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A Keepsake

Title: A Keepsake
Author: stripesco04_nur
Pairing: Harry/Louis/Niall [One Direction]
Summary: Louis and Harry invite Niall to join one of their sexual adventures…
Disclaimer: I do not own any these guys!
A/N: Quietly prompted by my roommate and also dedicated to her! Took nearly 4 hours to write – she’d better like it! LOL!

"That interview took forever!" Harry complained, his hands gripping his boyfriend's waist with greed. He pushed the other into their shared hotel room, and connected their lips in a rush.

Louis smirked as his young lover's lips pressed tighter, almost urgently, against his own, and hands began wandering against trademark clothes. He pulled away slightly, and tilted his head back a bit as Harry's mouth latched onto the side of his throat. The younger man smiled at the sudden shiver he felt from the other's body, and gently lifted his hands from the solid waist up towards Louis shoulders; caressing them lovely before resting them against Louis's stomach.

The older man sighed and felt his body flex a bit as Harry's fingers skimmed underneath his striped T-shirt. Harry giggled as his fingers gripped the polyester material and pulled the shirt off of the other.

"God, you're so perfect!" Harry muttered, taking in his topless boyfriend. Louis smirked at the compliment before leaning forward to connect their lips again. His own hands mirrored that of Harry's, and soon another shirt lay on the floor. Belt buckles could be heard unclasping, and twin pairs of jeans lay tangled up together on the floor as well.

Harry observed his boyfriend as he laid tiny pecker-like kisses along the corner of his mouth and cheek. Louis's arms circled around the younger man, resting upon his naked waist and pulling him fully against his front torso while their slowly emerging erections pressed against one another.

A tongue swept at bottom lips, and Harry groaned as he felt Louis's tongue slip past his flush lips and parted mouth; licking at his own tongue and teeth. His hand circled 'round the older man's neck, fingers sliding into the strands of brown hair - tugging wildly as Louis pulled his tongue back and his teeth bit against the younger's bottom lip.

A heavy knock startled the couple, and they pulled away quickly. Harry groaned bitterly as he forced himself away from Louis and sulked up to the hotel door, ignoring the peephole and pulling the door wide open.

"Oh, um..." Niall stood in front of their door, nervously fidgeting from foot to foot and averting his gaze from Harry - who stood in front of him clothed only in his black boxers.

"Nialler!" Louis shouted, appearing behind Harry and wrapping his arms around his lover as the Irish man's cheeks flushed pink. "What you want?"

Harry observed the older man as Louis pressed his face against his right shoulder, snuggling against his neck and pressing a light kiss against it. Niall turned his head to the side, avoiding the two's gazes as he muttered, "N-nothing. S-sorry!"

Louis watched perplexed as Niall turned and almost jogged away from the two. Harry bit his lip in deep thought before yelling out, "Niall, wait!"

The blonde stopped in his tracks, his back still against the couple. Harry slid his body away from Louis's and walked over towards the Irish man. Gently he touched Niall's shoulder and beckoned the other man to turn around. Niall complied and Harry grinned seductively at the slight blush he saw upon the elder’s face.

"I think Nialler here would like to join us, Boobear," Harry shouted towards his boyfriend. He grasped Niall tightly and directed him towards their hotel room...


Once shoved ruthlessly into their hotel room, Niall blushed profusely as Harry and Louis stood almost completely naked in front of him. They watched in silent laughter as he stood in front of them, nervously fidgeting his fingers together and glancing anywhere but at them.

Harry was the first to break through the awkward silence that swallowed the room. "He's a shy thing, Boobear."

Louis let out a small laugh while Niall's face drew a darker shade of red. Harry smirked at the reaction and nudged Louis in his side. The older man glanced at his young lover in annoyance, but his face softened as Harry leaned forward to nip at his lips. Niall glanced at the two as they shared a sweet innocent kiss before sighing heavily and turning his face away.

Harry broke the kiss, but kept Louis close to him as he whispered out loud, "I think Niall's wearing too much clothing!"

Niall's head snapped upwards as Louis nodded his head and began approaching the blonde. Harry, however, hung back watching with amusing eyes as Niall's body almost tensed up as Louis approached him. A hand cup underneath his chin, and Louis smiled as he pulled the Irish man's face towards his own.

His breath washed over the blonde's, and Niall felt his eyelids droop a bit as Louis studied him. The older man smirked seductively at the half-closed eyes from the blonde and he turned to regard the curly haired man. He frowned at seeing Harry standing afar from him and Niall. His eyes questioned his lover who gave a knowing wink his way while Louis's other hand gentle laid against the Irish man's waist.

A tiny almost pathetic-like whimper escaped the blonde, and Louis tilted his head in fascination. Pulling Niall's chin upwards, Louis gently sealed his lips over the others. Niall sighed against the older man's lips, and began pressing backwards; his own hands slapping against the side of Louis's face as he stroked the soft cheeks in contentment.

Louis pulled apart, allowing the passage of air to flow through his lungs again while leaning his forehead against Niall's. Niall began panting as his fingers gently slid from the older man's face. His face began burning once more as he realized who he had just kissed, and that said man's boyfriend was in the room with them.

Turning his head away, even though all he wanted to do was kiss Louis again, Niall faced away from the two; loathing himself for not having what he wanted.

A hand gently touched the side of his face, and no matter how hard Niall tried to resist his face slowly turned back as Harry now stood in front of him. The curly haired man edged closer to the blonde and reached out to grasp the side of his face and pull it up against his own.

A tiny squeak-like sound escaped the Irish man and he hummed lightly as a tongue licked at his bottom lip. His mouth parted slightly, and Harry plunged his tongue into the warmish wet crevice. Niall squirmed from the pressure and his mouth opened wider as he took in the unique and exotic taste of Harry on his own tongue. His hands grabbed a hold of the back of Harry's neck and he clung in sheer desperation as Harry successfully managed to back the Irish man up against one of the beds in the room.

Niall landed on his back, his mouth lay open as he took in a shaky breath. His eyes glanced blearily towards Harry and then towards Louis, who had approached the two - his mouth curved upwards in an almost sick smile as he gazed at the blonde.

Harry smiled as well as he leaned over the blonde to kiss him again. Louis huffed out loud his irritation at being left alone, and Harry pulled away and nodded his head towards his lover as Niall whimpered for the loss of Harry's lips upon his own. Louis quickly leaned over the blonde and connected their lips together again. Their kiss broke apart several times but each time they broke apart their lips found one another's again and again...

Harry's head almost swam as he observed the two's faces pressing closer against one another, and his breath hitched a bit as one of Louis's hands began stroking down Niall's torso; rubbing against his clothed cock before cupping it vividly and causing an almost deep moan to trickle out of the blonde's mouth.

Leaning back over against the blonde, Harry pressed his lips against the side of Niall's throat. Niall whimpered in lust as he turned his face away from Louis and was rewarded with the connection of Harry's lips again. Louis didn't seem to mind as his mouth began trailing wet kisses down the Irish man's throat and his teeth bit at the collar of Niall's polo shirt.

Harry, still kissing Niall, managed to reach over and wrap his fingers underneath the bottom of Niall's red polo; bunching it upwards so the Irish man's pale stomach shone brightly against the two tan figures that were busy kissing and sucking at his flesh. Pulling away and allowing them to breathe, Harry pulled the shirt off of Niall and tossed it carelessly to the floor before reconnecting their lips again.

Louis grinned at the new patch of flesh he was given to nip at, and his teeth lightly bit at the blonde's stomach. Niall lurched upwards, and his cock - having already turned hard from the previous stroking Louis had given it - strained against the confinement of his jeans.

The older man chuckled as he began unbuckling the blonde's belt, and teased at the button and zipper before allowing the jeans to pool around Niall's ankles. Niall huffed and kicked wildly at the discomfort of his jeans against his ankles. Louis let out a loud giggle as the blonde's shoes bounced across the room; one hitting the opposite wall and the other hitting one of Harry's luggage bags. Still struggling and squirming, Niall finally managed to kick his jeans towards the floor and he turned onto his side; curling his face underneath Harry's chin as their lips disconnected promptly...

Louis slid up against Niall and reached over to place his hand on top the Irish man's still clothed cock. Niall grunted at the contact, and the older man dipped his hand downwards, underneath the elastic-band of the blonde's light blue boxers. Niall felt his body lurch forward once more as Louis's hand curled into a tight fist around his cock; pumping slowly and teasing the tip of the head.

Niall shuddered and groaned, lifting his hips a bit as he pressed his face tighter against Harry's shoulder. He felt his stomach coil tighter as the older man's hand pumped faster and his teeth nibbled at the back of Niall's neck. Harry pulled Niall's face away from his shoulder and stared at his blue eyes that had darken somewhat and had flashed a bit as a jolt of pleasure ran through his body.

"You're beautiful when you look like this Niall," Harry commented softly. He stroked the warm cheeks of the blonde before pushing him into the arms of his lover while he got off the bed.

Louis glanced at his young lover as Harry flashed his eyes from Louis to Niall then back again. Louis understood the meaning perfectly and he rotated his body over so he lay on top of Niall - their lips already seeking one another...


Harry rummaged through his discarded jeans before collecting what he needed from the his back pocket. Carrying the tools back towards the bed, the curly haired man couldn't help but gape at the two who were now clothed in only their birthday suits, rutting against one another.

Well, actually it was more like Louis rutting against Niall as the older man's body was draped over the younger's. His cock tightened considerably as Harry watched Louis's cock slid against the crack of Niall's arse; the Irish man's head tilted at an angle so his lips brushed against the elder’s lips.

Gathering his senses, Harry got back onto the bed and chuckled as the two became startled by his presence. Leaning over Niall's head, Harry let his lips brush against his boyfriend's. Louis hummed as he felt Harry's lips upon his own, and his hands trailed over the Irish man's hips causing a whimper-like moan spill from Niall.

Pulling apart, Harry rested his forehead against Louis's before moving his head backwards and placing the tools into the older man's hand. Louis stared dumbfounded at the small tube of lube and condom now in his hand, and he raised a quizzical look towards his lover.

"Fuck him, Louis," Harry stated. "You know he's always wanted you to."

Niall blushed and pressed his face against the bed sheets so the other two wouldn't see his burning face. But a hand pushed his hair back a bit and Harry leaned his head down so their eyes met.

"It's okay Nialler," He whispered. "I know you've always wanted him." Niall's eyes shone with guilt and Harry moved forward to leave a tiny kiss on the blonde's lips. "I'm not mad; I know how to share, Niall."

Harry leaned to kiss Niall once more before scooting away from the two and watching with sheer fascination as Louis wrapped his arms around Niall's midsection and brought two fingers, already coated in thick lube, against the outside crack of the Irish man's arse.

Nibbling at the back of Niall's neck, Louis shoved one finger up into the warm space. Niall choked out loud and he made a mewling-like sound while Louis shushed him. Feeling the blonde's body slowly beginning to relax, Louis shoved another finger into the tight space, wincing as Niall let out a tiny shout of discomfort. His fingers slowly began scissoring the tight ring of muscle.

A sigh of relief past from the older man's mouth as he felt the Irish man's muscles loosen up slightly. Pulling his fingers out, despite the other's plead, Louis used his teeth to rip the condom pack open and he shoved the rubber skillfully upon his own cock before squirting a bit of lube onto his hands; rubbing them together before applying them to his rubber cock.

Angling himself carefully, Louis edged his way into Niall's body; hissing as the blonde's muscles clamped upon the invasion. Draping himself over Niall's body, the older man nibbled at his collar-bone before seating himself completely within the Irish body.

"It's okay Niall," Louis muttered, stroking the blonde's sides while his cock twitched inside his body. A choked whimper sounded out and Louis hushed him before pulling out slightly and slowly beginning a rhythm.

The first thrust hurt the worse, but after a few more times of Louis's cock sliding back and forth in his body, Niall found the sensations changing. Louis tilted his hips a bit and slammed back into Niall harder than usual when he noticed the blonde pushing back against his body. The new angle caused a widespread tingling sensation that flow through the Irish man and he cried out in pure joy...


Harry watched their interactions with hungry eyes. His own erection soon began poking through his own pair of boxers, and his hand slowly began palming it while he heard Niall cry out a high-pitched moan of some kind. It was enough to cause Harry's hand to dive within his black boxers, grabbing a hold of his own cock and fisting it properly while Niall's moans could still be heard.

Niall rutted against the bed as he silently begged Louis to go faster - who telepathically understood and began thrusting faster into the blonde's body. Out of the corner of his eyes, Niall noticed Harry's head leaned backwards, eyes close, and his right hand shoved into his boxers. Not knowing where his confidence came from, the Irish man breathily called Harry's name.

"Yeah, Nialler?" Harry's voice croaked a bit as his thumb touched the tip of his cock.

"Come here..."

Harry scooted closer to the blonde, his hand still wound tightly around his cock. Niall gave him a look before reaching forward with his own hands, and he pushed the younger man's boxers so his erection sprang forward. Harry furrowed his eyebrows as he observed the Irish man licking his lips.

Without so much as coherent thought, Niall leaned forward as much he could to lick a strip up Harry's cock. Harry cried out in shock pleasure as the blonde's tongue curled over and around his thick length before plunging his entire mouth upon the head of his cock.

"Oh, fuck," Harry moaned, twirling his fingers into Niall's blonde hair and tugging playfully as the Irish man's head bobbed forward a bit due to Louis's thrusts. Puffing his cheeks in and out a bit, Niall swirled his tongue around the thick cock before his face implanted forward a bit as Louis thrust a little harder into his body.

Harry groaned even louder and he tugged Niall's hair tighter as he felt his orgasm almost reaching its peak. Another groan left his mouth as he glanced up and took in the sight of Louis's sweaty face. His boyfriend was mumbling out tiny little groans while pressing his face against Niall's back. His toned dark hips slapped hard against the blonde's, and Harry could just make out the tiny shudder that ran through his lover's body; indicating that he was close to his own release soon.

The mouth around his cock sucked even harder, and the inclusion of a devious little tongue soon brought a deep loud moan from Harry's throat as his orgasm ripped through him; his seed shooting off within the blonde's throat. Niall grimaced and pulled his mouth off the younger’s cock, and he tried to swallow but his gag reflex shot off quicker and he half swallowed half coughed out Harry's discharge.

Harry chuckled and he leaned forward to press his lips against Niall's. He swiftly plunged his tongue into the Irish mouth; tasting himself. As the two shared the passionate kiss, Harry's hand trailed underneath Niall's torso, and the curly haired man grabbed a hold of the blonde's harden cock. With superb speed he fisted the Irish cock and began pumping Niall quickly.

As Harry began milking the Irish cock, Louis gripped Niall's hips harder as he felt his own orgasm shoot off within the blonde's body. He ducked his head downwards and bit at Niall's collar-bone to conceal his loud moan; his cock twitching as he collapsed onto the younger man.

Niall groaned as his cock spilled over Harry's hand and across his own stomach. Harry pulled his hand away and chuckled as he took in the ragged look of both Louis and Niall. They both seemed content with one another, and when Louis finally moved to detached himself from Niall's body, a tiny whimper of disappointment spilled from the blonde.

Pulling the rubber off and shrugging it to the floor, promising Harry he would pick it up in the morning, Louis curled up further on the bed. He giggled a bit as both Niall and Harry followed him. Niall curled his body against Louis's, smiling as a strong arm wrapped around his waist pulling him closer to the older man.

Harry lay on his side with his face against Niall's. Their eyes met and a lazy smile reached the blonde's face as Harry began stroking the side of his face.

"I like him a lot, Boobear," Harry whispered to Louis. "Let's keep him around!"

Niall smiled cheekily as Louis hummed an agreement, and Harry gave him a small kiss on the lips...

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Apr. 29th, 2012 03:52 am (UTC)
looooved it roomie!!!:) thank you so much for this wonderful gift of a story:)

<3 Your Boo ;)
Apr. 29th, 2012 05:10 am (UTC)
Glad you liked it roomie, because it took me forever to finish it!!! Mostly due to the fact that I slagged off a few times, but still!

Now I wanna go write some Nouis fluff! ;)
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