entered the room carrying a large syringe filled with some ruddy-like color. She stood next to Paviche and picked up his slim right arm. She pushed the sleeve of his grey shirt down and began stroking the pale flesh - almost romantically, so blood would begin to flow steadier underneath his flesh.

She aimed the needle for the junction between the forearm and elbow, but a large shout from Luigi startled her badly.

"What the fuck are you doing to him?" Luigi yelled, slipping off his own bed and grabbing a hold of the nurse. She shrieked at being handled so roughly, and a small cry escaped her as her body made contact with the door.

Luigi stood in front of Paviche's form, sneering at the trembling nurse with the hypodermic. Paviche mumbled in his sleep and Luigi allowed his attention to drift towards his roommate, but not before demanding why the nurse was stealthily trying to jab Paviche with a prescription needle.

"Doctor Ison said that Paviche needed to be treated with a needle, instead of his prior medication pills," The nurse exclaimed, becoming more apprehensive as the Largo gave a low snarl.

"Piece of shit, Ison," Luigi muttered darkly. His mind clouded with rage and the thought of choking the doctor with his bare hands.

The nurse meekly cleared her throat and the Largo glared at her once more. "Get out," He demanded.

"But his medicati-"

"I said get the fuck out!"

The nurse gave a shout and scrambled for the door-handle, pulling it open and dashing down the hall in fear. Luigi merely continued to glare as he made sure the door was firmly closed.

A soft voice echoed in the eerie silence.

"Madre," Paviche whispered in his sleep. Luigi strode over to the boy's side and pushed the sleeve back down, letting his fingers gently stroke the soft skin...


It was quite dark when Luigi's eyes blinked open. He licked his chapped lips, wondering when he had fallen asleep, while he stretched long-ways, his lower hips pitching upwards of their own accord. A tiny gurgle like noise escaped the Largo, and Luigi's eyes widened.

He glanced down upon his body, shock and humiliation trailing his face as he saw his body in "the red". His pants felt a little tighter than usual, and though he tried to deny his body pleasure, flashes of Paviche's skin next to him made his blood boil even more.

"Shit," He mumbled, glancing across the room at Paviche who seemed to be still asleep. Well, maybe if I'm just quiet I won't wake Pavi. He thought, as his body jolted at the mere mention of Paviche.

Swiftly sliding his hand down, Luigi groaned as he lightly stroked his clothed cock. It sprung upwards, hard as a rock and Luigi felt himself groan out loud as his hand sneakily made its way into his pants, grabbing a hold of the engorged flesh.

Across the room Paviche heard his roommate groan. He had heard those kinds of groans before. Doctor Ison always seemed to make those kinds of noises when he had Paviche tied up and naked, and was giving his sex organ attention.
Paviche raise himself up on his bed and peered over at Luigi. He didn't want to be a pervert, but something that made his body shiver a bit caused him to watch the Largo stroke himself.

"Come on," Luigi muttered, sweat glistening down his face. His organ seemed to like the attention his fist gave it, but still didn't seem to want to release anytime soon.

Paviche noticed the trouble his roommate seemed to be having, and before he register what he was doing, Paviche nimbly slipped off his bed and approached the other's bed. Sneakily he managed to get onto the bed and slithered his body up between Luigi's legs.

Luigi's eyes opened in complete shock as he had felt the bed dip a bit, and his hand stopped its useless tugging as he stared at Paviche nestled between his legs and his face staring with an air of innocence.

"P-Pavi," He stammered, his cheeks flaming up.

Paviche made a shushing noise before leaning forward and nipping at the Largo's exposed stomach. His shirt must've ridden up while he had been trying to masturbate, and he cried out at the sensation of teeth nibbling at him. A tongue swept at the pale stomach before licking a trail downwards, and Luigi groaned as Paviche's fingers pushed his grey sweats and underwear down.

His throbbing member stared Paviche in the face, but the young boy didn't seem to care. He licked a line up the base of the cock to the head, before bringing his mouth upon the flesh.

Luigi cried out even louder as Paviche brought him deeper and deeper within his throat, and his fingers curled against the locks of black hair, tugging madly before saying, "Stop!"

Paviche pulled back, his mouth leaving the Largo's cock with a wet plop. His face showed confusion and fear; he had thought Luigi would like this - Dr. Ison always did... Maybe he was wrong...
Luigi saw the fear rising within Paviche, and he moved forward to bring his roommate's head up. A longer kiss than the one they had shared only hours before made Paviche smile as Luigi, using his own body, managed to maneuver the boy over so he was laying on the bed while Luigi's body rose over-top his own.

Grunting at the discomfort of his sweats and underwear being against the side of his legs, Luigi skimmed out of them; letting them hit the ground before turning his attention to the boy staring up at him.

Letting his lips touch the boy's again, Luigi whispered in Italian, "Rilassati,
andrà tutto bene

Paviche nodded, and Luigi began leaving tiny kisses down his neck. Nibbling a bit on the skin next to his Adam's apple, Luigi smiled as Paviche squirmed underneath him. Continuing lower, the Largo smiled before plunging his teeth into the junction of his roommate's collarbone.

A sharp gasp escaped the boy, and Paviche's body surged upwards - his erection full statue now - colliding with Luigi's own body. The two both groaned at the sensation, and Luigi's hands pushed Paviche's shirt up and off. Cold air bit at the boy's bare upper torso, but became even warmer when a mouth latched upon one of his nipples.

Swirling and sucking at the nub, Paviche's body soon became like putty against the mattress. Half-groggily he whispered out loud, "Bacio
Luigi let go of the boy's nipple and moved his head upwards to capture the familiar lips again. "Volete sentire l'amore, Pavi?" Luigi asked, stroking the side of the boy's cheek as Paviche sighed a breathy "Si..."

"Then beg for it, Pavi," The Largo demanded, crushing his hunger against the boy's but not allowing any interaction at all. Paviche stared unsurely up at his roommate, rotating his body a bit underneath the new pressure, but finding no way to release his now aching member.

"Per favore," He whispered.

"Nope," Luigi answered, smirking a bit as Paviche scoffed. "I want you to beg for me in English."

Paviche turned his head to the side looking melancholy. Luigi felt a pang of sadness go through him at the sight he had put Paviche in, but he had to know if the boy could speak English or not. Pressing a hand against the boy's cheek, Luigi tilted Paviche's head up and said softly, "No one needs to know. It'll be only between me and you, Pavi."

Paviche stared up at the Largo, trying to find faults with the idea. Instead he found concerned blue eyes boring into his own. After a few moments of hesitation Paviche whispered, "P-ple-please."
His voice was a bit different than when he spoken in Italian, a bit deeper and rougher, but Luigi was thrilled that the boy had spoken in English.

"Of course, Pavi," He whispered, leaning forward and kissing Paviche deeply again. Pulling apart Luigi began removing his own shirt as he spoke to Paviche about removing his own pants/underwear.
Paviche was a bit scared but Luigi nuzzled his neck while helping slide the matching grey sweats and underwear off. A blush filled the boy's face, and Paviche tried to cover up, but the Largo pushed his hands aside.

"It’s okay, Pavi," Luigi muttered, "It's okay. Non voglio farti del male."

Nodding a bit, Paviche allowed his roommate to flip him over so he was lying face down against the pillow and mattress. His ass tingled a bit and before he could understand the predicament, something sharp poked into him. A scream belted out of him, and small kisses touched the back of his neck.

"Shhh, Pavi. It's alright," Luigi said, rotating his two fingers that he had used for prepping the boy's tender area.

"It hurts!" Paviche wailed in ragged English. Luigi grunted as he could feel Paviche's heat tightening around his digits. He frowned at the tension and the Largo moved his head up a bit and clamped down upon the boy’s collar-bone. Instantly, Paviche's inner walls became looser and his body squirmed again underneath Luigi's.

Circling his fingers a bit, and sighing as he felt Paviche's muscles loosen up more, Luigi withdrew the digits and angled his cock up against Paviche's ass.
He wished for some lube, as to not hurt the boy badly, but there was none so Luigi said as softly as he could, "It might hurt a bit, Pavi, but it'll soon past. Prometto."

Holding his own leaking cock, Luigi gently pushed it into the small puckered flesh beneath him. Paviche cried out loud and Luigi groaned as the muscles clamped tightly against his cock.

"Relax, Pavi," He grunted, "Relax!"

Pushing further into the warmth, Luigi felt Paviche's inner walls become tighter and he realized that he would have to break through the boy's barrier to achieve any form of pleasure. Steadily, he closed his eyes and slammed hard up into Paviche. Paviche cried out in pain, tears prickling his vision as Luigi seated himself completely within his roommate's body.

Soft sobs trickled from the boy's mouth, and Luigi laid his body over-top the others, but keeping his cock well buried in the flesh. Strong hands touched his own flesh, and Paviche whimpered as he felt Luigi kiss the side of his neck.

"Va bene, Pavi," The Largo whispered. Slowly he wiggled his hips, the heat was still there but the barrier was gone. A small moan fell from Paviche's mouth as he felt a prick of weird sensations flow through his body.

Luigi took noticed of this and he said, "That's right, Pavi. Feel me."

Another groan spilled out as Luigi pulled his cock out before pushing back in again and again. Each time another tiny jolt of pleasure began to overtake the boy, until Luigi tilted his hips ever so slightly and... A bigger deeper moan tore itself out of Paviche's throat and his own body began to push back against Luigi's assault.

The Largo smiled. He lifted himself up and wrapped his right arm around Paviche's neck; stroking his chest as he pressed his nose against the side of the boy's neck again.
Paviche groaned and tilted his head a bit so Luigi could muster a small kiss onto his lips. Pulling apart with sweat dripping from their foreheads, Paviche bit playfully into the arm that was wound around his neck. Luigi groaned at the bite and bit down himself against the side of Paviche's throat, leaving a nice contusion mark.

Luigi kept up the pace, his cock feeling tighter and tighter as it brushed against that sacred spot within Paviche. He frowned as he felt the boy squirm again underneath him, but clearly realized the problem as he took notice of Paviche trying to rut against the mattress. Bringing his left hand underneath their bodies, Luigi tugged at the boy's own organ while Paviche cried out at the contact.

Soon the Largo's hand was bathed in whitish-translucent fluid, and the inner walls fell tight again. It was enough tight heat to cause Luigi to groan out loud while releasing his load into Paviche.

The two sighed deeply, each trying to catch their own breaths. Softly and as gently as he could, Luigi pulled out of Paviche. He flopped down against Paviche, and smiled as he saw the boy pushing back against him so his back touched his chest.

"Luigi," Paviche muttered, breaking the silence.

Luigi grunted a reply.

Paviche brushed back some more against the Largo's chest. "Mi vuoi tenere?"

Sighing tiredly, Luigi threw an arm over Paviche's mid-section, pulling the boy closer to him. Paviche let out a small cry of delight as he linked his own fingers with Luigi's, before finding himself nodding off to sleep...

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Rilassati, andrà tutto bene = Relax, it'll be okay.

Bacio = Kiss..

Volete sentire l'amore = You want to feel love,

Si = Yes

Per favore = Please

Non voglio farti del male = I won't hurt you

Prometto = I promise

Va bene = It's okay

Mi vuoi tenere = Will you hold me?