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Obviously I Do

Title: Obviously I Do
Author: stripesco04_nur
Pairing: Nouis! [Louis/Niall]
Summary: Harry forces his two best friends to confront each other as he observes them dancing around one another.
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the names mentioned!
A/N: Just because I think Louis and Niall are freakin’ adorable together! Dedicated to my roomie!

Harry's grin grew as he took his two mates' hands and forced them together. He stepped away a bit from the two, and continued to smile as he saw their cerulean eyes meet. A tiny chuckle escaped as he observed a bright pink settled upon his blonde friend's cheek...

Niall could feel his cheeks burning up as his hand was encased by Louis's rougher one. His immediate response when Harry had first taken his hand and led it towards Louis's was to glance downwards and avoided all eye contact. However, a little part of him caused the blonde to shyly peek upwards, and the similar yet darker blue eyes bore into his own caused his head to duck downwards in a fit of pure shyness.

Louis smiled as his hand gripped the younger boy's, and the softness almost took his breath away. He swore his legs were going to turn to jelly, and his own cheeks were already beginning to burn as Niall shyly glanced up before looking down and avoiding the other's gaze.

"Niall," The older man whispered. He gently tugged the blonde's hand harder and suppressed a giggle as Niall pitched forward against his chest.

Harry couldn't help himself as a loud laugh tore itself out of his mouth as he observed Niall sprawled against Louis's chest; hands feebly grabbing the striped shirt. Louis turned to shake his head at his friend's laughing face, while Niall's blush escalated and he buried his face against the older man's clothed chest. Harry continued to smile at his two friends as he stopped laughing and walked away from the two; giving them some much needed privacy...

As soon as Harry had disappeared out of sight, Louis brought Niall's face up so their eyes could meet again.

"So... Do you?" He asked unsurely; the corner of his mouth twitched a bit as Niall rolled his eyes.


Louis smiled even more. "Good."

He leaned forward to nip at Niall's lips, his hands drifting downwards to curl against the Irish man's waist; pulling him tightly upon his torso. Niall smiled against the sentiment, and his own arms circled around Louis's neck; his lips pressing back heavy, hot, and almost feverishly...

Peeking out from around the door, Harry beamed with satisfaction at seeing the two - who had danced around one another for nearly a year - snog each other soundly. His eyes widened, however, as he saw Louis's hand reach towards Niall's belt, pulling it a bit and giggling at the shock-like whimper that trickled from the Irish mouth.

Harry shook his own head before heading out to find Zayn and Liam, and to warn them not to walk in on the new couple.

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