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Title: One Word To Lose Everything
Author:  stripesco04_nur

Rating: NC-17
Pairing: Ryan Ross/Brendon Urie
POV: Ryan's
It takes one word to lose everything:  "Mistake."
Disclaimer: I don't own P!ATD boys and this story is completely fake!
Author's Note: Requested and beta by Jimmy (i_am_tre). Thank you Jimmy!



It takes one word to lose everything:  "Mistake."

Your patience wears thin as you’re sliding into more relaxing clothes. Brendon is skipping around, singing at the top of his lungs. "Don't want to be an American Idiot, one nation controlled by the media..." Brendon belts, as you simply roll your eyes and stare back at the mirror; trying to adjust your shirt.
You're completely thrown off guard, as Brendon wraps an arm around your thin waist and places his face against your back, "Mmm. You smell nice, Ryan," he states, pulling away from you.
You only stand still, staring at your reflection in the mirror. Your hair's a little over the edge and you fiddle with the strands. As you brush your hair to one side, you glance up and noticed Brendon staring at you; his eyes never leaving your body.

You feel a little uncomfortable and snap, "Stop staring Brendon! Geez, just get a photo."
He looks down, almost as if embarrassed. "Sorry Ryan..." he whispers, his eyes not meeting your own. You watch with some pain regret as Brendon leaves the dressing room and think that maybe you were being a stuck-up jerk.
Even though your mind screams to go and apologize to the young man, you only turn back to the mirror and try hopefully to adjust your shirt collar.

Fifteen minutes later, you're standing outside your hotel door; there hasn't been any sign of Brendon yet. Though he was in the limo; he wasn't paying any attention to you, only staring out the window.
"Hi Ryan."
You glance up from fumbling with the damn hotel card key, to see Brendon standing beside you, watching you.
"Hey," you managed to say before looking away from him. Brendon seems to noticed that you won't talk to him, so he nods his head and whispers sadly, "See you later, I guess."
Your heart almost breaks at his sadness and you don't know why or how, but you reach out and grab him. Shoving him against your door and leaning in.

Your lips press against his and you feel him take a sharp intake of breathy surprise. He starts pushing back, trying to get closer to you. You skilfully open your hotel door and shove him through, slamming the door shut.
You break the kiss and glare daggers at Brendon's hoodie. "What?" He asks, looking alarm at your scowl.
"This is coming off," you say, unzipping it and literally ripping it from him. Brendon stares in shock at his precious hoodie now bundled up on a dirty floor.

You move closer to him, mashing your pelvis against his hips and receiving a hearty moan, "God, Ryan."
You thrust a little, watching as his eyes close in pleasure. You then sneak another breathless kiss from him. His tongue runs against your bottom lip and you gladly open your mouth letting him in.
His tongue pushes in and starts a dance with your own.

You back him up to your bed before you both fall on to it. You land on top of Brendon, still kissing hard.
You pull back for air and see him smiling up at you. As you're about to lean down and kiss him again, he moves around, till he's on the top and you're on the bottom. He hovers over you and you watch, bemused, as he begins to shed his clothes off.
Soon he's standing in front of you, cloaked in only his striped boxers.

He gives you a look and you begin to worm your way out of your pants. Soon your jeans join his already on the floor. As you begin to remove your shirt, he stops you, and you feel his hands push it up and over your head. His hands grab for you and you lace your fingers with his; pulling his and your hands up to where your heart is pounding hard.
He looks at you before darting forward and latching his lips to your neck, sucking and biting it, making you moan in delight. His fingers start drawing little shapes on your chest and your breath hitches, slightly.

You move your hands around his back, smashing him upon you. You can feel his cock press heavily against your own.
As Brendon is preoccupied with kissing your neck, you steal a chance to dip your hand down his boxers. You grabbed a hold of his shaft and feel him go stiff against you. You start pumping him, taking notice at how he now and again bucks slightly into your hand. "J-Jesus... Ry-Ryan!" He screams, coming into your hand and you only smirk as you feel him shaking slightly.

You remove your hand and reach across to the drawer. You dig around, Brendon watching you, before pulling out a tube of lube.
His eyes widen and he whispers loudly, "Are you going to fuck me?"
"Do you want me to?" You reply.
He nods his head and you smile up at him, "Then you have to get rid of your boxers."
He continues to nod his head before glancing at you, "What about you? You need to take off yours too."

It's not the first time you've both have seen each other naked. No, it was only in this predicament that it was considered a "first time."
You put two of your fingers into the lube, coating them nicely, before placing them in Brendon's entrance.
"F-fuck!" He screams and you wait awhile before moving your fingers around. Brendon starts moaning and you instantly remove your fingers.
"What the hell?!" He shouts, sounding desperate. You quickly lather yourself up and move back again towards his entrance. "It might hurt Brendon," you whisper. He merely gives you a look, before you give him and yourself so much pleasure.

He's tight and as you move against him, pleasure washes over you. You feel him squirm a little and as you moan out loud, he clenches to your back.
"God, Brendon, you're so fucking tight!" You breathe out as you continue your own "special" dance.
You look at him and see his hand dart forward, wrapping around his own cock, trying to match up to your thrusts.
Both of you moan at each other before you both come at the same time:


You pull out of him and lay back down against the pillows; trying to cool off. You feel the bed shift suddenly as Brendon crawls up your torso and he presses a gentle kiss to your lips.
As he breaks apart his head falls down and you stroke his head slightly as he snuggles into your chest.
"That was amazing, Ryan," he mumbles against your flesh, his breath flickering across your bare chest. "Mmhmm..." You agree, letting your fingers get tangle in his soft locks of hair.
"I love you, Ryan." He whispers softly.
You muttered drowisly, "Love you too, Bden."

You pull the covers up and over the both of you and shut your eyes. You feel the shift again and groan in disappointment at the lack of sleep. Brendon curls as close as possible to you, and you only try for sleep to come and get you...

The next morning you're awoken by the feel of something on you. You crack open an eye and see Brendon curled into you, his face hidden into your neck. You rise slowly to a sitting position, Brendon mumbling something and turning around on the bed. You take a chance to look at the sleepy boy, and it's then that you notice that you're both naked, and you start to panic.
"Brendon. Brendon! Get up! Up!" You shove the young man and he groans tiredly. He opens his eyes and smiles up at you. You have a feeling you want to punch his face in, "What the hell happened last night?"
"Um... We made love?" He answers with a smirk. You stare at him in absolute shock before falling lifeless against the mattress, "No."
"It didn't happen last night. It shouldn't have happened! It was a mistake. I don't can't love you!" You ramble on forgetting that Brendon was still in the room.

"Ryan?" He begins again.
"Get out! You made me do the biggest mistake of my life! OUT!! NOW!!" You scream at him, turning away from him, as he scrambles out of the bed and you hear him change into his clothes and the slamming thud of the hotel door.
You rub a hand through your greasy hair and sigh.

You run the water for your shower and slip underneath the pounding feel of hot needles. As you begin to wash yourself, memories start to come rushing back to you.
"Oh God," You say as you remembered it was you who kissed Brendon and more.
You dry as fast as you can, throwing on some new clothes and rushing from your hotel room.

"Spencer! Spencer!" You shout, banging on the drummer's door. "What?" He asks groggily, opening the door.
"I need the spare key to Brendon's room." You rush out.
"I don't have time to explain Spence."
He nods blindly and retreats into his room, returning with Brendon's extra hotel card key.
"Thanks." You shout over your shoulder as you are already racing down the hotel hallway.

You unlock his door and push it open. There's no sign of Brendon anywhere and you start to panic even more...
You check his balcony, his closet, the bathroom...
"Brendon?" You whisper edging into the bathroom.
You heart does a flip as you see him lying against the bathtub. "Brendon!" You shout rushing forward. His eyes are glazed over and foggy. You hug him to you, kissing him on the lips.
He stares up in shock at you and you smile.

"Wasn't I just a mistake, Ryan?" He snaps, shoving you away.
"No. I just got a little panicky back in my room. I'm sorry Brendon." You try to explain, his eyes never leave yours.
"That's a very good excuse Ryan. But it doesn't change anything."
Your eyes turn to fear as he reaches in his inside pocket and pulls out a gun. He points it at you and your heart almost stops.
"Brendon..." You begin.
"Don't ‘Brendon’ me! You took my love and smashed it! Maybe it's time for you to finally say your goodbye Ross!" He shouts, waving the gun around.

You dart forward and try to snatch the gun. The gun slides around between both of your hands, until...


You freeze, knowing for sure that the bullet hit you. You can already feel the heat and wetness.
"R-R-Ryan..." Oh no. You glance up to see Brendon staring at you with shock eyes. He falls forward; on to you and you see him grab his waist. Redness gushes out of him and you cry softly as you realize it was Brendon that had gotten shot. Unshed tears plaster his face as he struggles, "R-R-Ryan, didn't... mean for this... to happen." He starts crying now, tears pouring down. "It's okay Brendon. It's okay. Shh..." You didn't understand why you were shushing him. For here he was; dying on the bathroom floor. "I love... you, R-Ryan."
Your heart shatters suddenly as Brendon stops moving and leans heavily against you.

"Brendon?" You whisper. No movement, nothing. "I love you too. You weren't a mistake. I made the mistake by saying that. I'll see you soon." You say softly, peeling the younger man off you and setting him beside you.
You take the cold metal gun and pointed it at your chest:


The bullet hits you, but you don't feel anything... yet. You shove the gun away and start to feel the burning sensation run through you. You look at Brendon and pull his lifeless body towards your own dying one.
Your strength leaves you and Brendon's body smacks against yours, his head now lying on your chest.

"Won't be long now Brendon..." You whisper. You notice your voice leaving you. You struggle against the heat and press a kiss to the top of the singer's head, letting your lips linger there for a while.

Suddenly you're filled with numbness; but you can see a bright light and can hear a familiar voice saying, "Ryan! Ryan, come..." You fall back against the tile floor, Brendon's head lying on your bloody chest and your eyes slide shut.


How was that? Please leave anything! Happy New Year Everybody!


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(Deleted comment)
Jan. 1st, 2008 09:30 pm (UTC)
Well thank you Spencer!
I cannot believe it's 2008 now. Jeez, where did 2007 go?

~~ Stripes
Jan. 18th, 2008 02:31 am (UTC)
hot sex and then death.
god i love you.

Jan. 18th, 2008 10:46 pm (UTC)
Well thank you!
Glad you liked it, even though you can barely see the font... Whoops!

~~ Stripes
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