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Title: Missed-Matched

Disclaimer: Don't own, Don't sue!
Rating: PG
Pairing: Ryden, Joncer, ??/??



Spencer swallowed, feeling his throat dry. He stood up from his drums and walked towards the kitchen part of the cabin. 
There should be one Red-Bull left in the fridge. He thought, picturing the satisfying drink in his hand.

As he neared the kitchen he saw the fridge open and Brendon practically in it. 

"Alright," He jeered, "I got the last Red-Bull!"

Spencer frowned and headed towards the young man. 
"No way Brendon, I already claimed that one this morning," The drummer protested, trying to make a grab for the drink in the singer's hands.
The singer batted the other man's hands away and simply said, "You snooze, and you lose Spencer." 
Spencer watched angry, as Brendon snapped the tap, and took a swig of it. 

"Mmmm! Red-Bull, does a body some good," He stated before notice the drummer glaring. "Oh Spencer... suck it up."

Spencer continued to glare and sulk a little as the singer left the kitchen, still nursing the energy-drink. 
Oh you will be having what's coming to you, Urie. He thought bitterly, scheming up a way to get back at the young singer.

11:34 PM 

"Well," Brendon said, standing and stretching, "Guess I'll do what Walker did best and hit the sack." 
Spencer nodded his head and continued watching the utter crap that was appearing on MTV. He heard the heavy stomp of Brendon’s feet heading upstairs, and the closing of a door.
A smile etched onto his face and Spencer thought to himself, Thank God, Ryan decided to go out with Pete and Patrick.
The drummer rearranged his self on the couch, flipping through the channels, and periodically muting the TV, while straining to hear the sounds of the cabin.
Minutes later he heard the sleeping noise that Brendon always made when he was in a deep sleep. He smiled and quickly turned the television off, and headed upstairs.
Spencer opened his and Jon’s bedroom door and found the bassist clutching a pillow to his chest tightly, and snoring softly. Smiling in a seductive way, the drummer lifted the sleepy bassist into his arms and cradled him like a child.

He proceeded into carry Jon out the door and into the singer's room. Brendon was sprawled out across the bed; taking up almost all of the space, and Spencer gently nudged him with his foot. The front-man rolled to the side of the bed and kept slobbering over the pillow that was smashed into his face.

His arms almost breaking from the fat-load he was carrying, Spencer gently dropped the sleepy bassist onto the bed.
Jon quickly mumbled something and flipped onto his side and curled into the bed. 
The drummer watched, bemused, as the singer seemed to feel the weight on the bed, and curled closer towards Jon. He snuggled his face into Jon's hair and the bassist, sleepily curled closer, until his face was resting underneath Brendon's chin.

Spencer smiled mischievously at the two before walking out of the room, and shutting the door softly.

Now we do the "waiting" game.
He thought, heading down the stairs and flipping the television on again…

12:15 AM

Spencer groaned as he woke up to a door being slammed. 

"Oh… I’m sorry Spence. I didn't know you were still up."

"Ryan?" The drummer whispered, rubbing his eyes and looked at the guitarist, who was busy unzipping his jacket and laying it across the back of the sofa. "How was it?"

"Fun, but Pete can sure keep partying. I wonder how Patrick puts up with him all the time," Ryan answered, tossing his hat carelessly onto the kitchen table.


"Yeah. I'm going to head to bed. Goodnight Spencer," Ryan announced, starting to head up the stairs.

"I'm right behind you, 'cause I'm pretty tired too," The drummer said, shutting the T.V. off once again and smiling to himself as he slowly walked up the stairs.

Halfway towards the top he heard huge gasp from Ryan, and then a screaming, "BRENDON!!"

Rushing the rest of the way up, and trying to get rid of the smile on his face, Spencer saw Ryan gaping in horror as the singer and bassist cuddled sleepily together. The shout, however, woke Brendon up and he bolted up, and began looking around wearily.
Spencer bit the inside of his mouth to try to conceal his laughter and walked into the room. Ryan looked at him and Spencer pretended to look confused about this scenario.


Jon, startled by Spencer’s shout, jumped and banged his head into Brendon's chin. Both men fell back onto the bed, stroking where the other had strike.

"Ow," Brendon whined, rubbing his chin and glaring at Jon, who was rubbing the top of his head.

"Brendon, what were you and Jon doing?" Ryan demanded, glowering over-top the young man. Spencer bit his lip once more, and tried to hold the laughter in, as the singer cowered underneath the guitarist’s gaze and stammered quietly, "I-I d-don't know. I th-thought it was you who got into bed with me."

Ryan turned to glare at Jon, and then gave a befuddled look up to Spencer. 
Spencer glared at Jon and the bassist tried to shrivel up. "Why'd you cheat on me Jon? Did you really want a piece of the Urie?" He asked.
"No. Spencer, I swear I didn't cheat on you. Hell, I have no idea how I ended up in this room," The bassist said, looking bewildered by the entire scene and finally Spencer lost it.

He laughed hugely and leaned against the door frame, taking in huge gulps of air. All three band members stared at the laughing drummer.

"Spencer?" Ryan began.

"I'm sorry... *laugh* I set you all up. See, that's what you get for taking the last Red-Bull Brendon." He said, still laughing at Brendon's frown, Ryan's puzzled look, and Jon just staring blankly at him.

Silence soon filled the room as Spencer finally calmed down. Brendon broke it, as he exclaimed, "My chin still hurts." He held his arms out to Ryan who sat on the bed and pulled the singer into his embrace.
"Come on Jon. Let's leave the love boys alone," Spencer said, pulling Jon out of the bed and onto his feet, and giving him a sweet kiss on top of his head.
Jon mumbled tiredly and hugged Spencer to him as they sluggishly walked out of the room.

Once they were gone, Ryan pulled the singer tighter to him and kissed up his neck. He placed little delicate kiss at his chin, then pulled back.
Brendon looked at the guitarist and Ryan said softly, "Feel better?"

"Not really. I don't think I'll be able to sing again. Jon hit my chin very hard."

"Oh stop the pity party for yourself Brendon. Besides, you’re fine, probably a little sore, but it’ll pass.” Ryan said, shoving the singer to the floor where he looked up at shock at Ryan.

"I don't want to!" Brendon shouted, jumping onto the bed and pinning Ryan beneath him, and starting to tickle the guitarist silly…



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