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Welcome To The Club [CuKinder] part 3

Title: Welcome To The Club
Author: stripesco04_nur
Rating: R
Pairing: Curly Goth/Little Goth; Henrietta/Bloodrayne
Summary: Conclusion of WTTC.
Disclaimer: I do not own these characters!
A/N: Ending to Welcome to the Club. Please read part 1 & part 2 first!

Ethan heaved a deep sigh and moved forward to drop his second cigarette onto the floor, crushing it beneath his boot and accidentally jostling Georgie awake. The teen had been slowly dazing off against the side of the taller Goth after his own cigarette had been sucked dry. He stared up at the elder, and squinted his eyes a bit so the conception of sleep wouldn't claim him. Ethan, however, chuckled at his drowsy-like state and whispered out loud, "I feel like a cup of coffee, what about you?"

Georgie nodded.

"Good," The taller Goth continued. "You think you can find Henrietta and her date, while I look for douche-boy?"

The teen nodded his head rather aggressively. "Yeah, no problem!" His voice was laced with a bit of drowsiness, but nevertheless offered the anticipation of finding the girls for the elder. Ethan felt his lips curl upwardly into a smile that held some warmth to it as he could hint at the eagerness that Georgie was showing.

As the younger Goth tried to maneuver away from the red couch to search the dance-floor for the girls he was pulled backwards as two strong hands had reached forward to wrap around his tiny waist. Fingers grasped the studded belt, and Ethan chuckled again, his smile growing even more, as Georgie cried out in panicky shock and landed haphazardly across his lap. Their eyes met and Georgie couldn't help the whine that escaped his lips as he felt the elder's fingers tighten considerably against his upper hips.

"Ethan!" He pouted, looking up at the elder from his awkward sideways position in which he hope was an angry scowl or glare. It didn't seem to have an effect on the other as Ethan merely leaned his head downwardly and pressed a tight kiss to his lips. Georgie felt his body responding as he leaned upward from the lap to grab a hold of the collar edges of the taller Goth's black trench-coat. They broke apart, quickly - for a small breather - before latching their lips upon the other in record speed.

Georgie couldn't help the noises he started making as his knees bent awkwardly against the side of Ethan's hips and his arms slowly began to wrap around the elder’s neck, keeping him in place while their lips continued to gain some bit of swollen red. His fingers scooted upwardly a bit to tangle in the back of the thick curly hair as Ethan gave a half moan of some sort and proceeded to tangle his tongue with Georgie's as his own hands held him firmly on his lap.

Ethan pulled away after a while of constant erotic meshing of tongue and teeth against one another, and Georgie pouted as he slid his hands down from Ethan's hair to rest against the taller Goth's shoulders. He breathed heavily and his swollen lips began to quiver a bit as Ethan bit his bottom lip somewhat resentfully, and tried to muster his emotions under control. Especially considering the fluster-like look Georgie was showing, and the increasing pressure of the younger Goth scooting around a bit on his lap, or how much he wanted to just grab Georgie and fuck him again.

"We need to find the others," He said instead, letting Georgie move his knees and legs from around his hips so the teen could slide off his lap and head for the door. Stopping by the half-broken door, and pausing with his hand barely touching the door handle, the younger Goth turned back around and regarded the elder.

"When I find the girls," He began slowly, watching Ethan get up from the couch as well and subconsciously licking his slightly swollen bottom lip before continuing, "Where should I find you?"

Ethan smirked. "Don't worry about that," He said softly.

Georgie frowned at him but left in pursuit of the women.

Georgie was surprised at the lack of people on the dance-floor now. There were a few stranglers – mainly drunk people and a few stoners that were attempting to dance a bit, but for the most part they were failing miserably. Not to mention that the two Disc-Jockeys were missing from their platform. Music still rung throughout the club, however, but it was inevitable that it was merely a recording selection. Whipping his head back and forth, Georgie couldn't help but feel disappointed when he couldn't spot Henrietta or her vampire date anywhere on the dance-floor.

"Dammit, Henrietta!" He cursed out loud, causing a couple near him to glance over at him. He ignored their petty stares as he edged closer towards the dance-floor a bit, trying effortlessly to see if they had moved conspicuously throughout the dance-floor. However, there was still no Henrietta or her date anywhere to be found, and he slunk towards the side of the dance-floor in a somewhat defeated approach.

As his shoulders sagged rather heavily and he made his way towards two huge speakers that still vibrated with sound, he caught a glimpse of yet another similar dimly lit hallway, leading off to God only knows where. He felt the corners of his mouth rise upward a bit into a half smirk as he eyed the hallway and walked down it.
Georgie glanced from left to right, but found no-one resembling Henrietta or her date anywhere on the floor. To be quite frank, there was absolutely no-one making out in the hallway – unlike the other hallway that he and Ethan had shared. And most of the doors were firmly shut closed, not hanging by its hinges or whatnot. His smirk vanished completely as he slowly began to realize that the only way to find the girls would be to physically check all the rooms - a dangerous challenge that had the younger Goth gulping a bit as he wrapped his hand around the first brassy knob, attempting to turn it.

However, a light laughing-like sound rang out from behind one of the doors, further down the hall. Georgie perked up at the sound, his half smile returning as he thought, That’s Henrietta's laugh! He bounded towards the sound and barged through the closed door without a second thought, or knocking.

His excitement died, however, as he took notice of the women's situation.

Their bodies were folded together, with Henrietta standing somewhat behind the platinum blonde and holding her very closely against her own body, while her lips were trailing softly, somewhat erotically, against the outer corner of her date's ear. The Vamp blonde was busy squirming in front of Henrietta, and craning her neck backwards a bit so Henrietta could breathe little puffs of air onto the obviously highly sensitive skin.

“Henrietta, c’mon, p-please!” There was a slight exasperated pleading that slowly turned into a thin high pitch moan as skilled fingers began to touch rather intimate areas. Georgie’s eyes widened considerably as he watch Henrietta’s arm bend awkwardly, and a skirt slowly sinking lower to the ground. Feeling a blush beginning to arise, the younger Goth turned away from the intimate sight and backed out of the room; quietly shutting the door behind him.

"Holy shit!" He whispered as he staggered against the opposite wall from the door for a minute, letting the details slowly sink in.

"I take it they're not finish yet?" A voice startled him a bit, and Georgie looked over to see Ethan standing a few feet away from him in the hallway and holding a very delirious red Goth against his side.

"They’re still fucking?" Dylan slurred his question a bit as he leaned heavily against Ethan's frame. His arm wrapped dramatically over the taller Goth’s waist, and he snuggled his face against the black-cladded shoulder as Georgie nodded his head. The other Goth merely pressed his face tighter against Ethan’s shoulder, and rotated it back and forth a bit before glancing over at the younger Goth and saying, "Ah, women! What're you gonna do?"

"Excuse me?" Henrietta and her date had appeared, their clothes wrinkled a bit and Georgie glanced away from them as another blush colored his cheeks once more. Henrietta, however, ignored his impudent blush and looked rather evenly pissed at Dylan. Dylan merely leaned his face even more against Ethan’s shoulder as he half whispered out loud, "Took you two long enough!"

"Can I hit him?" Henrietta glared daggers at the red Goth, and looked at the taller Goth for confirmation.

"Be my guest," Ethan said, smirking as he pulled his shoulder away and let go of the other Goth. Dylan yelped in surprise as he collapsed almost automatically onto the floor. Georgie's eyes widened at the sight, but Henrietta, however, spat down onto the red Goth before reaching downward to pick him up. His head throbbed and he gagged a bit while Henrietta let him drop to the floor again.

"It’s not worth it. I'll get him when he least suspects it; plus he's too gone to do anything that would have an effect on him," She murmured. Ethan and the Vamp chick chuckled at her statement, and Ethan reached downward to help pick up and walk their inebriated friend out of the club.

Georgie simply stared after them, caught between confusion and adoration for his friends, before Ethan's voice startled him, "Georgie, come on!"

He half jogged a bit to catch up with them and as he took to walking calmly behind the older four, he caught the little knowing look that Henrietta sent to Ethan, and heard her whisper, somewhat disapproving, “You lost your shirt again, Ethan?”
Ethan merely shrugged his shoulders as he half-carried the red Goth out, but his eyes seemed to shine a bit...

They sat around a rather large booth at Benny's, and Georgie smirked down at his coffee-cup as the caffeine was slowly beginning to bring out the post-hang-over for Dylan. He grumbled and cursed as he held his head in his hands, his fingers digging ferociously against his strands of hair as he sat bent over the table.

"Does anybody have a cigarette?" He meekly asked, still staring at the table. Ethan shrugged his almost gone packet out and tossed it to the red Goth. "Got a light as well, Ethan?" Dylan tried to chuckle weakly, but his voice sounded too garbled for laughter. The taller Goth rolled his eyes as he threw his lighter at the other.

Dylan lit the cigarette, and leaned back in the booth. "Thanks," He mumbled tiredly, pursing his lips together as smoke trailed lazily upwards.

Georgie turned his attention from the red Goth, to the platinum blonde Vamp chick who was still sitting and hanging out with them. Henrietta was busy conversing with her about liquid eyeliner or something similar to that variety, that it was the Vamp, herself, who noticed the younger Goth's staring. She smiled softly at him as Henrietta turned to regard him.

"Oh, Georgie," She exclaimed, pulling him closer to her as she introduced her date. "This is Bloodrayne. She's my girlfriend."

The introduction that Henrietta was dating a woman didn't send Georgie into silent shock, but the fact that this was an old ally of Mike Makowski's gang had the younger Goth biting his bottom lip a bit. "B-but," He began to stammer a bit as both Ethan and Dylan seem to glance over at him. "She's a Vamp!"

"So what if she is?” Henrietta snapped. Georgie flinched at her harsh counter and Bloodrayne quickly laid a hand against her upper arm.

"I-I thought we didn't like Vamps."

"I believe you just haven’t actually hung out with someone like me, Georgie,” Bloodrayne was finally talking, and her voice was airy somewhat that Georgie couldn't help but turn his attention onto her. “You’re probably use to the idiots at school that believe that they are part of a vampire cliché or something in-between. But to be honest, they're just trying to look between a combination of Goth and Emo, and failing miserably. They don’t even appreciate the culture of vampirism and all those bullshit vampire movies recently…”  Her voice stopped suddenly and she gripped her cup of coffee tightly before taking a gulp of it to quell her anger at those who she could tell were probably just going through a phase. Her predicament was somehow similar to his own, and Georgie couldn't help but see her in a new light.

"I like you," He said quietly. Bloodrayne smiled at him as she settled her mug of coffee down onto the table. Henrietta smiled as well at the reaction the younger Goth was showing, but Dylan, now on his second cigarette, couldn’t help but make things more awkward for the teenager.

"Not as much as you like Ethan!" He laughed disputably as he sucked in the effective nicotine.

The teen stared down at his own cup of coffee before lifting his head proudly and staring intently at the red Goth. "Yeah, you're right Dylan. I do happen to like Ethan more!" He stated calmly as he could. Henrietta and Bloodrayne both threw loud gasps and awes behind him as he scooted closer to the elder, and half threw himself forward against the taller Goth's side; pressing a tiny kiss to the corner of his lips.

Ethan froze under the assault, and Dylan watched the emotions filter through him before he nudged him in his side. As Georgie pulled away, Ethan turned to regard the other Goth. A little peak of sadness spiked through Georgie by the half acknowledgement, and he leaned his head downwardly a bit in shame.

"God, Ethan!” Henrietta’s voice snapped viciously out loud. “You're such a cold person! First choking him to the point that he's terrified of you, and now neglecting his infatuation with you!"

"Jesus, Henrietta! I'm not neglecting him," Ethan snapped back. There was shifting of movement, and the booth’s cushion dipped a bit as Ethan scooted closer to the younger Goth. He wrapped his fingers underneath the teen's chin and lifted it upwardly a bit before their eyes met, and planted a similar small kiss upon his lips.

Georgie felt his body shake with some hidden emotion as he brought his arms upwards to wrap, once more, around the taller Goth's neck. He lifted himself upwardly a bit so their lips could push more fervently against one another’s, and subsequently overstated his and Ethan’s position on the booth. They fell to the side of the booth, tangled up in one another. Ethan landed on his back with the younger Goth perched over-top him – a situation that had them both feeling a bit deja-vu. Their mouths fell apart as the taller Goth nuzzled upwardly against the side of Georgie's neck before they heard a familiar gasp and a paired of awed-like noises as well.

"Jeez, guys!" Dylan shouted, breaking the two's intimate moment and somewhat scowling at them. As their level of lust slowly began to abide for the moment, they both astonishingly realized that Ethan’s head was leaning closely towards the red Goth’s upper thigh, almost to the point of touching his half black jeans. "Leave it for the bedroom!"

Georgie moved off of the elder and sat back as Ethan pulled himself up as well. Dylan huffed as he flicked his used cigarette behind him and the waitress’s nasal like voice could be heard scolding them. Georgie held the red Goth’s gaze, and couldn't help the snarky comment that emerged from him. "What's the matter, Dylan? Upset that you didn't find a date at the club?"