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Title: Inside Your Closet
Author: stripesco04_nur
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ryden  Ryan/Brendon
POV: Third
Summary: Brendon likes to hide inside Ryan's hotel closet.... For attention
Disclaimer: I currently do not own any of the P!ATD boys, this was made for fun.
Author Notes: Written as a request/promise. I like to thank my best friend Leah, for letting me use the poem at the end, and being supportive. Dedicated to sspencerr, hope it makes you feel better!

Alles Gute zum Geburtstag Spencer! Hoffnung erhielten Sie nette Geschenke! ~~ Streifen
Oh my God, I'm writing German! (Is this right?)

Brendon snickered softly to himself as he scurried down the dimly lighted hallway of the hotel.

He knew he should still be down at the pub; drinking and laughing up random jokes made by Jon. But he was here smiling to himself as he opened Ryan's door...

As Ryan was 21 he was still down at the pub, enjoying the freedom of drinking, without getting caught for being under the drinking age...
Brendon smiled more as the green light announced that the door was now unlocked. He turned the handle and walked into the dark hotel room.

He almost feel to the floor as a wave of... of... "Ryan..." Brendon whispered the name as the thick scent of Ross washed over him.
He turned on the lamp by the side of the bed and saw Ryan's notebook and pen laying on top the pillow. He tried to resist the urge to look in and see the new lyrics that Ryan had probably written. But curiosity got the better of him and he snagged the notebook, and flipped through the pages...

"What the...?" He took in a sharp intake of breath as he realized the notebook was completely empty! 'Probably left this one out, just to make me groan...' Brendon's mind told him.

As Brendon threw the notebook back on to the bed, he noticed Ryan's scarf and cap laying on the table in the room.
Brendon laughed smugly to himself as he headed over and grabbed the scarf and cap. He placed them on and strutted around the room saying, "Look, I'm Ryan Ross. I can play guitar and do my own make up. Ya me!" He flicked his wrist in a "whatever" wave, while loving himself in the mirror's reflection.

"So see you in the morning? 'Kay, night  Jon."

Brendon gasped slightly as he realized Ryan was coming!
He threw the cap and scarf on to the table, and grabbing the notebook and pen, almost literally threw himself into the hotel closet.

"Damn!" Brendon swore as his back hit the tiny irony board that was in there, "Why the hell do they have a irony-board in here? Who the hell would iron their clothes in a hotel... Oh that's right; Ryan probably would."

Brendon stopped his complaining as he heard the door click and open. He tried to make himself small, so he curled as much as possible into the corner of the closet.

"That's funny. I don't remember leaving the light on by my bed..." Ryan said, as Brendon cursed at himself for being too stupid to turn off the light.
Brendon listen closely as Ryan went about his night routine; changing into pajamas, brushing teeth, and opening the closet door...

Brendon shield his eyes from the light, and waited for the yelling to begin. Nothing happened, so naturally Brendon raised his head.
Ryan yawned slightly and threw his jeans and T-shirt into Brendon and shut the closet door. Brendon just sat in the corner and looked bewildered, before throwing Ryan's clothes off of him.

Brendon leaned back against the closet wall and listen to Ryan flipping through the channels on the t.v.
"Now. We do the waiting game." Brendon whispered, as he began writing in the notebook with Ryan's pen.


Finally Brendon heard the the t.v. shut up and he knew Ryan was getting ready to go to sleep now.
He stayed quiet until he heard the soft gentle snoring of Ryan coming from the bed.

Brendon curled his fingers underneath the slit of the door and pulled; sliding the door open.
He rose from his position of the closet and almost fell down as his leg was... "sleeping".

"Stupid leg... Come on, wake up!" Brendon whispered harshly, hitting his leg until it began to tingle.

He made his way over the bed and curled up behind Ryan. He glanced at Ryan's sleeping form and smiled.
He traced patterns up and down and against Ryan's cheek and neck. Ryan muttered something, before flipping on the bed, laying on his back now, his head crooked slightly on his pillow...

Brendon gripped the notebook and pen in his grip and smiled seductively...
He moved his free hand and lifted the sleeping boy's shirt up... halfway... and placed his head gently on to the other boy's stomach. He moved his head slightly on Ryan's chest as the shirt feel down, covering Brendon's head.
Brendon only yawned slightly as he tiredly closed his eyes...

Ryan's eyes flew open as he felt something soft and warm on his stomach. He flicked the side lamp on and screamed, "Brendon! What the hell are you doing in here! You little demon...!"
Brendon groaned from being awoken from his nice warm dream state.
"You drooled on me?! God Brendon." Ryan said, using the sheets and wiping off the saliva that was still fresh on his chest.
"Yes Ryan, God does love me." Brendon said, smiling as Ryan threw the extra pillow at him.

"Why are you even in here Brendon?" Ryan asked after the constant throwing back and forth of the pillows.

"Needed some love from my Ryry." Brendon said as Ryan shook his head, "I really hate it when you say that Brendon..."
Brendon began to pout and fake cry, but was startled as Ryan grabbed him and pulled him into his embrace.

Mouths claimed over one another, and tongues met blissfully, each moaning out each others name. And no one even took a second glance at the writing that Brendon had wrote in the notebook:

"Sky is blue
Water is wet
I'll make you cum
I'll make you sweat
Pressed up against my body
Movin' up and down
Slowly but firmly
We'll move the ground"


How was that? Please Leave Anything!


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(Deleted comment)
Nov. 27th, 2007 12:39 pm (UTC)
That's alright. I don't even take a language in school. I just asked my friends how to say happy birthday in German. (They all take German).
I'm glad you liked this. I was laughing while writing this... :)
You're welcome. Glad you had a good b-day!

~~ Stripes
Nov. 29th, 2007 01:15 am (UTC)
Hey! This is Jen from slashatthedisco. I'm afraid you might not be getting rejection notices. Please make sure your email is set to receive notices.

Thank you!
Nov. 30th, 2007 02:58 am (UTC)
Thank you for telling me! I was wondering why my story wasn't getting posted. My email is slow, so it'll probably tell me days later... Sorry about that. :(

~~ Stripes
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