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I Wanted You

Title: I Wanted You
Author: stripesco04_nur
Pairing: Louis/Niall [One Direction]
Summary: After re-watching several clips of Louis and Harry acting sort of gay together, Niall begins to believe that Louis would prefer Harry over him…
Disclaimer: I do not own any names mentioned in this story!
A/N: First off I am not a hardcore One Direction fan, nor am I hardcore hater of the band. I’m simply a no-sided person… That being said this was written for my roommate, who undoubtedly loves this band like I love Daft Punk, and always encourages me on writing my stories! Enjoy!

"Hey you!"

Niall's head swerve upwards from his laptop screen as the door to the hotel room opened, almost dramatically. Louis hung in the doorway, his smile vibrant as he gazed at the blonde.

"Fancy seeing you in my room without me inviting you in," Louis teased. He let the door fall shut before stalking up to the younger man. Kicking his shoes off he managed to ask, "How did you get into my room?"


"That figures," Louis hummed. He sat down on the hotel bed and reached downward to grab a hold of Niall's hand. He laced their fingers together and leaned over to nip at the side of the blonde's neck.

Niall shuddered a bit, but didn't recuperate any sentiments. In fact his entire face seemed to fall as if he were about to cry at any given moment. Louis pulled back, perplexed at this dramatic mood change. Before he had the chance to ask what was wrong, Niall had gotten off the bed and stood in front of the hotel window; watching the traffic roar past without a care.


"You know," Niall said quietly, "If you truly wish to be with Harry, I'd be fine with whatever choice you made."

Louis stared openmouthed at the blonde before shaking his head. "You've been watching clips of me and Harry on YouTube again, haven't you?"

The silence only severed to agree with Louis, and the older man sighed before hauling himself off the hotel bed and walking over to his distressed lover. He pressed himself tightly against Niall's backside, and leaned his head down onto the Irish shoulder while his arms encircled the thin waist.

He took in a whiff of Niall before letting his lips trail ghostly against the side of his neck and upwards. Niall shuddered once more, and Louis merely tightened his grip before rotating the younger man around in his embrace.

Their lips met, clumsily but gentle and Niall couldn't help but shyly touched the side of Louis's face. Pulling apart, short breaths of air sounding out, Louis firmly guided the blonde backwards towards the unmade and unoccupied hotel bed. They landed like a heap on the bed and Louis smiled at the faint blush beginning to spread through the younger man's face.

"Why do you keep bringing up the whole Harry and me thing, Niall?" Louis asked, using his taller frame to hover over-top the other man. Niall squirmed against the mattress as the older man's hands curved all over his body.

"Do you bring it up, just so I can prove my love for you?"

Niall chuckled at that statement.

"Maybe!" He replied cheekily. His fingers dug into the somewhat long strands of brown hair as Louis's mouth plundered against his own. Louis’s own hands reached everywhere - rubbing the blonde's arms, before gripping his hips painfully with a sudden urge of lust.

Niall squirmed once more against the bed as a tongue swept along his bottom lip. He gasped heavily a bit before the tongue licked at the corner of his mouth and he giggled at the tickling sensation. Louis rolled his eyes, however, before aggressively biting down on Niall's bottom lip and causing the other man to cry out in shock.

The moment Niall opened his mouth in protest was the moment that Louis's tongue filled the open void. The blonde cried out as the older man's tongue licked within his mouth before it was pulled away. Louis smiled as he began leaving a trail of kisses down Niall's throat; sucking at the slightest vibrations that emitted from the younger.

His fingers skimmed underneath the blonde's long sleeve shirt before shoving it upwards. Niall lifted his arms a bit as Louis all but shoved the piece of clothing up and off. Fingers began trailing over familiar but exotic flesh, and fresh goose bumps appeared on Niall's arm as Louis dug his teeth into the junction of his collarbone; marking him bitterly before pulling away and lapping at the new contusion wound.

Pulling his tongue away from the stinging new compliment, Louis trailed his tongue downwards. He swirled his tongue against the newly fine chest hairs that were beginning to grow. His mouth encased a pink nipple, and Niall groaned as teeth nibbled at the nub. His back arched a bit as Louis's hands gripped his hips tightly and his own hips began pushing downwards, creating a teasing friction.

Louis lifted his head from Niall's chest, and moved upwards to claim those Irish lips again. Niall approved, but when their mouths detached he mumbled his dislike aloud.

"You're wearing too much clothing, Louis!"

"I apologize."

Louis, much to Niall's disappointment, pulled his body away from the younger man's and began pulling his white T-shirt off. His muscles bulged a bit and Niall eyed them hungrily. Louis proceeded not to notice the hungry look the younger was showing him, and instead seductively unbuckled his belt and unhook his jean clasp. His jeans and socks bunched in a pile on the floor and Louis, only clothed in his Navy blue boxers, pulled out a small tube from the back of his jean pocket.

Niall cocked his head towards the older man, and Louis merely shrugged his shoulders. He made his way back over to the blonde, and crawled onto the bed, wrapping his arms around the other.

"Now it is you, who is wearing too much clothing," Louis teased. His arms tightened before they released and Niall began shucking his own jeans, socks, and shoes off.

Only dressed in his own underwear, Niall curled his body up against Louis's. Louis slid his finger underneath the blonde's chin and forced their lips to meet again. Pulling apart, Niall still gasping from the kiss, Louis rolled over-top the younger man again. He leaned his head down to rest upon Niall's length; which began to stir at the friction it was receiving.

Niall whimpered encouragement as Louis pulled his underwear down and threw it to the ground. The Irish cock stirred some more as air bit at it and Louis smiled before lightly reaching out to touch it. Niall groaned louder than usual, and Louis cupped the shaft tightly in his hand; pumping it slightly and watching the blonde squirm and moan his name.

Releasing the piece of flesh, Louis bent his head over it and lazily stroked the cock with his tongue. Niall trembled against the mattress, and Louis proceeded to wrap his mouth over the head of Niall's cock.

The younger cried out in ecstasy and his hands grip the hotel sheets tightly as his hips pitched upwards of their own accord. Louis pushed at Niall's thighs, easing them out a bit before bringing the cock closer to the back of throat. His teeth nicked a bit at the head and Niall gasped in pain before crying out in pleasure again. His body pulsed and he knew he was close, and it took all of his willpower to shout out, "Stop!"

Louis pulled off his cock, staring at him with confusion.

"I w-wanna feel you inside me, Louis," Niall stammered, his cheeks still aflame. "Make me forget about whatever you and Harry have or had."

Louis snarled. "We didn't have anything! I never wanted him that way – I’ve always wanted you!"

With that being said, Louis shoved Niall around so he was lying on his stomach on the bed. Cold air brushed at his buttocks, and Niall squirmed in anticipation. His muscles clamped, however, when a lubed up digit was shoved into him.

"Dammit Niall! Why are you always so tight?" Louis complained. He shoved another finger up into the tight heat, rotating them carefully and sighing as he felt the muscles begin to relax. Adding a third finger spiced things up and Niall's breathing became a little deeper.

Pulling his fingers out, Louis fumbled with the tube of lube, and smiled as Niall squirmed impatiently on the bed. Squirting the clear jelly into his palm, Louis coated himself nicely before angling himself to enter Niall.

Niall cried out, his voice lower than usual as Louis stilled his movements and the two stayed connected intimately. The beautiful still connection was shattered instantly as Niall began pushing backwards, begging Louis to fuck him. Louis complied; his cock, aching with wanted release, pulsed back and forth within the body.

A few sharp sudden thrusts into the Irish body below him had Niall shouted out in pleasure as Louis struck something important within the younger's body. Louis reached his hands outward to cup the blonde's and he gripped them hard as he pressed his face into the back of Niall's neck.

Sweat poured between the two bodies, and Louis groaned as he neared his orgasm. Swiftly he released one of Niall's hands, and reached underneath the moaning man to grab a hold of his cock. Niall shuddered and came against his own stomach and Louis's hand after two sudden fierce pumps.

Louis on the other hand rutted into the Irish body faster and harder before gripping the younger man's hips tightly and crying out in a wave of pleasure. The older man collapsed against his back, and Niall smiled. His heart was still racing. He could feel Louis smiling above him as he quickly turned his head sideways and his lips brushed against the others.

A thick bang sounded out against their wall, and the two jumped as they heard Zayn's gruff voice, "Shut the fuck up! Not all of us want to hear the two of you having sex!"

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