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Into Haven chapter 9

Into Haven chapter 9 (c) stripesco04_nur

Deep muffled-like noises floated from behind the tall double doors, and Luigi cocked his head slightly as he peered through the door-crack. His father could be seen; red in the face, from laughter, and a woman could be seen kneeling between his legs. Luigi didn't comprehend this new woman - who had magically appeared within the time frame that his own mother had seemly vanished from the world.


"Oh, fuck!" Rotti pushed the woman away from between his legs in a huff, and pulled his black pants back up before addressing his young son. "Luigi, what are you doing out of bed?"

Luigi's eyes widened at the woman behind Rotti, who hurriedly pulled her skirt down and reached outward to rest her small hand on the back of Rotti's shoulder. Her face was hidden from view as she whispered against the shell of Rotti's ear, causing his father to shiver and turn aside as the woman edged closer.

"Hello, Luigi," The woman said. Her face, though suddenly in front of the young boy, was still slightly blurred. Luigi gave no warm answer back, and continued to simply gawk at her. She giggled at his impolite staring and merely said out loud, "You're quite handsome. You look just like your mother - she was quite beautiful, something I will forever be jealous of."

Rotti scoffed. A thin smile graced his lips as he drew the woman back into his arms. "She was gorgeous, but you are quite beautiful too, Maria."


Luigi snorted awake. His heart pounded heavily and he heard a weak voice next to him whisper out loud, "I-I'm sorry Mr. Largo." Turning his head towards the source of the voice, Luigi glared at the blonde nurse who had returned from before. His hand twitched a bit for the surgical scalpel, but it lay too far away from him. At least for the moment...

"The fuck do you want?"

"I-I," The woman stammered slightly. She clutched a thin vanilla colored folder in her hands as Luigi scared her even more. "Don't stammer, you fucking low-life!"

The woman screamed and held the folder out for the Largo. "I got as much information as I could about Paviche's mother." Luigi looked satisfied as he flipped the folder open. "But sir," The woman was still talking. The Largo cocked his head towards her as she swallowed deeply before continuing. "There wasn't a whole lot to be found on his mother..."

"Well," Luigi began bitterly. He stood up from his seated position upon the somewhat uncomfortable chair next to Paviche's bed. Inconspicuously he reached for the fallen scalpel, and quickly brought its sharp blade across the blonde's throat. Instantly blood gushed, hot and thick, down her exposed wound, and her hand reached upwards to touch her neck as her body slowly crumpled to the floor. Gasping in haggard gulps of air, her eyes widened in a pitiful stare as the Largo merely turned away from her and sat once more in the chair.

He dropped the scalpel onto the floor, and blood splattered a bit from the blade as he brought the first data-page forward to analyze. "Hopefully, this information will be enough so your death wasn't in vain," He muttered as tears crept down the woman's face before her body ceased all bodily functions.

The name upon the data sheet held an unsure feeling for the Largo, and he kept rereading it to better understand it. So, Paviche's mother's name was Maria. He thought discreetly. That name sounded familiar, but Luigi ignored it and merely swapped the page over to gaze at Maria's picture and life-data. His brows frowned instantly as he gazed at the somewhat moving picture of Paviche's mother - the woman was quite beautiful, and Luigi could tell where Paviche got his high cheek bones from.

"Luigi," A soft hoarse voice cut through the silence of the hospital room.

Luigi closed the folder sharply and let it drop to the floor so it laid right on top the bloodied scalpel. Paviche stared drowsily at his roommate, and Luigi felt a drizzle of relief flood his senses as he sought forward to grab the boy's still somewhat cold hand.

che sei sveglio!"


The Largo let go of Paviche's hand and let his fingers skim up the length of the boy's arm before stroking the side of his face. Paviche gave a shy smile as he felt his roommate's fingers gently tug underneath his chin, pulling his face up against the other’s. Their lips met for a brief moment - broken only to a horrific scream coming from beside them. Luigi merely rolled his eyes as another nurse had walked in and was screaming in shock at seeing her co-worker dead on the floor.

"You killed her!" She accused the Largo, who whipped around to stare at her.

"Yes, I did, and if you continue your little bitch-fit, I'll end yours too!" He threatened, turning back to focus once more on Paviche.

The nurse swallowed her hate thickly and left without another word. Luigi was impressed by her rash decision, but was startled out of illuminating thoughts as Paviche touched his face gently.

sembri turbati da qualcosa, Luigi," Paviche whispered. Luigi turned his face against the boy's again and ignored the statement by pressing his lips tighter against the half cold ones. They pulled away as Paviche groaned in slight pain, which was slowly coming into full terms as the Zydrate began to wear off.

c'è di che?" Paviche half whispered. He pointed to the discarded data-folder that lay on the floor next to the Largo's foot. Luigi glanced at the folder before shoving it forward a bit with the tip of his shoe.

iente," He muttered distantly. "Appena informazioni."

A deep cough startled the next words from Paviche and caused Luigi to twitch a bit. The Largo turned his head around angrily. He sneered at seeing the same doctor that had told him of Paviche's rare blood type - that was suspiciously similar to his own and his father.

"The fuck do you want?" Luigi snapped. He was tired of his time with Paviche being interrupted after every small kiss they could offer one another.

The doctor ignored the angry tone the Largo was showing him, and proceeded to walk over the corpse of his fellow nurse to the foot of Paviche's bed. He stared intently at the boy who half tense underneath the man's staring. Speaking to Luigi, the doctor gave voice to what he wanted. "I was given word that the boy had woken up. And I might need to administer more Zydrate to dull his pain level, and check him for any more vital injuries that I might have missed - even though I give no shits if he dies or not."

The last part of his sentence was said softly and trailed off a bit, but both Luigi and Paviche heard it. Paviche tilted his head down in a somewhat gesture of defeat, and Luigi leapt to his feet once more.

"You want to run that by me again, you mother-fucker!"

"Luigi," Paviche snapped at his high-strung roommate. "
Andrà tutto a posto."

Luigi gave him a confused look, one that the boy matched well as he kept the Largo's stare within his own. Luigi wanted to stay and beat the crap out of this cocky doctor, but Paviche's equally hard-stare told him to go and calm himself down before he did anything foolish.

Bending down to pick up the folder - whose back now sported a red smidge that dripped downwards faintly - full of information on Paviche's mother - the Largo gave a quick nod to his roommate before sending the doctor a hard glare. The doctor merely shrugged once the aggravating man was out of the room.


Sitting outside of the emergency ward, Luigi once again set his mind to the task of reading all the information that had been gathered on Paviche's mother. The woman's picture flashed again and again, in an agonizing circular-like motion. Her entire face still looked eerily familiar, and Luigi swallowed as he studied the picture.

There wasn't much background on her in the inclusive data pack. It was mentioned that she had worked for some high level tycoon, but the name wasn't posted of her employer. The information went on to explain her unusual gift to calm patients in the asylum and help perfect necessary surgeries. It also explained her 'rare' disease that nobody had even heard or known about until she had died from it.

- Coughing up blackish-colored blood / Keeping no nutrients down in her body / Lack of skin color - almost deathly colored flesh.

Luigi read the doctor's inscription of notes that detailed the death of Paviche's mother. He had never heard of a disease that caused a person to hack black blood before, but he had never had to worry about attracting any diseases; only the annual lung replacement that he got occasionally every two or so years.

His eyes trailed up to analyze Maria's picture again. "Why does she look so familiar?" The Largo screamed his frustration out loud in the vacant hallway.

Nobody answered the seething man, but a somewhat gentle voice was replayed within his mind. A familiar soft voice from his earlier dream...

"You're so handsome..."

Luigi's hands began to tremble as Maria's face flashed into that of the woman with his father from his dream. No! Luigi thought with a sinking feeling. It wasn't a dream. It was a memory!

"No fucking way!" Luigi shouted, throwing the folder to the floor and immediately reaching for his switchblade. Only to remember, bitterly, that his precious knives had been taken away from him.

"Fuck!" He cursed.

He shook his head trying to will the thought of Paviche being related to him out of his mind. There couldn't be any way they were related - hell, it was probably only his tired mind playing tricks on him.

"Excuse me," A timid voice broke through the Largo's turmoil mind-set, and he turned to regard yet another small nurse standing a few feet away.

"What!" He snapped angrily.

"Are you Mr. Luigi Largo?"

Luigi felt his control fall apart at that question, and he stormed up to the woman - rage burning brightly throughout his body. She screamed as he stalked towards her and shouted out loud, "Because your father is here for you!"

That stopped the Largo in his tracks. "M-my father?" He stammered quietly. The poor woman nodded her head and scampered away, leaving the still somewhat baffled man to follow.


"Pop?" Luigi asked, entering Doctor Pinnip's office and seeing his father in a somewhat vocal engagement with the consultant herself.

"Luigi," Rotti nodded towards his son. He broke his conversation with Dr. Pinnip and turned to regard his son. "Thought it was fine time to bring you back to GeneCO, since I can't fucking deal with all these interviewers asking me about you diagnose. Plus, they're starting to harass Carmela now."

Luigi clenched his fists at the thought of ruthless, brain-dead, journalists trying to weasel information out of his eight year old sister.

"Those fuckers!" He cursed. Rotti rolled his eyes at his son's vulgar language and stood up to lead the way out. Doctor Pinnip gave Luigi a poker-like innocent stare that sent shivers down the Largo's spine, and he hurriedly jogged to keep up with his father. The man may be somewhat frail and gimpy, but when his mind was sent to purpose it was slightly hard to keep up with him.

"Pop, wait!" Luigi shouted, as he caught sight of Rotti's bodyguards standing a few meters ahead of them. The man stopped abruptly and turned to regard his son.

He gestured for Luigi to talk as his son bit his lip in deep troubling thoughts. "Luigi, I don't have time for this so if yo-"

"Did you know a Maria?"

"Excuse me?"

"Did you know or date a woman named Maria?" Luigi pressed his question forward; half hoping his father would say no and proceed to call him insane.

Rotti glanced to the tile floor. "I did," He muttered tiredly. "But she left me..." He didn't say more, and turned away from his son, heading towards his bodyguards.

"Well, what if she left because she was pregnant?" Luigi asked, his fingers clenching a bit at what he was asking.

That stopped Rotti completely, and the older man turned around in slight burst of anger. "No!" He snapped irritably.

"But, my roommate has the same blood type as us, Pop!" Luigi argued. Rotti glared and Luigi felt himself waver a bit underneath the powerful hard stare. "At least try a DNA test with him, please Pop!"

"Why should I?" Rotti asked. His son cast his eyes downwards and Rotti gave a huge sigh. "Fine," He relented. "I'll have his blood drawn and analyzed so we can see his heritage."

A doctor and few nurses were called over, and Rotti instructed them to draw blood from - "What's your roommate's name, Luigi?" - Paviche and have it analyzed so the truth of the mute boy's parents could be seen.

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che sei sveglio = You're awake

Si = Yes/Yeah

Mi sembri turbati da qualcosa = You seem upset about something

Cosa c'è di che = What's that?

Niente / Appena informazioni = Nothing / Just information

Andrà tutto a posto = It'll be alright