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Nov. 4th, 2007

Title: Promises, Help, and Flashbacks
Author: stripesco04_nur
This is not true. And I do not own any members from P!ATD.
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ryden!
Summary: How could this happen? These things don't happen at concerts!
Dedications: sspencerr I know you didn't request this, but it's the close I can get to at the moment. (Still working on the requested one). :)  i_am_tre Hope you like!

'No. How did this happen? Who let that fucker in? Oh God... Brendon. Is he going to be alright?'

So many thoughts swarm my head as I heard the shot fire off. Fans ducking instinctively to the floor off the arena, and all I did was stare stupidly as Brendon fell to ground of the stage.

I don't remember my feet gliding me towards his side and staring at the red that was beginning to pool around underneath him.

"FUCK!" I scream, nearly scaring Spencer and Jon who were edging closer to help.
I saw his eyelids flutter and I held my breath as I watched Brendon struggle to open his beautiful chocolate eyes.

"Ry...an..." He whispered my name and I edge even closer to him and saw his eyes crack open...
"I'm here Brendon." I ran my hand smoothly through his hair, watching him sigh and relax slightly to the touch.

"I'm going to get you help Brendon. You're going to be alright..." I said, getting to my knees.
"No..." He grabbed my arm and pulled me down next to him again...
"Brendon?" I whispered, as he struggled slightly...

"Ryan... if... I... don't..."

"No!" I shout, interrupting him, "You're going to make it, Brendon."

"Ryan. RYAN!" The shouting of my name makes him start to cough, and I wince at the red trickling down the corner of his mouth...
"If I don't... make it... Promise me... one thing..." He coughs bitterly again, after finishing his saying.

"What Brendon?" I whispered, tears tugging at the corner of my own eyes.

"Promise me... this band... will go on. Even... if I... *cough* die..."

I stared dumbfounded at this promise/request from him. Tears than began rolling down the sides of my cheeks.

"Ryan...?" He whispered, and I look at him. He's struggling to lift himself to a sitting position.

"I... promise Brendon." I said, watching him sigh happily, knowing I promise him that the band will go on. Even he wasn't going to be there...

"Kiss me Ryan. One last time..."

I obliged and leaned down, our lips connecting. I slip my tongue into his, feeling his touching at my own. I taste the copper taste of blood from his mouth...

As we pulled apart for air, he closed his eyes and sighed contently. "Thank you... Ryan. I... love... you."
His body relaxed more until he was slacked against the floor...

"Brendon?" I said, shaking him slightly...


"Ryan? Shh... it's okay. Shh." Spencer holds me in his embrace, and its then that I know I've been screaming my head off.

I grip at Spencer's shirt as tears spring from my eyes...

"He's going to the hospital. He might make it!" I look up to see Jon talking about hope. 'Cause I already know the answer to the.... unasked question.

My head starts spinning and I fall slack against Spencer. I hear Jon and him yell my name, but it doesn't take away the pain I feel now...

I might do a 2nd part to this... Please leave anything!


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(Deleted comment)
Nov. 5th, 2007 03:25 pm (UTC)
Okay, I'll do a 2nd part to this.
You're idea wasn't bad, I just didn't have time to format it...
Glad you liked it. :P

~~ Stripes
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