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Heavy Pillars

Title: Heavy Pillars
Author: stripesco04_nur
Pairing: Joel/Sonny [skrillmau5]
Summary: After getting high, Joel takes Sonny quite painfully…
Disclaimer: I do not own Joel (deadmau5) or Sonny (skrillex)
A/N: Written because a lot of my watchers on DeviantArt keep asking for some Skrillmau5. This was supposed to be written as a simple erotic PWP but took a turn for darker…

The smoke hung heavy in the room. It curled in pillars up to the ceiling before resting in a smog-like haze over the two occupants of the room. They were laughing at nothing while passing around a small white stub that was lit and reeking of an odor most foul.

"Seriously Skrilly, this is the most sensitive part on a person during foreplay!" One of the occupants said a little too loudly. He pointed to the side of his neck, rubbing it almost seductively while glancing at his companion.

"For fuck's sake Joel, stop calling me that!" The other complained bitterly. He scrunched up his face a bit as he inhaled the thick smoke from the stub too quickly. A choked cough spilled from his mouth while his glasses slid down the bridge of his nose.

"Oh Skrilly Skrilly," Joel shook his head from side to side in mock disappointment, but smirked at the sudden scowl that crossed the other's face. "I'm just joshing you, Sonny. Jeez! Depressing much?"

Sonny huffed as he passed the nearly burnt-out piece of pot to Joel. He turned his face away from his friend, pulling his knees up while his shoes scoffed against the carpet. A finger brushed against the side of his neck, and Sonny twitched a bit.

"Yep, sensitive!" Joel exclaimed. His finger began stroking softly up and down against the young man's neck, eventually stroking over the corner of his cheek before ducking underneath Sonny's chin and pulling his face upwards.

He smiled at the pinkish hue that tainted the other's cheeks. Without missing a beat Joel angled his head downwards and pressed his own lips against the younger man's. Sonny whimpered against the endearment; his eyes falling close as his hair fell forward, tickling both their faces.

Joel pulled away while Sonny smirked as he blinked his eyes open. He glanced upwards towards Joel; his eyes slowly began to turn a tiny shade of pink.

Rubbing his thumb against the corner of the younger man's mouth, Joel whispered with a devilish smirk, "I don't know if it's because I'm so fucking baked right now, but I could literally fuck you right now."

Sonny felt his eyelids droop a bit, but he managed to draw out, "Does it look like I would do anything to stop you?"

Joel smirked even more before gripping the back of Sonny's head and pulling his face against his own. Sonny squirmed a bit at the intense rush, but didn't object to the older man's hands slowly grabbing a hold of his hips. Pulling the other's hips closer to his own, Joel felt the burning need in his pants grow larger. His mind soared with the highness he was feeling and he pressed his lips tighter against the younger’s.

His tongue, boldly, darted out to lick at the tip of Sonny's lips. Almost simultaneously Sonny opened his mouth, letting Joel's tongue entered; tasting him as their saliva began to mix together. A moan broke free as a hand snuck against the front of Sonny's black jeans; palming the forming erection.

Joel gasped as he pulled apart, leaning his forehead against Sonny's, trying to quell his panting breath. Rubbing his hands against the younger's curves; Joel slowly rotated Sonny around, bringing his backside against his own front torso. Sonny giggled. His mind was beginning to become a little hazy and he mumbled as Joel pressed his nose against the back of his neck; inhaling deeply the unique smell of the younger through his long locks of hair.

A pair of hands circled around towards the front of his jeans, stopping to rest on his belt buckle. Sonny felt his eyes droop a bit as Joel unclasped his stud belt, and began tugging at his jean button. The button popped open and Joel skillfully pulled the zipper down.

Sonny hummed as Joel managed to pull his jeans downwards so his clothed ass was exposed. Joel smirked, undoing his own trousers and underwear before moving closer towards Sonny. He reached forward to place his right hand upon the younger's clothed erection.

Sonny moaned at the sensation. He shivered, however, as Joel began to slide his underwear down to clump against his jeans. Smirking at the plump cheeks that were now completely exposed, Joel grabbed his own shaft; pumping it slowly. Moaning at the tiny jolts of pleasure that ricked through his nether-regions, the older man stopped his own personal pleasure before guiding his cock into the younger's tightness...

Sonny gasped at the sensation. A sharpness-like feeling was felt as Joel pushed forward, almost tearing him as Joel let out a deep moan against his the back of his head.

"No lube?" Sonny asked. He winced again, and frowned as Joel pushed a little further into his body. "Joel?"

Joel grunted. He shoved harder into the younger man, causing Sonny to almost fall forward.

"Joel?" There was a slight hint of panic in his voice, and a hand shot forward grasping his neck almost tightly.

"S-shut up!" Joel hissed. His fingers digged a little tighter against the younger's throat while his hips began creating an almost painful rhythm.

Sonny whimpered against the assault. His body felt like it was being ripped apart. This felt nothing like the other times they had had sex together. However, those times were usually when Joel used lube and sometimes a condom.

"S-stop," He mumbled as Joel pressed tighter against his backside; cock sliding roughly in and out of him. "Joel, stop!"

Joel did stop. He stopped long enough to shove Sonny crudely against the carpet; smashing his face while continuing his thrusts. Sonny cried against the unjustly treatment. He squirmed underneath the older man and tried to buck the other away from him. Joel simply smirked as he grabbed Sonny's flaring arms and pressed them tightly to the ground as he felt his orgasm rip through him.

A deep cry shook against the back of Sonny's head, and he cringed as he felt a sensation of wetness sliding against and out of his ass.

Unceremoniously, Joel withdrew himself from the younger's body and tentatively Sonny turned onto his side as he felt a giant thump against his left side. He caught the glassy look in his friend's eyes before Joel slumped unconscious against the carpet; his cock still leaking a bit.

Wincing bitterly, Sonny slowly crawled his way over to the older man. He rolled his body into the junction of Joel's arms, and sighed as subconsciously one of Joel's arm curled around his waist. Tiny tears trickled from the younger man's eyes as Sonny squeezed them shut while removing his glasses...

It'll be okay in the morning. He thought; ignoring the crimson puddle that was beginning to stain the carpet...

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Feb. 11th, 2013 04:16 am (UTC)
^this made my night, i go to bed a happy person now :3
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