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Framed Picture (Standalone)

Title: Framed Picture
Author: stripesco04_nur
Rating: PG
Pairing: Young Ryden!
POV: Ryan's
Summary: Ryan remembers a special time with Brendon!
Disclaimer: Currently this could be true, but none of the P!ATD boys are actually in relationships with each other...
Dedicated: sspencerr! Hope this makes you a little cheery today! :)

I stroked the framed picture gently, gazing at the two smiling, cuddling boys in it. One with wild and somewhat messy brown hair, curled around another little boy with short black locks.
I traced my finger across the smiling black-haired boy's face, then around the other's. God, I can still remember that day...

"Brendon? Brendon, where are you?" Ryan yelled, looking behind trees and around the playground for his missing friend. "Hee-hee." A familiar giggle came from the inside of a fallen log.
"Brendon?" Ryan called again, circling around the log and peering into the darkness.

"Here I am Ryan!" A body came out of nowhere and attached itself to Ryan's, "I was hiding from you!"
Ryan laughed as the smaller boy giggled and wrapped his tiny arms around Ryan's waist.
"I was almost starting to get close to going crazy," Ryan said, making Brendon giggle even more and louder. After winding down from his fits of laughter, Brendon gazed up at the older boy's face and darted in; kissing Ryan softly against his cheek, "Love you Ryan."

Ryan smiled hugely and said, "Love you too, Brendon." The young boy's smile grew almost too wide, that Ryan was afraid that it would fall off his tiny face.
"There you two are!" A sharp voice cuts through the smilies, and the two boys turn to see a counselor heading towards them. As he nears the two boys, Ryan notices a small camera clipped to his belt.
"Where have you two..." The counselor begins, but Ryan interrupts, "Hey, would you mind taking our picture?" Brendon glances up at the older boy, squeezing softly at his waist.

The counselor is a little taken-aback at the request, but smiles as he sees Brendon hug Ryan tighter.
"Sure," He says, unclasping the camera from his belt and raising it up, "Say 'cheese'!"
"CHEESE!" They shout in unison, Ryan's arm wrapped tightly around the younger boy's frame, pulling him into him and both smiling madly at the camera.
The counselor smiles, then tells them to head back to the campgrounds. Ryan nods his head as the counselor walks back. As soon as the counselor is out of sight, Ryan moves his attention to his.... missing friend!

"Brendon?" He whispers, wondering where that boy went now.
"HI RYAN!" Brendon shouts out of nowhere, jumping from behind a tree and making Ryan fall to the ground as he crawled over to him, "Haha, you fall down and go BOOM," Brendon laughs as Ryan pulls him towards him on the ground.
"Hey, Ryan guess what?"
"I don't know what?"
"I LOVE YOU!" The younger shouts, clinging to the older boy's waist; face hidden underneath his chin.

I can't believe this was only taken fifteen years ago. I loved how young and naive you were, though you always said the three words that made me happy.
Yes even as a six -year old, I understood what those three words meant: "I love you."

I never would have guess that later on we would actually be together. Making music, and naturally... being together - as a couple.

"Mmm... Ryan?" You stir from your sleeping position beside me, "What's going on?"
"Sorry, Brendon. Just looking at an old photo," I say, stroking your cheek softly.
"What picture? Can I see?" You grab for the photo, and I smile as your eyes widen at the realization of who's in the picture.
"My God, look at my hair! Why was it so short back then?" You say after a few moments of silence, looking at the picture.
"Your hair?!" I scoff as your attention turns to me, "Just look at my hair back then."
"Oh Ryan," You say softly, kissing my cheek, "Your hair still looks the same as it did back then."

I reach over and lightly smack the photo out of your hand, and start tickling up and down you stomach and sides.
You laugh loudly as you try pitifully to swap my hands away, "Hee-hee... Stop it Ryan. Come on stop!" Your laughing way too hard and I know you really don't want me to stop, besides, this is... for some odd reason... really turning me on!
"Well, if I can't tickle you... Would I be obliged to do this?" I leaned my face closer to yours and press my lips, hungry, against yours.
"Mmm..." You moan, running your hands through my hair, gripping me tight to you. Like I was going to pull away from a make-out session?
Finally the need for air becomes great, and we both end the sweet make-out session, and gaze lovely at each other.

You look like you're thinking about something, and before I even have time to ask, your body curls into mine and you shout loudly, "LOVE YOU RYAN!!"
I chuckle softly at your still wild-child like antics. "Love you too, Brendon," I say, wrapping my arms around your form and letting you rest your head against my chest.

And a photograph of two smiling boys, shines up from the floor...

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