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Into Haven [7/?]

Into Haven chapter 7 (c) stripesco04_nur

"Well Mr. Largo," Dr. Pinnip began, watching her patient heave heavily as he sunk in the chair across from her. "You seem out of breath today."

Luigi gulped in air, nodding his head. He had literally sprinted to this meeting with Doctor Pinnip when he had found himself pushing Paviche up against the dresser between their beds, kissing the very essences from the boy. Luigi would've been satisfied just having the smaller frame against his own, and letting his lips trail over every inch of skin presented.

However, Paviche had gently shoved his roommate back and had whispered in Italian, "Non
. Farai tardi, Luigi."

Luigi had groaned, purposely nibbling at the boy's neck. His tongue had lapped against the contusion mark embedded in the skin, while his fingers became laced with Paviche's...

"Mr. Largo?"

Luigi blinked, his mind leaving his precious memories as he muttered, "W-what?"

Dr. Pinnip gazed at him seemly, her lips rose upwards slightly. "You seem distracted by some distant thought."

Luigi avoided her staring as a blush settled upon his cheeks. "Who the fuck cares if I am?" He asked.

"No one, but I've never seen you this relaxed or blushing before, Mr. Largo," Dr. Pinnip stated. She smirked as her hand began jotting down notes while Luigi sat fuming at her.

Normally he would lash out when anyone accused him of something, but the Largo merely did nothing against her accusations. This intrigued the doctor even more, and she scribbled down in her notebook: love? She didn't risk asking him if he was indeed romantically engaged with someone in the hospital; there was no need to get herself hurt by him for asking a gentle innocent question just because he would probably deny it, and get defensive about it as well.

But she had seen this type of behavior before, with other patients that still believed their special someone was still alive, and the blushes that would filter upon their cheeks when they talked about them. Her glasses shifted a bit down her nose, and she shivered a bit as she realized her grip upon the pen she was using had tightened considerably.

Luigi glanced at her, silently wondering why she was gripping her pen tighter par usual. Dr. Pinnip gave a quick swish of her head, her auburn locks curling against her shoulders, before glancing down at her notebook. The word
love? she had written was circled at least three times...

Lifting her head up again, Dr. Pinnip regarded the Largo, "Have you met someone here, Mr. Largo?"

Luigi snorted. "You could say that."

He didn't offer any names or threatened the doctor, and Pinnip sighed as she tried to coax Luigi into talking about his feelings.

"What do you feel when you think of that special person?"

Luigi thought back to when he had Paviche wrapped up in his arms; stroking his cheek and then devouring his mouth with his own. What had he felt? Calm, happiness, and there was a hint of love...

"Calm," He rushed out. Dr. Pinnip raised an eyebrow while nodding her head. Luigi bit his bottom lip in deep worry. Did he love Paviche? Well, the sex had been much appealing, but Luigi didn't love - he couldn't, it would only end badly. With him hurting himself or the other person in the process, and Paviche was much too innocent to suffer such a blow...

Dr. Pinnip could tell that Luigi was becoming agitated. His hands were clasped together tightly, and he seemed to be caught up in some deep thought.

"I believe that'll do for today, Mr. Largo," She whispered dismissively. Luigi nodded his head, no bitter remark leaving his mouth as he quietly left.

Head bent downwards, instead up with the highest of pride, Luigi walked in solemn silence back to his and Paviche's room. He unintentionally passed by Doctor Ison's office, and had he not been so engrossed with his own troubling thoughts, the Largo might have picked up on the sound of shouting and something breaking...


Paviche tensed as Dr. Ison's fingers stroked the contusion mark laid on his neck. "You've been mark..." Ison's breath washed over against the boy's cheek, and Paviche closed his eyes, silently praying for his roommate.

"You had better still have your fuckin' innocence," Ison snarled. He removed his glasses, setting them upon a wooden table nearby, before addressing the boy sternly, "Strip!"

Paviche didn't move, and Ison snarled while moving forward to grasp the boy's neck, choking him before shoving him to the ground. Paviche gave a tiny cry of pain, and Dr. Ison merely grunted as he reached for the boy's grey sweatpants; pulling them down and exposing Paviche intimately.

Paviche closed his hot eyes, brimming with the edge of tears yet to be release, as Ison's clammy hand touched his private area roughly, and thought back to how it was merely two minutes at most since Luigi had left for his meeting with Doctor Pinnip, that Ison and those two bulky men, that usually shoved patients back into their rooms at the approval time, had smashed through. They had scared Paviche and the boy had squirmed against their hold, but they had still managed to drag him into Doctor Ison's office despite his mute cries...

Ison cupped Paviche's balls, rotating them a bit before letting them drop and firmly grasping the boy's ass; his fingers digging sharply into his flesh, leaving marks. Paviche's eyes opened wide when a finger was shoved so rudely up into his tender area. His mouth formed a shock look, and tears began trickling a bit out his eyes as Dr. Ison stroked his insides.

Ison hummed, rotating his finger a bit before adding another. "You're not as tight, Paviche," He observed, eyes widening as Paviche's body slowly began rocking against his fingers. Ison sharply removed his fingers before slapping Paviche hard across his face.

"You're no longer an innocent, Paviche! Now, you're a whore!"

Ison stepped closer to the heaving boy upon the floor, ran his hand over the naked rump before giving it a small smack. Paviche whimpered against the stained rug at the treatment Ison was showing him...

"For the longest time, I've kept your innocent in check - gave you what you needed. Even let you take me, showing you what to do correctly," Ison began; his breath hot and sour upon the back of Paviche's neck. "And this is how you repay my kindness? Well, had I know you wanted to lose it so soon..."

A sharp muffled cry escaped Paviche as Ison roughly entered him; the doctor's body pressing the boy tighter against the rug...


Luigi stared dumbstruck at the empty room. His head swirled back and forth from the two beds, hoping that he had just missed his roommate curled somewhere on his bed, but soon coming to the sudden realization that Paviche was indeed gone.

Rage slowly gnawed at him, and Luigi curled his hands tightly into fists, fearing the worst for the boy. A smaller voice within him offered solaces to the ever agitating man. Pavi did share Doctor Pinnip, and his meetings with the doctor were always right after the Largo’s, so perhaps he had left for his regular meeting.

Sighing and releasing his pent up fists, Luigi sat on his bed and grinned when he remembered taking Paviche there... He let his body lay backwards, head cradled by his hands as he gazed at the ceiling still trying to place his feelings for his roommate...

A repeated knock appeared on the door, and the Largo sat up stunned. "Yes?" He called.

The door opened and Doctor Pinnip poked her head through. She surveyed the layout of the room before addressing the Largo. "Have you seen your roommate, Mr. Largo? He didn't show up for his meeting with me, which is very unusual."

"What do you mean he didn't show up?" Luigi asked, getting off his bed and walking over towards the doctor.

"His meetings are right after yours, and I've been waiting for him to show up for the past fifteen minutes since you left."

Luigi's eyes widened. No, there's no way... That mother-fucking piece of shit! His mind roared and he pushed past the startled Dr. Pinnip, who unsurely hurried after the Largo.

"Mr. Largo?" She asked, trying to quell her breathing down a bit as she kept up with his fast pace.

"I know where he is..." Was the only reply she got, and the doctor nodded her head, observing the man as he stood in front of Ison's office.

"Dr. Ison's office?" Pinnip asked, confused while Luigi's teeth clenched together...


Paviche whimpered as Ison came, his grip like hot iron against his body and stale teeth sinking into the back of his neck, trying to claim him once more for himself. Not bothering to question the state of the body beneath him, Ison roughly withdrew himself from the boy, smiling as Paviche winced.

A loud bang was heard against the door, and Ison turned towards the sound, smiling as he heard Luigi ranting out pathetic curses while attempting to open the door.

"Looks like your savior has arrived," He muttered to Paviche. He stood up and nodded to the bulky men who were situated on two thin metal chairs beside the doorframe, while reaching across the table to grasp a big switch-blade knife.

Paviche kept his head down as he mumbled, "Luigi..."

A hand snuck around his throat, pulling him upwards. Paviche gasped against the hold and felt his body shiver in fear when a knife so rudely was placed upon the side of his neck as a warning for him not to move nor answer Luigi's cry for him.

The door was pushed open in fury and Luigi surged through. He stopped as he spied the doctor holding Paviche in his arms, a knife held tightly against his throat. Paviche whimpered and noticed that his roommate hadn't yet taken noticed of the two men waiting for him.

"Mr. Largo," Ison said, tilting his head a bit and nodding at the two stationed in the shadow, waiting for the Largo to move. "How nice of you to join us..."

Luigi glared at the doctor, edging his way more into the room. Paviche watched him move closer and anxiety consumed him. In a small feat of rebellion, Paviche shoved his elbow back hard, causing Ison to release his hold on him; the knife slicing a tiny thin line against his throat.

"No, Luigi, guardare fuori!" He yelled, motioning towards the two men that charged at the Largo. Luigi gasped as he was thrown hard across the room almost back out into the hallway. Dr. Pinnip gasped at the struggle and stared in horror at what she saw: Paviche's lower half completely naked as well as Dr. Ison...

"Doctor Ison!" She exclaimed, covering her mouth as Ison surged towards the boy and gripped his chin tightly; his thumbs pressing against his windpipe. Paviche choked and gasped, struggling in vain against the pressure.

Dr. Pinnip gave a cry of shock before shouting to Luigi, "I'm going to go get security, Mr. Largo!" She hurried off in search of help, while the Largo snarled at the two men who had him crushed against the opposite wall.

Luigi pulled his right arm back before decking one of the men hard across the face. In an instant the man was down upon the ground, unconscious while the other one seemed stun by the turn of events. Luigi raised his fists, knuckles bleeding before charging at the other.

"You can speak!" Ison accused, pressing tighter at the boy's throat before shoving him away. Paviche coughed and Ison's right hand that cradled the switchblade shoved forward making the boy choke harder; his face contorting in an "o" shape as crimson fluid began spilling from the wound, running down the handle of the blade.

Ison smirked before managing to pull his pants on and stalking towards the Largo, who had shoved the other man's head against the wall, smirking at the sickening crack as it bounced off.

Luigi stared up at the two, his eyes blazing with hardcore rage as he saw Paviche standing in shock, a switchblade shoved into the flesh above his hip, near his stomach. The knife was buried almost to the hilt, and too much blood was slowly seeping onto the ground, and Luigi gave a loud shout charging at Ison, who met him halfway...

The two tussled, aiming punches at one another before Luigi collapsed upon the ground, the doctor's hands tight around his neck, squeezing painfully. The Largo gasped, feeling his energy leave him as Ison grunted, pressing his thumbs against his windpipe as he had done to Paviche earlier.

Luigi grunted as well, trying to pull off the doctor's grip but instead seeing greyish spots filter into his line of vision. His eyes swam about the room, trying to hold onto something. They locked with Paviche's, and the Largo hoped that his eyes could say what he was cut off from saying...

Paviche took notice of it and the thought that Luigi might die beneath Doctor Ison's hands scared him. Grasping the knife buried in his flesh - his hands slowly become dubbed with the red of his blood, Paviche gave a low gasp as he tugged it out. His body felt lighter, and the wound seemed bigger than usual now.

Crimson trailed onto the ground as the boy struggled over to where his roommate and abuser lay...


Luigi gasped, his eyes feeling like they were rolling back up into his head. His body sagged but before he lost consciousness, the pressure was removed and the Largo took in large gulps of air. He glanced upwards to see a somewhat shocked expression written on Ison's face.

His body slumped forward onto the Largo, and Luigi shoved the doctor away from him. He stared in confusion of the switchblade sticking out of the back of Ison's head.

Turning his vision away from the monster, Luigi saw Paviche standing above him. Blood was pouring heavier from the wound, and the boy looked at him before collapsing to the ground...

"Pavi!" Luigi yelled, moving forward to scoop the boy's frame into his arms. Paviche whimpered, blood trickling from the corner of his mouth. The Largo frowned at the sight of the wound, and he pressed it tightly trying to quell the stretch of blood. Paviche, however, squirmed and cried out loud against the help.

Dimly, the boy thought he saw something move near him and Luigi. It was almost shadowy, and had a woman's figure, and it was clothed in all black. Its head was down, but Paviche believed that it could sense that he was watching it...

Slowly fear began to grasp the boy, and he moved in the Largo's embrace; clutching Luigi's shirt tightly and burying his face against his chest.

"No, no," He muttered against the grey fabric. "Non desidero di morire!"

"You won't, Pavi," Luigi rushed to reassure him. Paviche gave a tiny groan of pain as he pressed his face tighter against Luigi's chest. Luigi leaned his head down to rest on the boy's crown, feeling the smaller frame tremble a bit. The Largo gritted his teeth as he kissed the top of the boy's head before moving downwards to capture the smaller lips with his own...

A bland copper-like taste could be savored within Luigi’s mouth as he drew his roommate closer against him. His hand still firmly pressed against the boy’s wound, blood dribbling in zigzag patterns down the back of his palm.  

Paviche smiled weakly into the kiss, still clutching nervously at the Largo's shirt.

There was a small cough, and the two pulled away. Paviche groaned as Luigi caught sight of Doctor Pinnip staring at them with concern in her face.

Security and nurses pushed through, surveying the damage before taking note of Paviche cradled against the Largo's breast. It took some extra encouragement from both the nurses and Dr. Pinnip to allow them to remove Paviche from Luigi's grip.

Instantly, Paviche cried in Italian for his roommate before a sedated was pressed into the junction of his arm, and the boy fell unconscious and numb...

Please leave anything!


Non. Farai tardi = No. You'll be late,

guardare fuori = look out

Non desidero di morire = I don't want to die!


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Jul. 18th, 2012 11:44 am (UTC)
Woah, this was... oh my god!! My favorite chapter. I loved the way Pavi got hurt and how Luigi is trying to comfort him, it's so moving. ^^
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