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The Life Of A Petty Thief

Title: The Life Of A Petty Thief
Author: stripesco04_nur
Rating: PG-13 (Might go up...)
Pairing: Tunny/St. Jimmy
Summary: Tunny hates his life, and runs away to the streets where he learns lessons of life through Jimmy!
Disclaimer: I don't own the American Idiot characters, nor the lyrics. I only own the plot and words.
A/N: Just something that I finally got around to written. Hope you like!
Dedications: To Jimmy (i_am_tre), I hope you like it! I'm actually starting on the sick! fic you requested, I send it to you to be beta soon...!

"You fucking pansy!" "Honey what's the matter?"

That's all he ever heard growing up; his parents fighting over the stupidest things, like buying each other gifts. He couldn't understand how other kids came in his homeroom and began gossiping about how their dad did this to their mom, or their mother did this for their dad; etc.
It sort made him sick, thinking and hearing about parents actually caring and loving each other...

"I work my ass off for you and whatshisface! And this how you repay me? By going out and spending it on everything your pretty hands want?!"


The boy glared daggers at himself through the mirror's reflection. He turned his gaze from the mirror to his room; his big "expensive" room. All the rich and famous stuff he had...
He didn't care anymore...

"HONEY!" He could hear his mother's pleads, and the smacking...

The boy sighed and begun to remove his fancy attire. First the nice/fancy shirt and vest, followed by his streak-less, ironed pants.
He stood only in his boxers, hating himself more... He reached over and grabbed his new slightly ripped black jeans. He pulled them up, buckling up his new stud belt.
He studied himself again in the mirror, after placing a plaid black T-shirt on.

His hair irritated him. All nicely combed and parted. He quickly ran his fingers through his red hair, shaking his head slightly, till his hair now looked wild and somewhat... punk-like.

The boy pulled on a hoodie, black like the rest of his stuff, and walked from his bedroom...

The boy stood still against the back door, listening to his father's constant boasting and his mother's pathetic wailing.

'Fuck them.'  The boy thought, opening the door and quickly walking out... Out to his new future...


It had been two days since the boy had walked out of his perfect life into the streets.
The streets were dangerous, but the boy was able to keep hidden from the hustle and bustle, and the constant gun shots that were heard during the night...
The boy groaned as his stomach growled. He hadn't had anything to eat in the past two days...

The boy's eyes drooped, but open widely as he heard the sound of a gun clicking.

He glanced up from his position, next to the dumpster, and saw a man aiming a gun. The boy turned his gaze from the man towards whatever he was aiming at.
It was two pass-byers. One with long dark brown hair, and the other with somewhat spiked black hair.

'He's going to shoot them!'

~ Yeah? So what, you don't even know them. ~
'But, it's not right I have to do something...'

The boy argued at his mind, and finally after a lot of debating he clambered to his feet and yelled, "HEY!"
The shooter was surprised and sent off a shot that missed the two guys.

"What the...?" The shooter said, as the boy tried to wrestle the gun from him. "Aw... So cute Jimmy. You have little petty pets now." The man said, jamming the gun hard into the boy's side, then fleeing....

The two pass-byers stood stock-still, before heading over towards the unconscious boy.

"Who is he J?"

"The hell I'd know..."

"He saved our, your life, Jimmy."

"I know... Fine we'll take him with us. Jesus, pick him up!"

The browned haired boy lifted the boy off the ground and followed the black haired man down many twisty back streets...


It was late afternoon, when the boy finally awoke. He took in shallow breaths and looked around him.
He was in a new place, laying down, head propped up against a cement holder... He heard the rushing overhead, and finally understood that he was underneath a bridge.

"Hey! You're finally up." A voice said, making the boy cringed slightly.

The brown haired boy emerged from the shadows, and walked towards the boy.

"Who are you?" The boy asked.

The other chuckled softly, before stating, "I'm the son of Rage and Love, the Jesus of Suburbia."
The boy began to laugh, "That can't be your name," The look Jesus gave him, made the boy shut up.

"So he's awake."

The boy pulled himself to a sitting position, staring at the black haired boy. The boy blew out wisp of smoke as he sucked in a long drag from his cigarette... The boy couldn't help, but stare at the black rings around the guy's eyes. 'Eyeliner. He wears eyeliner.'

"Who are you?" The boy whispered slightly, his gaze settling on the boy's cigarette sitting in between the forefinger and middle.

"You don't know who I am?"
The boy sadly shook his head, the other sucking his cigarette greedily.

"My name is Jimmy, and you better not wear it out! Suicide commando that your mother talked about!" He shouted, getting to his feet and jumping on top of the wall, "I'm the patron saint of the denial with an angel face and a taste for suicidal cigarettes and Ramen, and a little bag of dope." Jimmy jumped down from the wall, taking another long drag from his death-stick, before continuing his song, "My name is St. Jimmy. I'm a son of a gun, a teenage assassin executing some fun in the cult of the life of crime. I'd really hate to say it but I told you so... So shut your mouth before I shoot you down ol' boy." Jimmy pulled out his gun and pointed it at the boy, who began to get panicky...
"I'm the resident leader of the lost and found. It's St. Jimmy and that's my name... And don't wear it out!"

Jimmy finished his song and stared down at the boy, "Now. The real question here, is... Who are you?"

The boy looked downcast for awhile before looking up at Jimmy and Jesus, "My name is Tunny."

"Tunny, huh? Must be a nickname?" Jesus said, while Tunny only stared at the ground.

"Welcome to the club Tunny." Jimmy said, throwing his cigarette away and pulling the younger up to his feet.
Tunny swayed for a bit, but was able to stand and walk within minutes of leaning against Jimmy.

Tunny couldn't help, but smile as Jimmy wrapped one of his arms around his waist, guiding him from the bridge to wherever....

How was that? I'll hopefully continued this... Please leave anything!


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Dec. 25th, 2007 01:36 pm (UTC)
Aw, thanks Spencer.
Now I'll definetly continue this story!

~~ Stripes
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