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Just Relax

Title: Just Relax
Author: stripesco04_nur
Rating: G
Pairing: N/A
Summary: The little Goth tends to fall behind the others due to his shorter limbs.
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters!
A/N: Someone made a fan-art of this story. You can find it here.

Georgie swallowed the angry rant that was bottling up inside him as he struggled to match his fellow Goths pace back to Henrietta's house. He turned his head sideways and bit lightly at the tip of his tongue to force himself to not whine out loud about his lack of keeping up.

It wasn't like Ethan, Dylan, or Henrietta walked especially fast or anything. It was more like their longer limbs could move in a faster stride than Georgie's, and it usually caused the youngest Goth to force his body to keep up - almost to the point of jogging while the other three unkindly cut through the snow covered streets.

His head still tilted to the side, Georgie hadn't realized the other three had stopped walking until his body slammed almost full force into Ethan's lower stomach.

A sharp gasp escaped the taller Goth, and Georgie jumped back. He blinked as he noticed Dylan and Henrietta staring at him with concern in their eyes, and he shook himself a bit before saying, "Sorry."

"You're having problems keeping up with us, aren't you Georgie?" Ethan was never one for apologies and he was always the one who was generally straight forward with his questions.

Georgie could feel a pout tugging at the corner of his lips, and he turned his head to the side. "I'm fine!"

Ethan gave a sigh before reaching for the little Goth. "Come on," He said almost sternly. "Climb on."

Georgie peered at the older Goth who had crouched down in the snow and was pointing to his back as if it held all the answers. Georgie shook his head, cautiously trying to back away. He was no child, and he definitely didn't need a piggy-back ride just to keep up; even if his little heart fluttered at the thought.

A pair of hands wrapped around his tiny waist and Georgie shrieked a bit as he was shoved forward into a warm mass. The warmth underneath his chest moved a bit, and the youngest Goth sunk his fingers into the black fabric below his hands. His head shook a bit and he groaned with the realization that Dylan had shoved him onto Ethan's back, so now the taller Goth was now giving him a piggy-back ride to Henrietta's house.

His little hands clutched at the collar of Ethan's overcoat, and his knees bent around the other's waist. From Ethan's side Henrietta cooed, and Georgie heaved an irritable groan as he pressed his face against the taller Goth's back. He wondered briefly if he was too heavy to be given a piggy-back ride, but Ethan merely muttered out loud, "Relax, Georgie."