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Into Haven [6/?]

Into Haven chapter 6 (c) stripesco04_nur


A soft ticklish-like feeling woke Luigi up, and he blinked against the bright onslaught of blue painted walls. Groaning and placing his left hand over top his eyes, shielding them from the brightness, Luigi felt the same gesture as before. Lifting his hand, he glanced downwards to spot Paviche curled against his side.

Gently, Paviche was tracing the thin ragged scars adjured upon the Largo's chest. Scars left from his previous surgery when his lungs had suddenly became inflamed and needed to be replaced. Luigi grumbled a bit, and Paviche lifted his head up while keeping his right hand pressed against the biggest scar that ran almost diagonally down his chest.

"Ha fatto male?" Paviche asked softly. His fingers still stroke the scar tenderly, and Luigi cocked his head towards his roommate.

"Don't remember," Luigi muttered as he threw his hand back over his eyes.

Paviche gave a small half smile at his groggily roommate before leaning his head down to rest against the Largo's chest. His head moved up and down in synch with Luigi's breathing, and Paviche smiled even more as he heard the strong beating of a heart.

Slowly, Paviche lifted his head once more and maneuvered his body so he was on top of Luigi. They were still naked from last night's sex romp, and Paviche groaned as he felt his cock harden as it rested against the Largo's. Luigi moved his hand from his face again, and stared at the boy on top of him.

"Pavi," He began, but Paviche moved forward to connect their lips together in frenzy. Luigi groaned as he felt Paviche's body slide a bit against his own. His own erection was slowly starting to form, and the Largo growled as he gripped the back of the boy's head; his fingers sliding through the thick strands of black hair, pressing his lips tighter to his own.

With extreme effort they managed to separate to catch one another's breath. After gulping a bit, Paviche pressed another tight kiss to Luigi's lips but moved his lips downward, letting them trail against the Largo's chest. He nuzzled his mouth a bit against the deep scar, before continuing his movement downwards.

Luigi chuckled a bit as Paviche nuzzled against his stomach, kissing and licking around his belly-button, and eventually nipping at the soft flesh. Luigi jolted as he felt teeth dig into his pale stomach.

Paviche smirked at the reaction. He let his lips trail downwards more, his body scooting away from the Largo's body. Luigi's cock throbbed underneath the boy's intense staring. A tongue darted out to touch the top of it, and Luigi groaned. Paviche hummed, letting the vibrations run against the thick length before plunging his mouth upon the piece of flesh.

"Shit, Pavi!" Luigi shouted.

Paviche worked his tongue and mouth around the length; slicking it up nicely with his own spit. His own cock grew harder and tighter as it hung between his legs. His mind clouded a bit, and Paviche thought back to how it felt when Luigi had rammed against that one certain spot within him. His body jolted a bit at the memory and he felt himself yearning for the same pleasure again...

Luigi moaned louder. His head thrashing against his pillow as Paviche seemed to suck his cock a little bit harder. A thick whine escaped him as his roommate removed his mouth, but his mouth formed a tight O-shape as Paviche leaned up over him, and guiding his cock upward, sprung downward to allow the Largo's cock fill him.

Paviche gasped, his eyes falling close as he began rotating in Luigi's lap. Luigi gasped as well, and he grabbed a hold of the boy's slim waist, pulling him closer to his body while he thrust upwards.

The combination of thrusting up and down against one another caused both to cry out as their bodies slid about naturally...

Paviche cried out as his hand snuck down between their bodies and grabbed a hold of his leaking cock. He tugged and pressed his face against the side of Luigi's neck, almost hiding himself as his cock wept heavily against their chests. Luigi cried out as well as his own cock pulsed within the boy's body, before finding release...

They both panted and Luigi stared up into jaded blue eyes. Leaning upwards, he brought the boy's face closer to his own and kissed him soundly. Throughout the kiss, Luigi managed to push Paviche down a bit, but never once breaking off from within his body. The boy seemed startled when he found himself lying on his back, Luigi on top - his cock still buried within his body, and Luigi pulling his own legs to wrap around the Largo's waist.

, Pavi," Luigi mumbled. He placed his hands down upon the sides of Paviche's neck as he jerked forward; his cock pressing back and forth in the body.

Paviche arched up. His legs tightened a bit around Luigi's waist; subsequently pushing the back of the Largo's thighs with the heel of his foot, causing Luigi to press faster and tighter against him.

His cock, once already milked and limp, sprung back to life between their bodies, and Paviche gently tugged it as Luigi lifted himself up to capture his lips. Paviche groaned and his left hand trickled upwards to wound itself in Luigi's short brown hair, tugging gracefully as the Largo plundered his mouth with his own.

Luigi's hips kept moving in rhythm, rocking the smaller frame below him. He kept his forehead pressed against Paviche's while trying to catch his breath. He buried his face against the boy's neck, before leaning down and snagging his teeth in the junction of his roommate’s collarbone.

Paviche shrieked in pleasure. His body surged forward as his cock spurted once more in between their bodies, and he trembled a bit as Luigi kept driving into him.

Luigi pressed faster into Paviche, and the boy let his arms wrap around the Largo's back; nails raking against the skin of his back.

"Ti amo," Paviche whispered. He kissed a suddenly stunned Largo while Luigi rode out his orgasm, crying against the boy's mouth.

Luigi took the grace to not crush his roommate as his body sagged forward, but couldn't help going limp as he lay on Paviche's chest; their bodies soaked in sweat and cum, and Paviche mildly stroking his hair a bit.

"Che era buono," Paviche muttered drowsily, feeling Luigi stir against his chest.

"Si," Luigi replied. He pulled his head up and began pulling his body away from his roommate's.

Paviche whined as Luigi hastily began to redress himself. Grabbing his own thin sheets, Luigi wrapped it around Paviche, cleaning the boy as best he could. Paviche sighed against the treatment, and stood. He found his clothes and redressed himself while Luigi took notice of the time.

"Shit," He mumbled. "My meeting with Dr. Pinnip is in two minutes. Fuck!"

The Largo trudged to the door, but not before turning back around and cupping the back of Paviche's head, pulling his face against his own so they could share a small kiss...

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Ha fatto male? = Did it hurt?

Sarà buona  = It'll be good,

Ti amo = I love you

Che era buono = That was good

Si = Yes/Yeah