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Nov. 6th, 2007

Title: Promises, Help, and Flashbacks
Author: stripesco04_nur
Rating: PG-13
Pairing: Ryan/Brendon
POV: Ryan's
Summary: "How's Brendon? Is he alright? Did he die? He did didn't he?" I gasp for breath as I unleash all these unasked questions.
Disclaimer: I do not own any members from P!ATD. And I am not making money off this...
Author's Note: Thanks everybody who told me I should continue this story! This chapter is dedicated to everyone who likes it! And also dedicated to sspencerr, and Jimmy (i_am_tre)

I crush the paper cup without remorse as I'm kept waiting in this.... this stupid room.

"He'll be alright Ry. You know Brendon... He's a survivor. He'll make it."

I glance to see Spencer talking to me. I hear his words but it doesn't stop the awful feeling in the pit of my stomach...
When I notice his stare piercing through to me I lift my head, wearily, and caught his "concern" look.

"I'm fine, Spence." I say, dipping my head to my knees and adverting my eyes to the tile flooring.

Spencer stops trying to "cheer" me up and I am somewhat grateful for it...


Jon starts to spam a little and bolts up-right next to me, and I only glance a little in his direction.
Spencer wraps an arm around him, and the two cuddle next to me...

"It wasn't a dream, Spence?" Jon said, beginning to absorb the fact of where he was...
Spencer shakes his head, and a pain feels my chest and I bolt for the bathroom...

I heave my head above the toilet bowel as huge gasps left my body.
Hands reach for me, and I lean into whoever it is...

"Shh... Ryan. Let it out..." I stare through blinded tears at Spencer's face peering back at me...

I can't really cry, but I do choke out a couple of sounds before both of us head back out to the waiting room...

As we walk out the restroom, I noticed Jon talking to a doctor.
Jon glances up at us as we head over. The doctor turns to see us and grips my hand tightly.

"Are you Ryan Ross?"
I nod my head in an almost robotic fashion.
The doctor seems to sense my distraught, 'cause he turns to Spencer and inclines his head towards another space in the waiting room.
I didn't like being kept out of anything, especially where it concerned Brendon!

"How's Brendon? Is he alright? Did he die? He did didn't he?" I gasp for breath as I unleash all these unasked questions.
The doctor stares at me in a little bit of shock before regaining his posture and saying, "He's fine, Ryan."

I stared incredulously at this... this... idiotic man of medicine.
The doctor must have notice my puzzled look, for he motion me over to where he stood with Spencer.

"He's... in a coma." The doctor almost whispers out. I stare at the tile floor again before he goes on, "It's a serious kind of coma, one which if he wakes up he'll probably have a better chance of living. But..."

"There's a but?" I interrupt the doctor...

"Yes, Ryan. There's a but. If he doesn't wake up, he might die..."

The rest of his sentence is tuned out as I choke on the 'he might die' part.

No... no... "NO!" I scream suddenly, scaring everyone in the room. "He won't die. He will make it!"

"I hope he does Ryan." The doctor said, gazing at me sadly.

"Can we see him?" Spencer asks softly, looking in my direction again.

"Yes, but don't expect a warm greeting from him." The doctor motions us to follow him...

'Stupid prick...' I mutter underneath my breath...

The doctor opens the door and then... finally leaves us alone.

I almost fall to the floor after I see you up on the bed.
Oh Brendon... how did this happen?
You're so silent on the bed, only breathing steadily, the machines humming nosily beside you...

I close my eyes, begging that when I open them, so would yours.
But as I open my, yours stay shut.

"Damn it!" I shout, as Spencer and Jon jump slightly. "Wake up Brendon!" I scream going towards you and rubbing my hand against your smooth skin.
Jon and Spencer must have thought I was going to do something "stupid" to you. God what are they thinking? I would never hurt you, Brendon, you are my... everything.

I snarl angrily as Spence and Jon try to reel me away from you...
I finally snap and turn around and "accidentally" bite Jon on his arm... Oops?

"Jesus! Man, what the hell?!" Jon screeches at me.
I don't answer him, but I snarl again and begin to shove them out the door...
"Stay out!" I shout, slamming the door in their shock faces.
I lock the hospital door, and tune out the shouting of Jon and Spencer, "Ryan! Let us in! Damn it Ryan, this isn't funny! Open this goddamn door!"

I snicker at their petty excuses for me to open the door...

I then turn my gaze back to you, Brendon.

I choke a little before getting to your side.
"Oh Brendon. You'll make it... I know you will." I whisper, stroking your face softly, letting my fingers linger there... against your skin.

Nobody was there, so no one stopped me. Of course they couldn't even if they had been in here...
I climb into your hospital bed and slip in underneath you. You fall unceremoniously against me and I sigh happily as I have you in my arms again...
Your "knocked-out" head lollies around and I gently place it on my shoulder, before relaxing into the bed, you on top of me...

"You'll make it Brendon. You will!" I say, gently kissing the side of your face, as you only breath soundly....

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