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All Of Eternity [Skrillmau5]

Title: All Of Eternity
Author: stripesco04_nur
Rating: NC-17
Pairing(s): Joel Zimmerman/Sonny Moore [Skrillmau5] / (past Sonny/Ellie)
Summary: Sonny is devastated when his girlfriend leaves him because of his infatuation with his his newly acquired "ghost buddy".
Disclaimer: I do not own the names used. Only the story idea.
A/N: Requested by someone on DeviantART.

Cold air bit sharply at the side of his face, and Sonny tilted his head away. His fingers slid underneath the thick black frames of his glasses as he tried, in vain, to wipe the horrendous onslaught of tears.
"W-why doesn't she," Sonny choked out loud, crying openly a bit more as he hastily corrected his statement. "Why didn't she believe me?"
"Because she's a bitch, Sonny," A cool voice ghosted against the outside of his left ear. Sonny shivered a bit, and felt something cold, almost like someone had just shoved snow against the left side of his red and wet cheek, touch him. His posture jolting upwards a bit didn't go unnoticed by the other companion in the bedroom.
"Sorry," The voice apologized swiftly. Sonny could only shiver in acceptance as he observed a thin somewhat transparent hand jut away from the side of his face. Random drops of tears hung almost eerily in the middle of the bedroom as the hand slowly shimmered out of sight.
"Ellie wasn't a bitch, Joel," Sonny mumbled. His tears were beginning to dry up a bit, and he pulled his knees up against his chest as a pale figure mirrored his position on the floor. The man in question was slightly taller than Sonny, and his hair was matted upwards in tiny little spikes. His body faded a bit before settling for a somewhat dim full apparition.
Sonny blinked as he slid his glasses more securely on the bridge of his nose. A deep swallow could be heard before the distraught man launched himself into what he assumed was welcomed arms. His body, however, merely dropped painfully against the cream colored carpet as the other man - Joel - turned around with a scowl upon his face.
"Sonny, you know you can't touch me!" He reprehended sternly.
Sonny pulled his body off from the rough bristles and rubbed his arms awkwardly. "I know," He whispered solemnly. Joel huffed before reaching outward to grasp underneath the other man's chin. Sonny flinched a bit as his chin moved slightly towards the right, and Joel's hand disappeared yet his grip still remained.
"I just," Sonny felt himself beginning to babble as Joel slowly let go of his chin. "Feel a connection to you, Joel. I can't explain it, and when I try to prove your existence to someone else," Joel chuckled. "You let me down, Joel."
"Excuse me?" Joel snapped bitterly. He pushed Sonny roughly - sending the other man tumbling backwards against the wall of his bedroom. "I never let you down, Sonny. I was there with you every single time you decided to announce my appearance to your sarcastic girlfriend."
His body stood, pushing Sonny even more tightly against the wall. His dead blue eyes twinkled in sick amusement as Sonny started fight nothing but heavy air pushing against his shorter body.
Sonny struggled before giving up, and sliding down the wall. A mantra began slipping past his lips as Joel stepped away and silently observed the cracks beginning to shine throughout the other.
"She left me... Why?" Sonny glanced up towards Joel - frowning as he saw the other man fade just a bit more. "I-I want to touch you, Joel!"
He didn't know where that simple outburst came from, and he couldn't help the even deeper shiver rise up his spine as Joel's face broke into a crazed almost psycho-like smile. The smile turned from something sadistic to a simple happier one - one that Sonny felt himself automatically responding to.
"There's a way for you to touch me, Sonny; and I you. Well, more intimately than what I've already given you," Joel said. Sonny blushed; remembering the feeling of something icy milking his cock more profusely than his girl - no his ex-girlfriend, ever did in their two year relationship.
"Show me," Sonny whispered.
Joel's smile got wider as he gently grasped the outer sleeve of Sonny's black shirt. "Come to the bathroom, I'll show you."
Sonny followed, giggling as Joel kept sending him amused little smiles. His bottom almost slipped on white porcelain as the other man pushed him to sit on the edge of the somewhat massive tub in the bathroom.
"Close your eyes."
Sonny did as he was told - happily waiting for his chance to actually be able to touch and do more with Joel. His tongue wet the bottom of his lip as the other man approached him. Joel stalked forward, clutching a thin razor-blade in his transparent hand. The razor was forever being hidden by Ellie since Sonny had almost offed himself from using it. Joel felt it was appropriated to use it so Sonny would finally be able to touch him - and he would be able to dominate the other man.
"This might sting a bit, but it'll be over quickly," Joel warned, bringing Sonny's arms upwards and slashing straight down; causing a bitter bright flow of red beginning to stain the floor.
Sonny hissed out loud, but Joel hushed him. "One final thing, and then I promise you can wrap your arms around me all you like."
There was a sharp gargle-like scream that shouted out, or at least tried to. Joel pulled away from the other man, wiping his face disdainfully at the splatters of crimson that now ran down the side of his face like a horror movie. He backed out of the bathroom, his head held down before a pair of hands touched the back of his black jacket.
He flinched out of retrospect, and spun around. Sonny smiled up towards him, leaning his head forward against Joel's chest. "I can touch you, Joel!" He whispered giddily.
"And I can do this to you," Joel responded, grasping Sonny's chin and pulling it upwards so their lips could finally meet. Sonny whimpered into the kiss; his mind thinking of how right it all felt, and perhaps the notion that Joel’s kiss wasn't just a brush of icy air against his lips.
A tongue swept at his bottom lip, and Sonny felt a moan rise up from the back of his throat. Joel hummed as he lifted his right hand upward to grasp the back of Sonny's head - holding his face more firmly against his own; fingers digging almost greedily into the long strands of black hair. His left hand, however, grasped somewhat stupidly at the black frames; removing the glasses onto a side dresser that sat against the bathroom door.
Their bodies pressed even more tightly against one another, and Sonny swore he felt the room heat up a bit. His body swarm with wonderful sensations as Joel somehow guided his body down upon the carpet, and was beginning to lay claim to every exposed piece of flesh down past his mouth. A sharp bite at the side of his throat caused Sonny to jolt upwards; however, Joel's longer body held him down while hands wandered up and down the black shirt.
Fingers curled underneath his black top, and Sonny shivered as his shirt was removed. Joel licked at his chest before looking upward and catching the slightly embarrassed look the other was experiencing.
"Are you shy?"
"N-no, well... Maybe just a little bit."
Joel pulled away before removing his own jacket and T-shirt, and began unbuckling his jeans. "What are you doing?" Sonny asked, pulling himself into an up-right position as he saw Joel stripped down to only his boxers.
"Making it less complicated," Joel lightly kissed Sonny on the mouth as he skillfully undid the other's jeans and palmed the erection that shot forward once the fabric was removed.
"Commando?" Joel shot Sonny an amused smile as he leaned the other's body back down. Sonny blushed. "Not that I don't mind," Joel continued. "Makes it easier to fuck you!"
Sonny smiled half-heartily as Joel's boxers were removed, almost as if they were evaporated into thin air. Joel smiled down, his teeth almost razor-like, as he pulled one of Sonny's legs up to wrap around his waist; angling his cock against the intrusion of the other man's ass.
"What about lube?" Sonny snapped out loud, shaking a bit.
"Trust me," Joel whispered. "You won't need lube."
He pushed forward into the body, relishing in the sick-like cry that escaped Sonny's mouth. He pushed even further and stayed connected within Sonny's body before the other man bit back several moans, and began almost bucking for some kind of sick friction.
Joel leaned his hands down against the side of Sonny's head; lifting his hips a bit and feeling his cock slide in and out of the other's body. His head bent downwards so their lips could touch once more.
"Jesus, Sonny," Joel cursed out loud. "You're beautiful."
"F-fuck, Joel!" Sonny whimpered, feeling his insides squirm a bit before a hot hand grasped at his cock and a slight squeeze began pumping the painful organ.
White spilled over the tight fist Joel had upon Sonny's length, and the other man mumbled as his eyes fluttered close. Joel huffed as he thrust harder than usual into the stated body, feeling the tightness of muscles clamp down - sending him over the edge. A beastly cry escaped his mouth, and Sonny leaned forward to capture his animal-like scream.
They leaned against one another; each heavily catching their breaths as Joel slowly withdrew himself from Sonny's body. He pulled his boxers and jeans back on before motioning for Sonny to do the same. Unsurely Sonny began redressing himself before finding his lips searching out Joel's again.
The tentative kiss was broken as Sonny whispered against the flesh of Joel's lips, "I’ve always wondered what it would be like - and now I know. Joel, will I ever be able to do this again?"
"Of course, Sonny," Joel replied. "After all, we'll be stuck together for all of eternity."
Sonny frowned. "What do you mean all of eternity?"
His question, however, was shattered upon as a scream echoed around the two men. Sonny peered around Joel and blanched somewhat as he saw his ex-girlfriend, Ellie, standing in the doorway of the bathroom. Tears were beginning to stream down the side of her face as her hand was held against her open-mouth shocked face.
"Sonny!" She cried out loud, sinking to her knees. "Why would you do this Sonny?"
"Do what? Ellie! I'm right behind you!" Sonny huffed. He reached forward to touch her, but Joel knocked his hand out of the way. "Don't!" He snapped angrily.
"Why would you commit this gross suicide, Sonny?"
Sonny's head perked upwards. He glanced at Joel with confusion leaking into his voice. "Suicide?"
"Is it because I didn't believe your tales of our flat's ghost, Joel?" Ellie cried out again. "Baby, I'm sorry! God damn it, Sonny! Taking the loser way out - Jesus Christ!"
Sonny walked even more closer towards his agitated ex-girlfriend, and managed to glance into the bathroom. What he saw made him blanched completely. Inside the bathroom he saw his body lay crumpled up against the tiles of the bathroom floor. Dark red – like fake blood - was pooled all around his body, and a lone thin razor lay near his battered and twisted right arm.
He turned around in frenzy. "Joel?" He managed to squeak out loud. Joel chuckled from behind him. "What did you do to me, Joel?"
"You wanted comfort, and I gave it to you."
"Now we have all of eternity to spend together, friend..."