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Title: Promises, Help, and Flashbacks
Author: stripesco04_nur
Pairing: Ryden
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Just read and find out!

I lean back, heavily, against the headboard, while stroking your hair gently.

I plead for you to open your brown orbs, but you only turn your head slightly at the pleads...

I rub my eyes tiredly, before wrapping my arms more tightly around you.

"Remember last night Brendon?" I say out loud, looking at the wall for the first time. "You must have been physic. 'Cause you knew something was going to happen."

I gaze down at you and sigh deeply before remembering the night before all this happened...


"Oh... God!" Brendon mumbled, as Ryan moved his lips from the singer's mouth down his neck, scattering kisses along his collar-bone.
Ryan licked his way down the singer's chest before raising his mouth towards Brendon's.

"Mmm..." Ryan purred slightly, as his "wonder" hands dipped down underneath Brendon's pants, passed underneath the blue boxers...

"Mmmm...!" Ryan's mouth swallowed down the noise that Brendon was about to emit, as the singer began arching back; hips bucking up to Ryan's hand.

"Eager, aren't you?" Ryan teased as Brendon threw him a dirty look as Ryan removed his hand from Brendon's cock...

"See you later Urie..." Ryan said, moving away from the shock man.

"No. Ryan, come back!" Brendon darted forward and jumped the unsuspecting guitarist.
Ryan laughed out loud as Brendon landed on him and both fell to the floor...

"You really are eager. Huh?" Ryan repeated as Brendon started grinding his hips into Ryan's.
"Yep." Brendon replied, crawling up Ryan's torso and planted a kiss on the guitarist's mouth...

Ryan moaned into Brendon's kiss and pulled at the singer, so he was pressed tightly, closely, more to him...


After the intiamcy was over, both gazed at each other lovely as they curled underneath a sheet...

Ryan smiled affectionately at Brendon, who was trying to curl more into Ryan's side.

"Hey Ryan? Can I ask you something?" Brendon asked suddenly, shifting slightly.


"Would you still love me if I got shot, or something like that?" Brendon asked, brown eyes on the guitarist.

Ryan thought hard before answering, "Of course I would. Jeez, who put these thoughts into your mind?"

"Nobody, did... I was just wondering..." Brendon said softly, shutting up and trying again to get closer to Ryan...


"You thought I didn't hear that, but... I did." I choke out before planting a kiss on top your head.

"I love you Brendon Urie. So much. And I am never leaving you... I'll bite anyone who tries to separate us!" I vowed out loud as I pulled you more into my chest.

We stayed that way for a while, before my eyes started getting stingy and I somehow slide them shut...


Ryan groaned slightly as he gazed around him. A stage gleamed in front of him and wasn't till Ryan glanced around that he noticed he was in a theater.

Standing on the stage, right in the dead middle, was Brendon.

"Brendon!" Ryan called, running up the stage side stairs and trying to wrap his arms around the singer.
Ryan fell forward hitting the stage with a thump as Brendon just stood frozen on the spot...

'Huh?' Ryan thought as he looked up at Brendon. He moved a hand towards the singer's left leg, watching as his hand passed right through the leg.

"It's coming... again." Brendon whispered sharply, as Ryan jumped at his voice...

"Sorry... what's coming? Brendon?" Ryan asked, knowing that Brendon probably couldn't hear him...

"It's coming again. The damn fire is coming again!" Brendon cursed as he turned and fled from the stage...

"Fire?" Ryan mumbled before turning to look off the stage, he coughed as smoke began billowing around the theater...

A red-orange flame glowed brightly getting closer and closer...

"Fire!" Ryan gasped slightly as he saw the flames burn down the door and devour the seats.
The heat rose suddenly and Ryan covered his mouth as he tried to follow the path Brendon went...

Ryan almost ran smack into Brendon as he found the singer on a set of stairs heading up.

"Move Brendon!" Ryan tried to scream as the flames got bigger and were heading towards the two...

Brendon didn't budget, and Ryan was left screaming as he tried desperately to get a hold on the singer.
Finally as the flames began licking at the edge of the stairs did Brendon began to move again...

But he didn't get far...
Ryan watched horrified as the flames attached themselves to Brendon's clothes.
The scream was thunderous and Ryan shuddered as he watched the flames kill his lover...

Ryan began to panic, and a bolt of lightening came down, follow by a...


My eyes flew open and I glanced nervously around me.
I noted a book on the floor and the nearing darkness of Night approaching...

'It was just a dream. That's all.' I say inside my head, over and over again...

"Why don't you open your eyes Brendon?" I whisper into the dark room...

Please leave anything!


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(Deleted comment)
Nov. 10th, 2007 11:02 pm (UTC)
Whoa! You already read the third chapter?!
God I just posted it!
You are fast girl! :P
Just trying to creep people out. I mean it's my job... JK!
Glad you liked it!

~~ Stripes
(Deleted comment)
Nov. 10th, 2007 11:07 pm (UTC)
Oh coke eh? Well then that's okay.
Thanks. It really does pay well actually! :P
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