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Welcome To The Club [CuKinder] part 2

Title: Welcome To The Club
Author: stripesco04_nur
Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Curly Goth/Little Goth; slight Red Goth/Little Goth; Red Goth/Various OCs; Henrietta/Bloodrayne
Summary: Continuation of the first half of WTTC.
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters!
A/N: Read part 1 first!

Georgie didn't know how long he had lain asleep in the elder's embrace. He had only remembered a slight blurred moment of Ethan tilting him forward and whispering that he should place his right leg through the open hole of his black jeans. But now his, once closed and slacked, eyes blinked open as he could hear someone chuckling near him.

He observed Dylan sitting on-top the wooden desk, smirking and swishing his hair out of his eyes a bit as he perceived the two shirtless guys. Ethan glared at the red Goth, who merely stretched backwardly, a bit, on the desk while chuckling lightly.

"Well, this is quite interesting," The familiar voice jeered out loud; startling the teenager even more. "Ethan, you're truly the leader of our group - considering you've slept with all of us, now."

"Shut up, Dylan!"

"Well, actually," Dylan smirked as another chuckle escaped his lips, and he proceeded to jester towards himself in some sort of recognition. "If we're talking 'technically' slept with... You never slept with me - I slept with you!"

Georgie mumbled a bit as Ethan all but tossed him as he lunged for the other Goth, hate burning at his cheeks. His right hand tightened considerably around the mouthy Goth’s throat, and Ethan glared angrily as he slammed the other down upon the desk. Dylan giggled despite the hot hand tangled tightly against his windpipe, and continued to mock the elder.

Georgie, on the other hand, couldn't help the loud hiss that escaped him as he accidentally slipped off the couch and fell down upon his ass. The other two, upon hearing the youngest hiss out his pain of discomfort, immediately paused their little scrimmage to observe the well-being of the little Goth.

"Georgie, are you okay?" Ethan asked tenderly. His right hand was still securely curled around the red Goth's throat, and he pushed forward so a little bit of pressure could be felt. Dylan swallowed thickly as he gave the youngest Goth a sincere look.

"My butt sort of hurts a bit," Georgie admitted sheepishly. He glanced up towards Ethan, who immediately released his grip of the other Goth's throat and walked over towards the other. He sunk to his knees so he could offer condolences by tenderly stroking the bare shoulder of the youngest. Dylan, on the other hand, couldn't help but be cheeky; especially considering that Ethan's hand was no longer threatening him to remain quiet.

"That rough, huh? Jeez, Ethan! Didn't realize how much of a stallion you are when it comes to a good fuck session! Did you mount him, hard and heavy?"

Georgie's eyes widened at the vulgar words radiating from the other Goth, and he tossed his head downwardly as shame began to fill him.

"Dylan, I swear to God." Ethan swore heavily underneath his breath. His fingers, however, continued to rub gently at Georgie's upper arm. Georgie, himself, moved forward a bit so his head was leaning over-top the taller Goth's shoulder and he could properly whisper into Ethan’s ear: "Why is he acting like a douchebag?"

"And that's so far from him being normal, how?"

Georgie giggled out loud, and his little laughter tickled the side of the elder's neck; causing a half smirk to appear upon Ethan’s face. "This is what Dylan looks like whenever he comes to this damn club. That and the effect of smoking an entire bowl by himself while letting others buy him drinks at the open-bar."

"Hey," Dylan interjected between the two. He had moved from the desk and was standing above the two before sliding downward so he was on his knees as well, and started staring somewhat seductively right into the eyes of the younger Goth. Georgie swallowed a bit as he moved his head away from the taller's shoulder. "Fancy a shy dance with me, Georgie?"

A toothy, almost sadistic, grin smiled at him, and Georgie wanted to shake his head in protest, but Dylan obviously ignored the message, and merely reached outwardly to grab his thin wrist; pulling him to his feet.

"Come on!!"

“But my shoes!” Georgie mumbled, shifting uncomfortably as he was pulled barefoot and half naked after the red Goth. Dylan pushed past the slightly broken office door and down the familiar semi-dark hallway, where several people were still being ravaged by others, before all but tugging the little Goth back onto the still pulsing dance-floor. Georgie couldn't help but gawk at the still mass of people dancing suggestively and the two DJs chuckling at one another as they skipped to a new track on their laptops.

A hand curled around his waist, and Georgie groaned a bit as he was pushed up against Dylan's chest. Luckily, Dylan hadn’t lost his short yet. Although, there were a few marks of other people upon it, like the somewhat faded purple lipstick mark near his shirt collar; and the ever growing wrinkles that weren’t so conspicuous. The red Goth still continued to stare somewhat intently at the younger before swaying his hips back and forth a bit. The friction wasn't lost on Georgie, and he couldn't help but feel himself start to become at least a little bit aroused. Dylan smirked at the reaction and slid a somewhat long finger underneath the little Goth's chin. Lifting the reluctant face upward, Georgie moaned as Dylan jumped at the given circumstance and kissed the other's lips.

Georgie felt his eyelids droop a bit as Dylan tilted his head backwards a bit, and a tongue licked at his bottom lip. Georgie squirmed at the foreign, yet erotic feel of having someone else tongue inside his mouth, and couldn’t help his eyes sliding shut nor the gasping open-mouth look his face was probably showing. But it seemed as soon as Dylan’s tongue had swooped into his mouth, it disappeared; leaving the little Goth confused. He blearily opened his eyes to see the red Goth's mouth being assaulted by some Punker. A feeling of uneasiness trailed up his spine, and Georgie felt his legs slowly turn to jelly as the remaining crowd began pushing against him. He stared down at his bare-feet, feeling the heavy bass vibrate underneath the soles, and bit his bottom lip as someone touched his bare arm.


His name was being called out loud, but the younger Goth could only focus on the cold fact that several other half naked bodies were beginning to press against his own. He glanced upwardly to see Dylan smirking at him from afar. The red Goth was slowly being pulled farther away, and Georgie felt his panic begin to rise at the thought of being left alone on the dance-floor; that is until an arm wrapped around his waist - pulling him away from the pressurized dance-floor.

He refused to meet Ethan's gaze until the two were safely concealed, somewhat, behind the office door. Once the door shut lopsidedly, Georgie threw himself at the older Goth; causing the other to fall with the little Goth perched on-top his hips.

"That fuckin' jerk! Fuckin' prick and tease!" Georgie continued to huff as leaned forward so his bare chest was touching the elder's. Ethan didn't utter a word as he stared up at the younger. Almost as if in a trance, the little Goth reached forward with his hands to stroke the side of the taller Goth's face. Slowly, seductively wetting his throbbing bottom lip a bit, he leaned downward to press his lips against the other’s.

Ethan groaned as he felt Georgie kiss him heartily, and a tongue shyly licked at his bottom lip before sneaking its way inside. His hands reached upward to grasp at the still sweaty locks of black as he tugged the younger Goth's head upward a bit. Georgie groaned against the treatment, and he allowed the older Goth to gently maneuver him over so he was stretched out on his side with Ethan's lips still locked upon his own. Ethan pulled away from his lips and gently scooted his face downwardly to rest underneath Georgie's chin. He heaved a few sighs as Georgie trailed his fingers through his long thick curly hair.

Georgie tilted his head backwards a bit, still massaging the elder's scalp. The throbbing beat of the music could still be heard, and the vibrations were still slowly running into the little Goth's body as he lay on the ground on his side and muttered out loud, "Fuck me again, Ethan."

Ethan lifted his face from underneath his chin and stared at the younger. "Are you sure?" He mouthed as Georgie tugged at the back of his head, playfully. The little Goth nodded his head, and sighed as lips pressed more assertively - hungrily - against his own. That was all the assurance Ethan needed, and his fingers began to skim down the bare chest of the younger Goth before messing with his black jeans once more.

The two stared at one another in a bout of shyness as Ethan hovered over-top the younger Goth's body. He dipped his head downward to nip a bit at the small Adam's apple, causing Georgie to squirm and cry out in pleasure. Hands firmly grabbed a hold of his skinny legs and began pushing them upwards slightly. The taller Goth pulled away from assaulting the other's throat so he could focus on bending Georgie's legs towards his chest so there would be some leverage to fucking him forward rather than the simple act of mounting.

Georgie felt his body tremble a bit as Ethan bent his little legs a tad, but couldn't help the sigh of pure pleasure escape his lips as his entire body shivered with anticipation. Ethan held the back of his legs upward a bit as his body pressed even closer to the younger. A smirk grew upon his face as he slowly let go of Georgie's legs - silently over-joyed when Georgie kept them bent in the same position and didn’t drop them - and reached downward to grasp his cock. A deep moan escaped him, and Georgie stared at the elder lustfully. A hand gently rubbed at the side of his face, and Georgie couldn't help but close his eyes and sigh against the motive.

Until, however, there was a heavier grunt that sounded out in the office space, and the little Goth's eyes flashed open. His mouth fell open in a fit of pleasure, and Ethan rose his body up - slightly higher. He pulled out a bit before pushing back in. Georgie's legs trembled once more, and he found them aching to be released from their imprisoned position of being half curled up and between the older Goth's body. A half groan escaped him as he moved his legs from their awkward position somewhat against his chest, to wrapping around the waist-line - hips - of the taller Goth.

The new angle sent shivers up both their spines, and Ethan huffed as he thrust, almost painfully, into the smaller body. He half smiled down at the teenager as small drops of sweat began to form downwards. Georgie could only muster a few panting moans and little acknowledgements as his little arms wrapped around the older Goth's neck; bringing his face downward so their lips could meet more viciously than before. They pulled apart as Ethan's hips shoved forward, harder than ever, and the back of the little Goth's ankles began pushing against the back of Ethan's ass - urging him to move his body more.

Ethan couldn’t help but lay his head underneath the younger's chin as he fought to control his slowly rising erratic emotions. Georgie merely choked back another pleasant sigh of pleasure, and ran his fingers through the other's hair. He tugged at the elder's curly locks before letting go, and allowing his head to lean forward a bit so he could peck at the other's somewhat sweaty neck. Georgie tilted his head a bit and let his teeth nip at the pale junction of collarbone and shoulder, relishing in the deep moan that escaped the elder. He bit even harder against the pale skin, and realized it was quite the worth the taste of copper as Ethan groaned even louder than before and began thrusting even faster; his hands pulling the teenager’s head up so their lips could brush against one another's in an almost brutal elopement.

The same tingling like sensation that Ethan had endured before when Georgie had, successfully, sucked him off, was beginning to arise once more. Rather incentive obsequies escaped his lips and he felt his entire lower half explode a bit as he thrust one long last time into the younger's body. Georgie groaned at the situation, and pressed his lips against the other's as their high was slowly descending.

Ethan startled a bit against Georgie's small chest, and he raised his head to gaze at the spent body beneath him. "Fuck Georgie! You didn't come yet, did you?"

Georgie merely smirked up at the elder. "I came, Ethan." The taller Goth cocked his head to the side; confusion etched perfectly on his physique. "I came when your thrust turned a little too hard. I think I came without being touched."

He gazed down his spent body as Ethan pulled himself away. His cock lay damp and still glistened a bit of translucent and whitish fluid onto his stomach.

"Yeah, definitely sure," He replied cheekily. Ethan leaned forward to kiss him tenderly a bit before suggesting that they get dress again.

"Unless you want Dylan to find us in this compromising situation rather than just shirtless," Ethan muttered as he buckled up his own black pants and slid his arms through the sleeves of his black trench-coat. He sat down upon the red couch and fished into the deep pockets of his coat. He pulled a half empty carton of smokes out, and began to light up a new cigarette. Georgie scooted next to him, fully dressed, and reached forward for a free fag.

"Thanks," He mumbled as Ethan lit his cigarette for him, and the two leaned against one another on the couch smoking. The taller Goth merely nodded his head as he took a long, overdue in his opinion, drag of his own cigarette. He rested his arm around the little Goth's shoulders and brought the other's face upwards for yet another small lingering kiss.