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Welcome To The Club [CuKinder] part 1

Title: Welcome To The Club
Author: stripesco04_nur
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Curly Goth/Little Goth; Red Goth/Various OCs; Henrietta/Bloodrayne
Summary: There's an underground club for those of dark tendencies, and the little Goth is determined to get in; even if his friends don't think he's eligible for the sexual energy that usually effects everyone at the club.
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters. Except for those of own original concept - which you can tell.
A/N: Long CuKinder story. Divided into 3 parts because of how long it is.

Georgie stared at the crowd swaying rather erotically to the repetitive hard bass and drop. The music seem to sink deep within his bones and even his hips sort of swindled towards the left and then back to the right as he kept - out of sight - towards the back of club, near the open-bar. It was his first time at the underground rave scene, and so far all the stories that Dylan had told him of the place was real. Maybe, that was why Ethan and Henrietta denied him from going when he was only twelve.

Georgie leaned his head back against the wall he was standing against as he remembered his first time begging Ethan to let him go to the underground club. He had been hanging out with both Dylan and Ethan behind the school, and listening to various experiences Dylan had exclaimed to him after his first time at the club.

"It was amazing!" Dylan had said. His expression had sounded far too excited for a Goth. "I've never had so much fun - it was almost as fun as my first Nine Inch Nails concert."

Georgie had witness the somewhat shy look Dylan had sent towards Ethan, who had merely ignored the look and had begun to light up a new cigarette.

"I want to go, Dylan!" Georgie had piped up, already feeling excited about this club he had never been to before. Dylan had smiled at the amused younger Goth, and had nodded his head; promising to take Georgie the next time they all decided to go.

Ethan, however, had been the enforcer to their lovely dream of attending the underground club as he had taken a drag of his cigarette and had hissed out loud, "No, Georgie."

Georgie had turned confused eyes upon the older Goth. "What?"

"You're not going to the club anytime soon, Georgie," Ethan had said sternly. Georgie had only gaped at the other before finding his voice, "You can't tell me what to do, Ethan!"

Ethan had merely glared at the youngest Goth before sucking his cigarette more forcefully than ever. He had exhaled the smoke outwardly before jutting forward and gripping the little Goth's neck. Georgie had felt himself panic and he had clawed at the hand around his throat, eyes wide as Ethan had shoved Dylan – who had been attempting to halt him - away.

"You're not going to that club, Georgie," Ethan had whispered almost vehemently. His smoker's breath had washed over the boy's face and Georgie had felt himself grow even more panicky. "Understand?"

Georgie had mumbled and Ethan had released him; ignoring the perplexed look Dylan gave him as he checked out the little Goth.

Georgie opened his eyes a bit and glanced towards the sticky floor. That had been the first and only time Ethan had ever touched him, and it had caused him to become quite skittish around the other Goth. The few couple of days after the incident of Ethan purposely getting his message across about Georgie being denied entrance to the club, the younger Goth had immediately stray far away from the elder. He had managed to either be standing behind Dylan or sitting beside Henrietta; anywhere away from Ethan.

The second time he had worked up the nerve to ask permission to join the other Goths to the underground club, two years had already passed. As a rouge teenager of only fourteen, he had decided to ask, this time, Henrietta for consent. Ethan, unfortunately, had been presented at the time as well, and he had stalked up towards the teen. Georgie had automatically tensed up as Ethan had begun to approach him, but a gentle hand had stopped the older Goth in his tracks.

Henrietta had gently pushed with the palm of her hand the other Goth's chest, and had sent Ethan, stumbling a bit, away from the younger teen. Ethan had glared at the woman, but stood away from the two as Henrietta had turned her attention onto the teenager.

"Georgie," She had begun to say, "Not yet. You would be too overwhelmed in the club."

"That's bullshit!" Georgie had complained out loud.

"Trust me Georgie," Henrietta had pleaded. "Besides we weren't your age when we first decided going!"

That had shut him up completely and the younger Goth had since refused to ask any of his other Goth friends for permission to get into the underground club.

A coarse hand lightly slapped the side of his face and Georgie immediately flinched backwards. A completely stoned Punker jolted backwards in alarm. "S-sorry," He said, stuttering a bit. "I didn't know you were real."

Georgie rolled his eyes as the Punker slowly slid passed him, unintentionally touching and scaring several people he managed to slink by. Sighing once more, the youngest Goth stared out towards the sea of multicolored hair styles and bodies moving seductively against the throbbing bass. He remembered earlier this week when Dylan, Ethan, and Henrietta had approached him with pre-bought tickets to the underground club.

"Why now?" He had felt inclined to ask.

"You're ready now, Georgie," Ethan had muttered.

"And it's an all-night underground rave - those are the best!" Dylan had shouted enthusiastically. "Plus we'll be able to celebrate your birthday in style."

Now turning sixteen at midnight, the younger Goth had only felt elated when they stood outside the club's entrance; although it was easy access into the club as Ethan seemed to know at least everybody who worked there. Once inside - the club only half filled with people - Georgie was surprised by the different atmosphere. He expected an underground rock band to be performing and only Goth kids to be presented. Instead, two Disc-Jockeys sat on-top a raised platform stage, spinning and mixing some rather hardcore techno; and many variations of scenes were there - Goth, Punk, hell even some Hipsters and Vamps were even in the club, dancing with one another.

"Why are there Vamps here?" Georgie had asked. He had turned around to regard his friends, but had only saw different people pushing past him - the others nowhere to be seen.

Feeling slightly nervous, Georgie had dodged his way past sweaty bodies pressing against him till he had reached the open-bar. He had edged towards the corner of the bar, shrouded mainly in darkness, away from the loud obnoxious drunks. He had blearily glanced around the club as his foot began tapping self-consciously to the music. And after the Punker had given him quite a scare, Georgie had left the safe vacant spot and ventured towards the dance-floor of the club; searching aimlessly for his friends.

He was surprised to find Dylan so fast; although the red Goth was dancing rather suggestively halfway across the dance-floor from him. Georgie gaped as Dylan slid a hand around the waist of some shorter young Goth male teen; pulling the other's head up so their lips could meet. Just as quickly as he had insinuated the kiss, Dylan broke away; shifting his hips a bit as the other Goth pressed his lips against the side of his throat - hands instantly grabbing a hold of his sleeve.

Dylan allowed the sentiment; tilting his head a bit to give better access for the other. A young Punkish woman - close to nearly twenty or so - slid up against the other side of the red Goth; and Georgie watched as Dylan turned his head around and captured the woman's lips with his own. The other Goth continued to grip Dylan's sleeve as his kisses were becoming more sloppy and wet.

Georgie turned his attention from his sexually sufficient friend onto the rest of the dance-floor. His eyes widened a bit as he took noticed of Henrietta dancing with another woman - not that Georgie minded the whole sexual orientation thing. Lesbian, gay, or bi; whatever he didn't care. Love was love - no matter who you were with. But this wasn't just a random woman. No this was the blondish-silver chick that was once part of Mike Makowski's vampire group. Her name, however, was lost upon his mind, and Georgie could only gape more openly as the women's arms were wrapped tightly around one another's waists; fingers clenching playfully at each other's rumps.

Their foreheads pressed together a bit as lips gently pecked at one another's. A couple pressed past Georgie, and the young teen could only stare in silent shock as their shirts were removed and they began to grind against one another. Scooting away from them, the little Goth gazed back out to see Henrietta and the Vamp chick also grinding against one another. Their hair sway in front of their faces as sweat rolled in drips down the sides of their cheeks. Seemly out of nowhere, Dylan showed up next to the two women. His little entrepreneurs apparently had been abandoned and he threw his arms around the women's shoulders; bringing them against his side and laughing as they stared a little bitterly up at him.

Barely audible voices screamed out loud from the two DJs, and Georgie was pushed aside as the dance-floor began to fill up with many half naked people all grabbing one another and grinding. A bit of panic rose up from deep within at the closeness everyone was getting, and the little Goth quickly turned and fled back to the open-bar. He huddled close to the end of the bar, near the darkness once more, and placed his hands over his face - rubbing tiredly at his eyes as he tried to quell the rise of panic.

"Hey." A voice shouted out loud near him. Georgie lifted his head and saw a woman with her hair dyed blue staring intently at him.

"Are you okay?" She asked, stepping near him. Georgie shrugged his shoulders at her, refusing to speak.

She giggled at his reaction. "It's okay if you're feeling overwhelm. I remember my first time here. Here," She offered a small glass of translucent liquid towards him. Georgie froze, neither accepting nor denying the drink.

"It's okay. It's not spiked or anything - it's just a little liquor. It'll make you enjoy the night even more," The woman said softly.

Still a little reluctant, Georgie took the tiny shot and tipped the clear liquor back. He immediately coughed bitterly and pressed his tongue between his teeth; trying to block out the taste. The blue haired woman offered him a dessert cherry as he spat a little bit of the liquor out. The little Goth gave a confused shake of his head as he stared at the cherry. "Takes the taste away," The woman explained. Nodding his head, Georgie popped the cherry into his mouth; biting into it and feeling the somewhat sweetness actually melt the nasty malt taste out of his mouth.

"It works!" He exclaimed out loud, watching the woman nod her head and giggle as his reaction.

"Well of course, and hopefully that liquor will make you feel a little alive..." The woman meant to leave, but Georgie called after her. "Wait! What's your name?"

She mumbled something back but Georgie couldn't hear her properly as new, heavier, techno music began to filter around him. His fingers began to shake a bit and Georgie glanced down at them before heading towards the dance-floor again. He smiled stupidly as a warm feeling crept through him and he watched the many club participants grind and touch one another. Dylan had stepped away from Henrietta and her date, and was busy grinding with another guy. Ethan, on the other hand, was the only one who Georgie had not seen on the dance-floor; or anywhere in the club if he was being truly honest.

A hand snaked around his mid-section, pulling him away from his observation post and against one of the walls. Georgie froze as two older Punks smiled seductively at him. One trailed a finger across the side of his face towards his lips while the other watched amusingly beside him.

"Oh, so young," The one trailing the finger whispered out loud. Georgie turned his head towards the side and tried to move his arms and legs a bit. The man smirked as he held Georgie's wrist upward and pressed him tightly against the wall. A mouth plundered its way upon his own, and the little Goth struggled fiercely as the man started kissing him. A hand cupped underneath his chin, while a thumb and forefinger squeezed the sides of his face tightly. Georgie shook as his mouth gaped open wider and a tongue secretly licked its way into his mouth.

Georgie struggled helplessly as the other Punk was busy rubbing up and down the legs of his clothed black jeans; his face pressed dangerously close to his crotch. Pulling away from his mouth, the Punk assaulting his mouth stared at him with lust. Georgie, however, felt horrible and dizzy - he was sure the drink was starting to take its effect now.

"P-please," He muttered tiredly.

Hands rubbed over and around his body as he felt his eyelids slide close. His body thrummed with the music and alcohol, and the newly given attention the two Punks were giving. They ignored his pleas, and continued to massage and kiss him tenderly. A shout, however, startled the mood as the Punk rubbing Georgie's leg was roughly grabbed and thrown away from the little Goth. The other Punk turned around and bitterly spat out loud, "Oh you; fuck you!"

Through lazy eyes, Georgie took notice of Ethan staring venomously at the Punk. His white dress shirt was somehow gone, but he was still wearing his black trench-coat. His face was frowning at the Punk and he moved forward to pull the man off of the little Goth. The Punk angrily cursed at the Goth and tried to move back towards Georgie. Ethan, however, placed himself in front of Georgie and glared at the other man - clearly expecting a fight. The Punk merely scoffed before leaving the two alone.

Still feeling a bit woozy, Georgie stared up at the older Goth; scared what he might do. He had just saved Georgie from sexual abuse - almost close to rape - and his back was still given to the little Goth. Georgie stood a little closer to him and heard the curse that escaped the elder’s lips, "Goddamn it, Georgie!"

Georgie froze. Ethan whirled around and moved his hand towards the little Goth. Georgie immediately began to shake in his place, and Ethan moved his hand away. "Fuck! Georgie, I'm not gonna hurt you."

Georgie nodded his head as he tried to quell his fear of being choked by the taller Goth away, but he still wearily held back. Ethan seemed to notice the hesitation and he turned away from the younger Goth. A new song was starting to play, more sensual and somewhat dark, and Georgie felt his body begin to move a bit to the beat. He stared after his departing friend before running behind and throwing his arms around the other's waist.

"Ethan!" He whined, pressing his face against the back of the black trench-coat. His fingers scooted upwardly as he touched Ethan's pale stomach, rubbing softly around the drizzle of hair that was around his navel.

Ethan placed his hand over-top Georgie's, and stroked around the soft pale hand. Turning around in the little Goth's embrace, Ethan stared down at the teen as he pressed his face against his chest.

"Your shirt's missing," Georgie mumbled, taking in the slightly bare and toned chest of the older Goth.

Ethan chuckled. "I know."


He shrugged, and pulled the younger closer against his body. Georgie tensed a bit before melting against Ethan. Music made him move a bit and he began shifting his hips against the taller Goth's. "This music is good, I mean really fucking good! Although, I'd like to be out on the dance-floor like Henrietta and Dylan."

Ethan smirked as he pulled Georgie behind him and the two found themselves on the dance-floor. They were only on the edge of the actually floor - Ethan wasn't sure he wanted Georgie to get so close to the middle, where all the tendencies usually happened. Georgie's body moved back against Ethan's as the older Goth kept an arm around him. Staring outwardly he saw Henrietta and her date openly kissing - tongue and all. Dylan appeared between the two women once more, but this time they welcomed his appearance. Breaking from her kiss with the Vamp, Henrietta leaned over towards Dylan; kissing him soundly as the other woman merely gripped the side of his shirt. Dylan cupped Henrietta's face pulling it even closer to his own before beckoning the Vamp woman’s head towards his own.

Georgie watched, transfixed even though his body continued to sway slightly against Ethan's, as Dylan and Henrietta and the Vamp shared a three-way kiss. A tongue began trailing over the red Goth's cheek and he smirked as he broke away from Henrietta. He instantly turned around and kissed the other woman as Henrietta trailed her black fingernails down the side of Dylan's neck, smirking as he shivered slightly.

It seemed like Dylan could get anyone he really wanted, and Henrietta looked pretty happy with her own date that Georgie was feeling a little down. Although, he did have Ethan pressed against his back - his arm tight around his waist. And he had already been kissed tonight... Maybe... He frowned at the thought, but couldn't help but wonder what kissing Ethan would be like. Besides according to everyone on the dance-floor it was fair-game whether you kissed or humped. But then he remembered Ethan's hand choking him a bit when he stood up against him those four years ago.

Maybe it's different. He thought with sudden determination. He turned around and felt Ethan's arm loosen around his waist. Staring up at the taller Goth, Georgie motioned for him to bend down as if he had something to say. Ethan obliged, leaning downward a bit and feeling Georgie's arms wrap tightly around his neck. Georgie smirked at the older Goth's bewilderment as he pressed his face upwardly and captured the other's lips with his own. They kissed somewhat soundly, Ethan pulling upwards a bit with Georgie following. Slowly they pulled apart and leaned against one another gasping for breath. The little Goth lifted his head upwards again, in an attempt to peck once more at the elder’s lips, but Ethan tilted his head away.

"Don't Georgie," He mumbled. "I might not be able to stop myself if you kiss me like that again."

Georgie frowned. "Maybe, I don't want you to stop."


Georgie huffed. "Yes," He said sternly, feeling his body beginning to burn with determination and heat. He leaned his head downwards, and against better judgment, licked a strip down the middle of Ethan's chest to his naval - twirling his tongue against the drizzle of hair. Hands grabbed the side of his face and Georgie mumbled as Ethan pulled it upward so his mouth could descend upon it in a very bruising manner.

Shifting forward a bit, Georgie felt a tingly-like feeling creep up his spine and he grabbed a hold of the collar of the taller Goth's trench-coat. Ethan noticed the lust filled eyes and pulled away from the younger Goth. Judging from the open mouth look the younger was showing, Ethan teasingly lifted his hips upwardly, letting it collide with the younger's pelvic region. Georgie mumbled stupidly, feeling sparks shot upwards a bit.

"Fuck," He cursed. "Do that again!"

Ethan smirked, repeating the same gesture as before. Georgie moaned quietly and before he was entirely sure of his surroundings, he had sunk to his knees and pressed his face straight against Ethan's clothed crotch.

"Isn't this what guys like?" Georgie asked innocently; pressing his face tighter against the other's crotch.

"Jesus fuck, Georgie!" The taller Goth shouted out loud. He pulled the teen away from his crotch and grabbed a hold of his hand, pulling him through the swarm of countless still grinding renegades towards a dimly lit hallway. Georgie gripped Ethan's hand tighter, afraid to lose him as the taller Goth seemed to know exactly where he was going. All along the hallway many other couples were busy getting their desires on. Georgie had to stop and stare in wonder as he saw one woman's mouth near a man's crotch.

"Don't stare," Ethan hissed, tugging Georgie behind him. "Otherwise, they'll view it as either a challenge or a threat."

Stumbling over a few people who lay on the floor, rutting against one another, Ethan stood in front of a door off to the side of the hallway. The nameplate mentioned some random guy's name, and the block letters next to the door-frame spelled out the word office. Nimbly, Ethan turned the knob and swung the door open. He pulled Georgie forward and shoved the teenager into the office while shutting the door and locking it.

Georgie stared around in wonder at the room. A desk was in one half of the room; an old computer sat upon it, followed by a weird looking phone machine. A very nice, somewhat faded and worn down, red leather couch sat against the opposite wall of the desk. A loud bang alerted the teenager to his other occupant. Turning back to regard the older Goth, Georgie was perplexed at seeing Ethan sagging against the door; his head bent downwards so his facial expression was hidden.

"Ethan?" He whispered, slinking towards the stoic man.

"I'm sorry, Georgie," Ethan mumbled, still looking at the ground.

"For what?"

"For hurting you that day. I didn't mean to hurt you! My rage... This is why I didn't want to bring you here," Ethan continued to sag against the door. "There's something in this club that causes so many to crave sex..."

"I agree with you there, ‘cause I feel a need to touch you!" Georgie chuckled, hoping to create a nice little joke so Ethan would cheer up and forget the past.

Ethan raised his head upwardly and stared intently at the younger Goth. His hand shot outward, causing Georgie to flinch a bit. His index finger pointed towards the red couch. "Same situation," He mumbled.


"What we plan to do has already happened between me and Dylan - when I first brought him to the club."

Georgie's mouth opened. "You fucked him?"

Ethan chuckled. "Not exactly. He fucked me."

Georgie took the answer shockingly well, and Ethan observed the teenager as he contemplated his options. Finally Georgie shrugged his shoulders, and threw his arms around the older man's neck; kissing underneath his chin.

"Well," He began, nibbling at the little hints of stubble. "That's his lost. Besides, judging from what I've seen of Dylan on the dance-floor - he's a whore. I'm not. I want you. I want you now, Ethan! Even if all you can give me is just tonight. Otherwise I might have to go find those two Punks again; they were sort of fun."

Ethan snarled somewhat upon hearing that Georgie would leave him for horrible cheap sex. In a whirl of black he wrapped his arms tight around the teenager and pressed his lips, hot and wet, against the other's. Georgie felt a whine escape him as he was backed away from the door and into the middle of the room. The taller Goth pulled away and laid his hands against the teenager's stomach. Georgie stared up at him; trust evident in his eyes as the other slowly lifted his black shirt up and off.

Ethan stroked his fingers lightly down the little Goth's chest, smirking as he felt Georgie's body flutter a bit. Gently he stroked the side of Georgie's neck before letting his lips tenderly press a kiss against the side. The little Goth shuddered at the sentiment and he reached outwardly to grasp the collar edges of the black trench-coat. Ethan pulled away from nuzzling against the side of his neck as he helped slide the coat off.

Standing half naked in front of each other, Georgie surged forward to kiss the other Goth again. Teeth bit at his bottom lip and Georgie groaned as he licked at the thin bit of blood spilling from the nibble. Managing to go back for another kiss, Georgie backed Ethan up towards the red couch; the leather squeaking a bit as they collapsed onto it. Georgie moved his mouth away from Ethan's and trailed it downward - getting off of the taller Goth so he was in-between his legs.

"Georgie," Ethan muttered, watching the youngest Goth press his face, once more, against the junction of his crotch.

The teen ignored him and ran his face over the right inner thigh before allowing the same sentiment towards the left. He grinned up at the older Goth before diving forward and biting into the older Goth's pants. His teeth scrapped the button and zipper as a shiver went up Ethan's spine. Pulling his mouth away from the zipper and whatnot, Georgie calmly unzipped Ethan's pants. He was a little shocked to see no barrier, only a cock straining forward, as Ethan shrugged down at him.

Pulling the pants down so they hung halfway off the older Goth, Georgie began littering kisses up and around Ethan's exposed inner thighs, before pressing his mouth lightly against the tip of his cock.

Ethan leaned his head backward on the couch as Georgie licked tentatively at his manhood. Georgie liked the little noises the other Goth was emitting and he licked even longer around the head of the cock before placing his mouth over-top it and sucking it towards the back of his throat.

"Jesus Christ, Georgie!" Ethan shouted, pinching forward and rubbing his fingers through the thin black strands of hair. Georgie felt his body tingle a bit as Ethan's fingers gripped his hair somewhat tightly and his face was pushed forward so more of the older Goth's cock slid past into his mouth. He felt his eyes begin to water as he gave a delicious tug with his mouth; his tongue still circling around the piece of flesh within his mouth. Ethan trembled a bit, digging his fingers even more tightly into the teenager's hair as Georgie began deep-throating him. A tingling nerve started shooting through him, and Ethan felt his toes clench a bit within his black boots.

"Fuck, Georgie, I'm gonna come if you don't stop," He warned as best he could as another tremor raced up his spine.

The teenager merely glanced up at him before pressing his mouth even tighter against the cock. Ethan shivered even more as felt his insides lose control. Georgie gagged a bit as something salty and thick began filling his mouth. He pulled the older Goth's cock out his mouth and spurted; white dribbling down the corner of his mouth while he held the piece of flesh in his hands. Ethan was still coming, and couldn't hold back as he managed to jizz a bit onto the teenager's face as Georgie had held his cock aiming upwardly.

Georgie froze, not knowing what to do as he felt the thick liquid run down the side of his face. He suddenly felt ashamed and wanted to run away from the taller Goth, but Ethan tackled him to the floor of the office - his pants scooting downward awkwardly.

"Jesus fucking Christ, Georgie!" He exclaimed, leaning his body over-top the other's. "Do you know how hot that was? Do you know how hot you look right now?"

He leaned his face forward and ran his tongue over the edge of the little Goth's face; licking his own ejaculation away. "So." A lick was emitted again and again. "Fucking." Another longer lick. "Hot!" His mouth touched the teenager's and he kissed soundly at the pair of swollen lips. Pulling away, Ethan unhooked his boots and slid them off before removing his pants completely. Georgie stared up at him as Ethan leaned him back down.

Tossing his black sneakers off and all but ripping the pair of socks away, Ethan managed to rid the little Goth of his own pants. Georgie laid panting and trembling a bit in only his underwear as the older Goth pressed his face against his chest. Ethan pressed a quick kiss to the teenager before letting his lips move downwardly; sucking and nibbling at every piece of flesh his mouth touched. Georgie shivered underneath him, and moaned out loud when one bite sent his body quaking in pleasure. Ethan chuckled, the vibrations tingling against the teenager's overly sensitive skin, and placed his hand over-top the little Goth's clothed crotch.

Georgie stared up at him with a deep blush settling within his cheekbones. Ethan merely clutched the waistband of the fabric and pulled the last precious protection off the teen. Georgie turned his head to the side, embarrassment radiating throughout his entire body as Ethan's mouth ghosted hot puffs of air against his cock.

A hand touched the side of his cheek, and Georgie was forced to look back at the taller Goth. "It’s okay, Georgie. You're beautiful." Ethan mumbled, before leaning his head down and taking all of Georgie in.

Georgie whined and even managed to buck up into Ethan's mouth as the older Goth sucked as hard as he could. His mouth seemed to suck perfectly that Georgie could feel himself shatter a bit. He gripped the thick curly strands of hair - much like Ethan had gripped his hair moments before - and shouted out loud as his orgasm shot through him as he bucked upwardly into the back of the elder's mouth. Ethan swallowed proudly before leaning his body sideways against the teenager's.

They heaved heavily a bit as Ethan shifted a bit. He gently shoved the younger Goth against the floor so he was lying on his stomach with his ass in the air. Ethan hummed a bit as he nuzzled his nose against the back of the little Goth, before firmly grabbing the hunk of ass in his hands. Georgie squirmed a bit. He mumbled Ethan's name as the tall Goth squeezed his buttocks playfully before spreading them open, just a bit. He leaned forward and let his tongue lick gently up the crack - near his entrance.

Georgie completely flailed, and his back legs trembled a bit as he managed to voice his disapproval out loud. "E-Ethan! What are you doing?"

Ethan pulled away from licking at the now puckered entrance to answer the teen. "I'm giving you a rim-job. Trust me, Georgie; it'll make things easier in a few moments."

Georgie mumbled before pressing his face tighter against the floor as Ethan's tongue began probing at his entrance a little deeper. Pulling his tongue away from the now much more puckered entrance, somewhat wet with desire, Ethan stuck two fingers within his mouth and sucked deeply. He pulled them out, smirking at the drip of saliva that ran sloppily in strands down the back of his hand before angling them up against the teenager's ass. He pushed them in; amazed at the little resistance Georgie's body seemed to give his fingers.

Georgie groaned, pushing back against the fingers as Ethan moved them back and forth, and circled them a bit. The inner walls loosen up somewhat, and Ethan pulled his fingers out before grabbing a hold of his cock and nudging the head towards the teen's entrance. Georgie groaned out loud again as Ethan slowly pushed his way inside, and the taller Goth pulled him halfway up off the floor. His hands guided the little Goth into a hands and knees position while he draped his body over-top the teen's.

Soon Ethan was buried up to the hilt in the younger body, and he froze. His hands ran soothingly over trembling limbs as Georgie whimpered underneath him. Ethan bit playfully against the teen's shoulder before pulling himself out a bit and shoving in, harder than before, and causing Georgie to shout out in deep pleasure. Skin flapping against one another could be heard as Ethan began a steady rhythm; his thrusts sending the little Goth's body forward a bit.

Georgie felt his cock grow hard with desire once more as the older Goth's movements touched him more intimately than ever before. A face pressed against the side of heck and Georgie tilted his own face so he could muster a sideways awkward kiss on the other's lips. A hand curled underneath him, pumping slowly to the deep heavy thrusts. Georgie tilted his head backwardly, barking out an angry beautiful cry that caused Ethan's skin to prick a bit.

"That's it, Georgie," He whispered against the outer-shell of the teen's ear. "Lose yourself to me - give away to the pleasure." His hand tugged even harder and Georgie trembled underneath the assault before his cock began squirting and bathing the other's hand white.

Ethan smirked at the sight and he pulled out farther than before slamming back up into the now tight heat - his own body becoming unraveled as he released deep with the younger Goth's body. He collapsed tiredly against the other, forgetting for a moment that he was bigger than Georgie, and causing the teen to flop instantly to the floor as Ethan lay strewn across his back.

Pulling himself up and dislodging himself from within Georgie's body, the taller Goth curled his arm around the younger's waist. He guided the teen back against his chest as he lay against the red couch, breathing a bit heavily as held the little Goth in-between his legs. Georgie slumped against his chest; his head pillowing to the side as Ethan brushed strands of sweaty hair out of his face.

"Best rave ever," Georgie mumbled after a few moments of much needed silence. He snuggled his face even closer against the somewhat sweaty chest as his eyes fought to stay open.