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Frenzy Missing

Title: Frenzy Missing
Author: stripesco04_nur
Pairing: Legs/Louie
Summary: When Legs returns from a mission, Louie is ecstatic to be reunited with him…
Disclaimer: I do not own Legs or Louie; they are property of Matt Groening.
A/N: Just a PWP of Louie and Legs from The Simpsons…

A loud yelp tore out of Louie's, one of Fat Tony's associate's, mouth as an arm had reach around his mid-section and pulled the curly haired man against something warm and solid. A knife pressed tightly against his throat while warm breath washed over the side of his neck.

"'ey! Let go of me," Louie yelled, ignoring the metal digging deeper against his bare throat. He struggled against the hold, gritting his teeth as the arm merely tightened and hearing his attacker chuckle a bit.

Louie stopped struggling after he heard the thin rasp giggle escape his assailant and the curly haired man dropped his tone and whispered, "Legs?"

The knife disappeared and the arm dropped from around his waist. Louie spun around, his hand itching for his gun holster in case he was mistaken. His eyes soften, however, as he took noticed of the older man behind him. Legs looked more weary than usual in his black suit, but he didn't object to Louie practically tackling him to the floor. His arms circled around the younger man as he dove against his chest, feebly gripping the material while muttering out incoherent thoughts.

"I've missed you, Legs," Louie said, hugging his partner tighter. Legs shushed him, "I can tell. Louie, I was only gone for a week."

"Two weeks!"


"Okay, so it was a week and a half - big deal!"

Legs smiled at the younger's rambled, and dragged his long fingers underneath Louie's chin, tilting it upwards so their eyes could meet. Louie leaned his head forward, capturing once familiar lips with his own. His lips pressed tighter, occasionally pulling away for a quick breath of air before pressing again and again against the other's mouth. Legs groaned at the kissing frenzy that Louie was showing, and he felt a pair of arms wrap around his neck; fingers digging into the strands of brown hair...

"Wait," Legs muttered, pulling away despite the little groan that spilled from Louie's mouth. "Let's take this somewhere private."

He inclined his head down the hallway a bit, to where a spacious spare bedroom of Fat Tony's lay. Louie smiled at the notion, and nearly dragged Legs to the room.

Once inside, Louie shoved Legs up against the door, thus closing it firmly before devouring his mouth once again. Legs recuperated the sentiment, and eagerly kissed back; his hands gripping the younger man's blue jacket tightly.

Legs moved forward, still kissing, to guide Louie towards the queen-sized canopy bed that occupied half the room. Louie gasped out loud as the back of his knees made contact with the bedside, and he tumbled onto his back with Legs in-between his legs. Legs pulled away and smirked as the younger man scooted up further onto the bed, staring up at him with lust-filled blue eyes.

It didn't take long for the older man to literally spring upon the bed; pinning the other down beneath his body. Their lips connected once again, and Louie squirmed against the soft cushions upon the bed as Legs bit - ever so playfully - against his throat, while attempting to remove his neck-tie.

Louie snickered at the attempt and gently shoved the other man off him. Legs grumbled as he fell to the side against Louie, but the curly haired man merely shushed him before rolling from the bed, and began to seductively undress himself. The corner of Leg's mouth curved upwards in approval, and his own hands began fumbling against buttons and zippers so he could match Louie in the process of shedding his own clothing...

Soon they were completely naked and Louie was curled into the haven of Leg's arms. Legs' hand stroked the youngster’s fine chest hair before tracing a thin scar against his hip-bone.

Louie cupped Leg's wandering hand and held it close while mumbling, "You saved me that night... Remember?"

Legs pulled Louie closer against him, kissing the back of his neck. He remembered all right - you don't forget the one you love walking into the room, clutching his side while red was seeping through his jacket...

Louie heaved a considerably loud sigh before turning around in the embrace and capturing Leg's lips again. Pulling apart, Louie trailed his lips downward; licking and nibbling at any piece of flesh that got in his way. Legs groaned at the sensation of teeth lightly biting at his pale stomach...

His body, however, surged forward when Louie felt the need to wrap his lips around the tip of his cock. The curly haired man smirked as his tongue dabbed at the head of the cock before wrapping his mouth around it and letting it slide further within his mouth. Legs moaned louder while curling his fingers into the thick black hair, tugging as the younger's head bobbed a bit.

Pulling off, and receiving a groan of disappointment, Louie looked up his lover; shyness causing him to dip his head downward a bit. Legs moved forward to grasp the other's chin and he rushed forward to capture the somewhat quivering lips. Moving forward, while still kissing, Legs managed to maneuver Louie over so he was over-top the other's body.

Their cocks made contact and both groaned at the sensation. Legs nudge his body against Louie's; his somewhat damp cock sliding against the outskirt of Louie's ass. Louie glanced up at him, apprehension and love held within the spaces of his eyes, as Legs wrapped a hand against his own member before slowly guiding into the tight space.

Louie gasped; squirming as Legs began filling him completely. As soon as half of his cock was buried into the smaller body, Legs leaned over Louie, pressing his hands against the sides of Louie's head; angling himself over the other as he pulled out a bit before shoving all the way back in.

Louie groaned louder. His legs wound themselves around Legs' waist, gently tugging for the older man to push faster into him. Legs complied, gripping Louie to him as his cock pulsed back and forth into the body below him.

"H-harder!" Louie mumbled. He cried out as Legs began a faster rhythm; skin flapping against one another while Louie grasped his own cock, tugging it wildly.

"J-Jesus," Legs groaned. His cock was beginning to feel tighter and tighter before it released its load; twitching a bit in the younger's body. Louie groaned as well, his hand slowly become a terrible mess of fluids as his body surged forward.

Legs leaned his weight down onto Louie, kissing his lover before resting his head on his chest. After a few moments of nothing but panting breaths, Legs moved off of Louie and withdrew himself from the younger, settling beside the other. Louie glanced at him and reached over to touch his lips with his own.

Legs could see the sleep ebbing at the other's eyes, and he brought the younger man into his arms; humming quietly as Louie snuggled against him...

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Apr. 9th, 2015 12:06 am (UTC)
Wonderful. Oh my god i loved this!
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