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Title: Sleep Overtakes In Vans...
Author: stripesco04_nur or Stripes
Rating: PG - for smut!
Pairing: Pete/Joe (Cause I find them so adorable together!)
Summary: "I let my wearily eyes wander around the van..."
Author's Note: This is my first FOB slash fic... so please be gentle. And yes I did pair Pete with Joe! *Huge Gasp* I know, but I find them very cute together...
Disclaimer: This is utterly not true, 'cause we've heard of it by now! :) Other words: Not True!
Dedications: To Jimmy! (i_am_tre), 'cause she is soooo awesome!

Joe let his drooping eyes wander around the van; taking in the sight of Patrick sleeping silently with his mouth open, headphones still on...
Joe moved his gaze from Patrick to Andy, who was asleep and snoring softly next to Patrick.

"'Cause I'm bringing Sexy Back..."

Joe groaned as he listen to their driver chanting off words to the Justin Timberlake song. He glared at the driver who was listening to the radio and singing somewhat loudly.
He adverted his gaze from the deranged singer to Pete, who sat beside him in the van...
Pete wiped his eyes and nodded his head against the beat of the music that was going through his head...

Joe didn't quite understand why the bassist was nodding his head at nothing, before noting the ear-phones and his ipod poking out of his jacket pocket.
Joe raised his hand to stiffle a yawn passing by his tired lips...
He felt his eyes stinging slightly - begging him to shut them.
He obliged, letting sleep over-take him as he fell face first into the pile of pillows that he and Pete had placed in the middle of the seat.

Pete kept listening to his music, but his eyes began to droop and he took his ear-phones out after falling asleep for three minutes and missing the best part of his song.
His eyes hurt and he too fell forward, except this time he didn't land on pillows...

Pete rested his tired head on the small of Joe's back.
He snuggled his cheek against the guitarist's back, as Joe moved instinctively towards the bassist's warmth.
Pete lifted his head as Joe moved his head to rest against Pete's thighs.
Joe's hand lifted and fisted into the fabric of the soft black jacket of Pete...

"Mmm. You're so nice and warm Pete." Joe said, sounding like a drunk as Pete laughed a little.

"Thank you Joe." Pete responded, kissing ever so softly to the top of the other boy's head.

Joe pressed his face more into Pete's thigh and sighed loudly before falling victim to Sleep's Powerful Hand...
Pete smiled before, again, leaning down and resting his cheek against Joe's back...
In a matter of seconds Pete was out, breathing softly as Joe stirred a little on his lap....


Patrick smiled as he had watch the two kiss and snuggle.
The truth? Well the truth was... Patrick was never asleep, he had faked it.
He had always had a hunch that there was something going on between Pete and Joe, and now he knew...

"Huh? What the...?" Andy cursed as he was jammed awake.

"Shh, just look." Patrick shushed, pointing to Pete and Joe sleeping in front of them.

"Awwww. How cute!" Andy said before turning over and falling back to sleep.

Patrick laughed at Andy, before wondering how to tell Pete and Joe that they now knew their secret....

Like I said before: "This is my first FOB slash fic!" So... Please Leave Anything!


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Sep. 16th, 2007 01:08 pm (UTC)
Wow! That was really sweet! I didnt realise how well Pete and Joe went together.
Thanks for the ded
Well Done!
-Jimmy xox
Sep. 16th, 2007 10:01 pm (UTC)
Awww. Thanks. See? They "do" go well together! :)

You're welcome!

~~ Stripes
(Deleted comment)
Sep. 20th, 2007 08:16 pm (UTC)
Thanks! :P Yep sneaky Patrick alright!
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